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  • Mary Beth Sensat Daigle

    First, thank you for the wealth of info you have provided homeschoolers. I am a new homeschool mom – we started in the fall, 2013. I have a question re: the weekly workbox grid. I am trying to replicate this system – the first thing I did was run out to Sam’s & purchased a 10-drawer cart for each of my boys. I understand how the grid works but do you also print out corresponding cards & attach them via Velcro to the 10-drawer cart?

  • We actually use pocket folders for all of our work and I put a matching subject card on the outside of each pockets. You can see a little more here: https://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2010/07/our-new-workbox-system-workbook-weekly/
    I would probably recommend using a subject card: math, language, reading, etc… and then use those boxes as such. :) Hope that helps!

  • Mary Beth Sensat Daigle

    RE: chore chart for older kids pdf – how do you enter in your own household chores (like the one you did for your daughter in the example) All I see are the templates – is there a way to edit to personalize it? Thanking you in advance.

  • I have an editable one included in my Weekly Homeschool Planner purchase. Otherwise, you’ll have to print them off and handwrite them in.

  • Mary Beth Sensat Daigle

    Thanks for the prompt response.

  • Kim

    Is there any easier way, when editing in the planner, to copy and past the whole page rather than just little sections? Does that make sense?! lol

  • Kim,

    I’m sorry, but based on the way the planner is set up, there isn’t. I just copy/paste sections when needed.

  • Leah

    I’m thinking about purchasing your pocket chart holiday and special occasion
    cards but I’m curious as to how it works, will i receive something in the mail or will i get an email?

  • Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email withna download link,, so you can print them out at home. :)— Sent from Mailbox for iPad

  • Leah

    It says I have to wait for the payment to clear first I haven’t received an email with a link

  • If you paid with an echeck it takes a bit for the funds to clear, but then you will receive an email when the funds clear.

  • Kristin Evans

    Hi – I purchased your Weekly Homeschool Planner in an ebook bundle last year. I’m using it this year as I homeschool my Kindergartener. We are in South Africa, so our school year starts now. So I’m using the planner and cannot get the side subject areas to type sideways. Do you understand what I’m talking about? Not sure how to phrase it. But wondering if its because I’m using a mac? Has anyone else had a problem with this?

  • I’ll send you another copy, Kristin. If you have a Mac (like I do), be sure to only open the file using Adobe Reader – not the Mac Viewer. It corrupts the file and can mix up the text like that.

  • Kelly Burtelson

    Hi Jolanthe- I have been scouring the internet for ABC bible ideas and came across your ABC Bible cards!! Perfect! I am wondering if I am able to uses them as part of our curriculum for our local homeschool group this Fall. I am teaching a preschool Bible class.

  • Absolutely!! And I highly recommend the seeds family worship cd’s as well!!

  • Kelly Burtelson

    Thank you so much!! I will check out the CD’s as well!

  • Lauren

    I have a monthly planner page from you but I cannot find it on my computer or on here. It has month of at the top, a grid for the days of the month, projects to make, books to read, and things to remember on one page. I was wondering if you could help me find it on your website? I looked under Mom Helps, Homeschool Helps, Free Printables, and Printables. I would be willing to pay for it. I really like using it.

  • Lauren,

    Are you able to email me a picture of it? I’ll do some digging to see what I can find, but sometimes a visual helps me out tremendously! :)


  • Karen Ziegler

    Hi there, in one of your articles you mentioned how you and your husband used Dave Ramsey’s method of getting out of debt and paid off $65,000 in 19 months. Do you have a post/blog about how you did that? We are facing the same situation! Thanks! -Karen

  • Sybil M.

    Hi Jolanthe. I am looking to purchase your student planner through the Build Your Bundle sale. I’m wondering about two things: 1) will I have access to your “buyers only” page to keep it updated and 2) do you have or can you create a more boyish background (I don’t think my 12yo son will go for the colorful circle design despite how pretty it is). Thanks! ;)

  • Sybil,

    You would have access to that page as well (link is at the back of the planner along with instructions on how to access it). I can look at finding another graphic that matches – the primary colors inside are teal, dark blue, and a medium green – but that front cover graphic is used through the entire planner, so if I change out the cover image, it wouldn’t go along with anything else. I tried to pick interior colors that would be neutral. :) I can look at other graphics – just need to see what I can find along the same lines. A new cover would be easy enough to add to the mix of extra printables.

    Thanks for checking! Jolanthe

  • Lisa

    I’m trying to subscribe to your email list but I keep getting an error message. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

  • sending you an email, Lisa.

  • We started off our kids with a salt tray box (essentially the lid of a photo storage box with salt or sand in it) and our kids could trace the letters in imitation. We also use Handwriting without tears and a small chalkboard. both were hugely helpful. There is also an app for Handwriting Without Tears that our youngest loved. Other than that, we then started introducing simple tracing sheets when they were ready for using a pencil – some kids are ready earlier than others, so don’t panic! :)

  • Stephanie Cryer

    I downloaded and printed your preschool chore chart last year. We love it! But we’ve lost some along the way. I tried to click on it to reprint again but it’s saying I need a password. I am subscribed but have never received a password. Can you help?

  • Jen

    I purchased your home school planner years ago and am a little baffled by the copyright notice/printing instructions. Just to be clear, the printing double side is optional and single sided is permissible also?

  • Jen

    Hello! I purchased your homeschool planner years ago and am a little bit baffled by the copyright instructions.
    is it permissible to print single sided instead of double?