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Student Planner

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I am SO excited to share a new printable student planner with you all today! Over the last few months my girls and I have been working together to create a larger planner (8.5″ x 11″) for them to use since the half-sized planners just didn’t have enough space for them to fit it all in. We’ve been tweaking and getting it just right before we shared it with you all.

The result is a student planner that we all love. It is FULL of color, has plenty of space, is undated, and we can print off a new copy each year and bind it however we please. We initially thought about putting it in a 1/2” binder, but ended up deciding to have it spiral bound and it turned out great!

We chose not to date the planner because the girls are able to personalize it more to their liking. It also means that the planner is good for years to come. They’ve actually enjoyed taking the time to get it set up, so it’s a win-win for us!

Inside Our Student Planner

Want a peek inside? I promise it’s super simple – because we found we really didn’t need so much extra stuff, full of color, and ready to download and print.

A quick note: I figured out that our printer will print BORDERLESS. It was one of the paper choices in settings. In the video you’ll see some of the pages that we experiments with (ones that were or weren’t printed all the way to the edge). Our front and back covers were printed onto cardstock and then laminated for extra durability. We use a heavy weight paper (24 lb.) to print the planner and make the pages a little thicker.


The Student Planner contains :

  • 8 1/2” x 11” undated pages – use it year after year!
  • Year at a glance dates
  • Student information and schedule page
  • 12 blank monthly planning pages
  • Weekly planning pages for 8 subjects
  • Planning for every day of the week (smaller spaces for Saturday/Sunday)
  • Goals, notes, and ‘what I learned’ section
  • Tracking for books read
  • 2 layouts: August through July or January through December

Two Great Designs

Choose the student planner that best fits your family’s needs – or choose both (there’s a special bundle price for purchasing two).

Student Planner collage_edited-1

The abstract circle graphic student planner features the colors green, dark blue, and a turquoise blue color for the monthly layouts. 

Student Planner collage hexagon_edited-1

The hexagon graphic student planner features the same inside layout with the colors green, orange, and a medium blue for the weekly layouts. 

Purchase a Student Planner

This student planner is undated so you have the option of printing off a new copy each year. Each planner is available for $10 and you are more than welcome to print off copies for each of your children – this year and in years to come. Purchase both planners together in a bundle and save even more! 

Your purchase also allows access to a ‘buyers only’ page where optional pages will be added including additional dated covers and other pages as readers/users request.

The Student Planner is only available as a pdf download and prints off double-sided. There are THREE different purchase options. Choose from the following: 

Also Available

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