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Animal Babies Matching Activity – Free Printable



To celebrate Mother’s Day, All About Learning Press has a special downloadable reading activity: Baby Animal Names Matching!  This simple learning activity includes a few animals that you won’t see in a typical matching game, including a raccoon and a kangaroo. Just match the animal babies with their mommas!

Additional FREE Reading and Spelling Activities

If you’re looking for a few other reading and spelling activities to use with your children, be sure to check out these fun games too. They are ones that we’ve used with our kids over the years and love!

Be a Lumberjack syllable game

Be a Lumberjack – works on dividing multisyllable words

 three letter blend game

Word Flippers – works on common three letter blends (str, spl, scr, and spr)


ee blend words

Wake Up the Sheep – works on reading words with the ‘ee’ blend


feed the anteater game

Feed the Anteater – a fun game for kids to make the anteater ‘eat’ the word ants


Win a Level of All About Spelling!


Be sure to enter to win a full level of spelling from All About Spelling too! Each month, there is a wonderful giveaway and this month is no different! Our family has loved this hands-on spelling program and we have used it for years now. It was the first curriculum that really clicked with us and we haven’t looked back. Read our review of All About Spelling here.

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The Hiding Place – Our Current Read Aloud and Audiobook

The Hiding Place audiobook

During our history time we are easing out of World War 2 and moving into the cold war era, but while in the thick of German invasions and concentration camps we pulled out The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom.

While the holocaust can be a very heavy topic with kids, it’s one that we want our kids to understand – and not gloss over. The Hiding Place audio drama version can be a bit deep (especially for younger kids – our youngest is 8 and I felt comfortable letting him listen to it), but it really brings to life scenes from the life of the ten Boom family and what they, and many others, endured while helping Jewish families escape during World War 2.

Corrie ten Boom

Netherlands with Corrie ten Boom, 1974

The Hiding Place holds a very special place in the hearts of my family. While I don’t remember the above picture, there was a time many years ago that I met her (grins). My mother worked for Corrie ten Boom as one of her secretaries before she and my father were married, and both Corrie and Brother Andrew (God’s Smuggler) were part of my parent’s marriage ceremony. When the audiobook opened with Brother Andrew introducing the life of Corrie ten Boom, I have to admit to tearing up – it’s so neat to hear the hearts of people that poured and were a central part of my parents life.

Reading The Hiding Place together has reminded me again and again how important it is to talk to our kids about history and how it impacts and affects us over the years. Corrie is one of the ‘heroes’ of Christian faith that I have admired over the years, and listening and hearing her heart and desire to honor and serve God – even in the midst of pain, sorrow, and not understanding – truly makes me want to be and do more in my faith.

Another great book for kids to read and learn about Corrie ten Boom is Corrie ten Boom: Keeper of the Angel’s Den.

What are YOU reading or listening together right now?


Books We’ve Previously Read Together

Here are a few other books that we’ve read together and blogged about. Click over to see our thoughts on them!

Audiobooks for Families to enjoy

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My Reading Pile for March 2015 (and What I Actually Read in February)

My reading goals for the month of February may have been a wee bit ambitious based on what was going on in life. Many evenings were full and reading from an actual book vs. my Kindle ended up being a non-event. That said, the books on my February pile that weren’t finished because there is quite a bit of flight time coming up in March as I head to Nashville to speak at Teach Them Diligently – and I plan to pack and conquer several books while sitting in waiting areas. I know that while I am there, I’ll likely get little reading done since I’ll be speaking, wandering, chatting, and having fun with my friend Carisa from 1+1+1=1.

What I (Did) Read in February (and my thoughts)

Hands Free Mama-1

  • Hands Free Mama by Rachel Stafford – a great book for moms to read, especially in this digital age when it is so easy to get sidetracked by the inconsequential rather than focusing on what is right in front of us. (via Kindle)
  • Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey – a great wrap-up to the Alaskan Courage series and book from a fellow homeschool mom. This was one that was sent to me to review. Dani Pettrey reminds me much of Dee Henderson and I have loved the other four books in her series – and look forward to her next series.
  • Austenland by Shannon Hale – just a fun read at bedtime (borrowed on Kindle via library)
  • Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale – another fun read at bedtime (borrowed on Kindle via library)
  • The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg and Sky Jumpers: Forbidden Flats(with the kids)
  • The Bible – My goal for February was to hit 35% read – and I hit 32% (via the app). So close. But I am not through the book of Deuteronomy and on to Joshua and other books in the New Testament. While I check off my reading on the app, I’ve started reading in my Bible instead because it somehow seems so much easier and I can underline things when I want to – and take notes
  • and about 1/2 way through Caught Up in a Story by Sarah Clarkson and Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms by Mary Jo Tate

Books in My March 2015 Pile

Books to read in March 2015

That’s what I’m hoping to squeeze in this month – what are you planning to read?

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The Forbidden Flats and Other Recent Read Alouds and Audiobooks We Are Enjoying

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and read together as a family. Other times I’m so tired after a long day that the kids find me nodding off during our reading time (I know I’m not the only one!). There have been a few books and audio books keeping us busy though the last month and I’d love to share our current read alouds.

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg

true adventure of homer p. figg

This book has been in our pile for a bit and we are almost done with it! The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg takes place during the Civil War (and I think it’s hilarious). While it’s below the reading level of the older two, it still has been fun to listen to together. Homer’s grammar is a bit off, but that makes it all the funnier, especially since he is a boy who tends to tell very tall tales.

Sky Jumpers: Forbidden Flats

Sky Jumpers Forbidden Flats

All of us really enjoyed Sky Jumpers by Peggy Eddleman, so we were VERY excited when Sky Jumpers: Forbidden Flats released! McKenna was the first to grab it and run off with it, but now the rest of of are having fun with it. This book continues the adventures of 12-year-old Hope as she and members of her small town journey to the Rocky Mountains in search of minerals that will save their town from the dangerous “bomb’s breath,” a deadly gas that sits in the air after World War 3.

We’re about two-thirds of the way through this one and can’t wait to find out what happens. It has brought up some interesting conversations with the kids too as it takes place after current technology and machinery is all non-existent. Things like telephones and vehicles no longer exists – so some food for thought on how you would accomplish things in those circumstances.

In Freedom’s Cause audiobook

In Freedom's Cause audiobook

Another audiobook we’ve enjoyed, from the creators of Under Drake’s Flag, is In Freedom’s Cause by G.H. Henty (there are homeschool lesson plans on their site to go along with the audiobook). This audio drama follows the story of William Wallace and how he played a crucial role in the freedom of Scotland. It also covers Robert the Bruce, the king that eventually gain Scotland’s freedom.

I may also love that one of the characters in the story is played by an actress from Downton Abbey and another the actor who plays Edmund in the Narnia movies. We have absolutely loved the audio theatre from Heirloom Audio Productions and cannot wait for their upcoming With Lee in Virginia release – all about Robert E. Lee!

In Our ‘To Read’ Pile

There are a few books sitting on the bookcase and an audiobook ready for the van. Our library has started their winter reading program, so the kids are sitting down together to read books and enjoying the extra reading time:

What are YOU reading or listening together right now?

Books We’ve Previously Read Together

Here are a few other books that we’ve read together and blogged about. Click over to see our thoughts on them!

Audiobooks for Families to enjoy

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Books I Read in January – and Reading Plans for February

Yes. It’s almost the middle of February. I know. January seems to have gone by in much of a sleep-deprived blur. For the most part, reading was in teeny-tiny snatches, and it was a miracle if I didn’t fall asleep reading. Apparently a new puppy will do that to you. Between potty training and making sure that the puppy isn’t chewing, biting, or doing something else, my reading time was in minute increments. (I know. It will pass!) Besides that, there was a lot of hands-free time – playing games, reading out loud – and that is great too!

Somehow I did manage to get a little reading time in, but compared to how much I normally read in a month, it was almost discouraging to me. But – reading is reading and rather than getting in as much fiction, progress was made on my 20 books to read in 2015 list (yay).

What I Read in January (and my thoughts)

Own Your Life quote on perfection

  • Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson – you all, I cannot recommend this book enough. If you haven’t taken the plunge and ordered it, just do it today. It will challenge you, encourage you, and was a great way to start of my year. There are dog-eared pages, underlined passages, and lots of notes. This is a book that I’ll keep and re-read in years to come. Or refer to in the meantime!
  • The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith – Why I didn’t read this sooner is beyond me. I have this as a Kindle version and really wish I had the full-sized color version because the pictures of Myquillin’s home just can’t be done justice on a black and white Kindle screen. I am one of those that feels decorating-challenged and this book really encouraged me to just DO something and not worry about the nail holes or perfection. Nail holes can be filled (or covered). I’m happy to say I pulled the hammer out and hung a few things up! Baby steps!
  • The Bible (reading via the She Reads Truth app) – Although I’m on the year-long reading plan, I’m hoping to finish closer to six months. My goal for January was to hit 20% read – and I hit about 17% (via the app). Can I just say – the book of Leviticus makes me want to repeatedly shower. All the talk of infectious diseases (shudder).

Books in My February Pile

february book pile

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