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Preschool Chore Charts

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NOTE: The preschool chore charts have been updated! You can see the new version with updated clip art and additional chore cards here. Feel free to read the post below too!

Our chore charts for the older kids are working well, but since Kaleb can’t read yet I made his a little more ‘preschool’ friendly and used picture cards to help him see what he needed to do. The cards are the same size as my workbox activity cards, so if you want to mix and match those cards with this grid, they will work together.

Kaleb’s chore chart is broken up into three parts: morning chores, afternoon chores and chores to earn money. He earns minimal money, but we’re working on starting early with the giving, saving, spending concept. The boy gets excited with pennies…so it’s all good! :)

The chart is laminated and there are velcro dots in each of the squares below. This chart is also the same size as his daily workbox grid and is on a jump/key ring along with his workbox cards. Each of his chore cards attach with the velcro.

I do have to re-stock his chore chart every morning and for now we are just pulling off the cards when he completes his chores {until I come up with a better plan. I am keeping track of the chores he has earned by writing on the back of the chart with a Sharpie and erasing it weekly.

Preschool Chore Cards 1
Preschool Chore Cards 2
Preschool Chore Cards 3

We are keeping it pretty simple for his ‘chores’. Here’s a peek at some of the things that we have on his chore chart. Some of the chores rotate throughout the week, but there are several that are consistent on a daily basis.

Kaleb’s daily chores: make bed, clean room, brush teeth, pick-up clothes, pick up shoes/hang up jacket, set table, wash table, devotions.

Kaleb’s extra {paid} chores: trash, vacuum, laundry, wash windows, dust, sweep, water plants, weed garden.

He loves helping wash dishes….


And helping make his bed…


You can download a copy of the preschool chore charts by either clicking the thumbnail picture or on this link. The chore chart file has five different colored charts: blue, green, pink, purple and white {so you can print on colored cardstock if you would like} and also includes chore cards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

In case you missed them before, you can also download a copy of our Chore Chart Printables for our older kids and see how we’re implementing that system in our house. There may also be extra cards for you to use in the workbox activity cards that I also posted earlier.

Hope this helps you out!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’m unable to print the chore charts.  Any suggestions

  2. Humes Sarah says

    Thank you!  I’ve been looking for something like this for my kids! 

  3. I just started this with my kids. Love it! And I added a few of my own chores to the list. Organization is wonderful! Thanks!

  4. Shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo says

    I found you through Pinterest and I am going to download your chore charts. We are getting ready to start implementing this with my kids. Thank you

  5. Thank you so much for posting your chore chart system! I don’t even
    know how many chore chart systems I have tried with my family, and all
    of them have failed for one reason or another. One system we kept
    losing all the little magnet pieces that were supposed to mark completed
    chores (the kids liked to play with them). But more often than not, I
    just kept forgetting to assign chores for they day or would get to the
    end of the day only to realize I had neglected to hold the kids
    accountable for completing their chores. I stumbled across your chore
    chart system while hunting for ideas to incorporate workboxes into our
    homeschool this year. I decided to give it a try, and am so glad I
    did! I created my own chore cards to use with it, and decorated an
    empty hot cocoa can for the kids to place their completed chore tags
    in. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and noticed from
    the get-go that my kids (2 and 4) were actually getting more of their
    chores done . . . they’d actually ask me if they could do them so that
    they could take the tags off their charts! But I think the true
    indicator of this system’s success came this morning when my 4-year-old
    greeted me with her empty chart in hand and begged me to fill it with
    her chores for the day so she could start on them! I did so, with her
    help, and then left the room for a little bit. When I came back, she
    had already started on one of them and was diligently working to
    complete her task . . . without my asking her to do it! I am so
    impressed with how well this is working for us. Even my 2-year-old is
    starting to understand how the chart works after only two weeks! He
    kept taking the tags off just because it was fun to do so at first, but
    with consistency, he has learned to leave them alone unless I have
    helped him to complete a chore. This is forcing me to be more
    accountable in having my kids help me with small tasks around the house,
    which is exactly what I need! Thank you for sharing this! I am
    excited to start using your workbox system when we start school in a few
    weeks, because if we are having this much success with the chore chart,
    I am positive the workbox grids will work equally as well!

  6. love this so very much ^^thanks for sharing ..God bless

  7. Thank you for sharing!

  8. These are great, thanks for sharing! Would you mind telling me what font you use for these? I want to make some custom pictures for our charts and it will bug me if the fonts don’t match. I know it’s silly, but I am weird like that. Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much. I love this idea!!

  10. I have been searching for something like this for my triplets! Thank you so much for sharing! Love these


  11. Love the cards. The graphics are so cute. And great idea to include devotions. I put it on their assignment sheet each day (we homeschool), but it always seems to get overlooked, or down at the bottom of the list. :/

  12. I love this…thank you! I saw that there are extra boxes on the chore cards. Am I able to add a few chores and how would I do that? Thank you so much!

    • if there are some specific ones you are looking for, let me know – I may already have them. :)

    • Just found this great great chart and I am wondering if you might have a couple more (like you mentioned above) get dressed, recycling Thank you!

  13. I just found your site today and I’m completely hooked. You are an answer to my prayers. I taught school for 12 years and began homeschooling my two oldest this year. Needless to say, it was quite an adjustment. I love it, but wanted to add more fun while helping the girls become more responsible for their learning. I’m so inspired by what I’ve seen on your site so far. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  14. Do you know how I could make these little chore squares into magnets? I’m not at all crafty, but I really like the idea of the magnets on a dry erase board or magnetic sheeting.

    • I’m sure if you used the double sided magnet strips {the ones that are sticky on one side and magnets on the other}, you could easily do that!

  15. Fantastic, thank you so much!!! One question: I need a completely blank template of just the squares. What program did you do these in?

  16. Jennifer says

    Thank you SO much for sharing your chore charts with us! I am SO touched by your never ending generosity. You definitely made our first year of homeschooling so much easier and doable. I just love the things you create and appreciate your ministry here! Please know you are GREATLY appreciated and may God richly bless you for your generosity. :)

  17. Erin Dupuis says

    I did a google search to find clip art for the chore chart bottle cap magnets I am making. Your page came up and I was able to shrink your pages and use them for my magnets perfectly. You just saved me a whole bunch of time… thank you so much for posting this!!

  18. Thank you so so much for offering these files for free. You have saved me so much time!

  19. These are adorable and just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

  20. These are great thanks for sharing. Do you have any for manners at meal time or a bathroom time one? Our son is 4 and we are trying to get him to be more independent in the bathroom. We also really struggle at meal time. Thank you again for sharing.

  21. Thank you! Love these!

  22. THANK YOU! iv been searching fro ..years?! haha

  23. Thanks so much for posting this. I have routine charts for my 3 yr old that work well and include morning and evening chores but wanted to start giving her tasks to do to earn money. I’ve been struggling with how to connect them to the routine charts (since those tasks are expected, not paid) and this is a great way to incorporate them all!

  24. Sarumathi Venkatanarayanan says

    what is the right age to expect all these from a kid? My son is 3 yr 3months.Please help me.

    • Different kids vary, but you kmow your child best and what can be expected. Some of the chores at that age can be learned, but many of these will still need your help (or another siblings) too. :) It is a process, and one that is training and helping them learn skills they will use all their life. — Sent from Mailbox for iPad

    • Sarumathi Venkatanarayanan says

      Thank you very much. Great ways to teach responsibility.I will start them soon :-)

  25. What you have written here is EXACTLY what we are doing in our home. And boy! Why uou do what you do is exactly what we believed. Cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘I’ so happy there’s so many of us still believe in principles like such. Thank you. I hope to repost this post of yours. (Need some help with that)

  26. Thank you so much for putting this website together! My friend pointed me to your website and it makes me even more excited to homeschool! Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this!

  27. Hello I just want know if somebody can help, I cant download the file on the preschool chart , the file is damaged, thank you!

    • Jesinn,

      The file is fine, but some browsers are having issues with it. I am on vacation right now, but can help you out when I am home.


    • Ohh thanks, its just the notification I was getting that the file was damaged, but I will wait for your help, thank you very much for your time, enjoy your vacation

  28. JaRelle Mason Bailey says

    I just want to tell you that you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your printables and lesson ideas. I know that the detail and collaboration and organization that you have put into all of this must have taken a lot of time and I am so grateful that you are willing to share with the rest of us. A lot of people would probably prefer to keep this treasure to themselves, and I appreciate your sharing. Makes your work go further I guess :)

  29. I’m also having difficulty opening the file, receiving a message of “damaged file”. Any help is appreciated. If it would be easier, you could just send the file to my inbox. Thank you! Hanban85@gmail.com

  30. Sharalee Klein says

    I’m having a very hard time getting these to print correctly. They view correctly and the print preview shows correctly, but the image from the page repeats across the printed page instead of printing across once, no matter what setting I choose! Any deas?

  31. Kristen Doucet says

    Oh my gosh Thank you! I needed somthing I could modpdge onto magnets and cookie sheets since my littlest one keeps tearing the paper stuff up. Thank you!! This Fit Perfectly and had just about everything I needed! You just saved my lots of time not having to make one myself

  32. Our Home of Many Blessings says

    Thank you for sharing these.I didnt have a problem printing them and love the little pictures!Shared them on my homeschooling resources page!

  33. J! Thank you! We seem to have a house full of kids using your older chore lists we laminated. Go figure! And on a Monday… But the toilets will be clean… And my son started it. Boys are funny! Fart jokes and cleaning sinks :)

  34. Chosen Ruby says

    Wow, I recently became a stay at home mom and felt so lost on managing my home. =( I have a 8 yr,5 yr and 2 yr old. Both 5 yr and 2 yr old stay home with me. I thought it would be a breeze since I am an Business Manager usually at in my career. BOY was I wrong!!! I did not realize how behind and out of touch I was with my daily mommy duties. I never allowed kids to help with chores or anything because I am such a perfectionist. Whoa…now I am reaping it. They wont help do a thing unless I am on them. Therefore, I am so blessed to have found this treasure of a website with so much insight and printouts I can have to assist in teaching my children and denying my protectionist self. Thank you for all you do!

  35. Lynne Hughes says

    hi – I signed up to the email and cannot find a password to enter the printables

  36. Domanique Hendrickson Glazier says

    HI I signed up for the email as well but still haven’t received the password. Thank you.

  37. your ideas is so cool for young mothers and for babies of course!

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