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Read, Build, Write Printables

Read, Build, and Write mats are a fun way for you to squeeze in a little extra learning with your child. Print off one (or all) of the mats to use with your child or in your classroom. There are multiple colors of mats to choose between as well as various word cards for topics, books, and more!

The Read, Build, Write Mats are simple to use!  

  • Read: Place one of the cards in the top box and read the word together.
  • Build: Use letter tiles or magnets to build the word in the second box.
  • Write: Practice writing the word in the bottom box using Vis-a-vis markers.

The Read! Build! Write! mats include mats in seven different colors and ABC letter tiles in uppercase and lowercase. Additional vowel tiles are also included in a different color if you wish to emphasize the vowels in spelling. Scroll down for vocabulary cards to go along with the mats.

Download the main Read! Build! Write! Mats


Vocabulary Cards

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Click on the text links in the column below to download the vocabulary cards for the book go-alongs or various themes.

Book Go-Alongs

Angus Lost
Ask Mr. Bear
Blueberries for Sal
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Caps for Sale
Gingerbread Baby
Goodnight Moon
If Jesus Came to My House
Jessie Bear, What Will…
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree
Prayers for a Child
The ABC Bunny
The Little Rabbit
The Mitten
The Red Carpet
The Runaway Bunny
The Snowy Day
Very Hungry Caterpillar 

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Fun Themes

Angry Birds
Astronaut / Space
Back to School
Knights / Castle
Peter Pan
Police 2
Pond Life
Star Wars
Thanksgiving {Native Americans}
Thanksgiving {Indians}
Valentine’s Day
Wizard of Oz



ABC Phonics Words
Numbers 1-10 {1:1 counting}
Numbers 1-10 {Sketch font}
Numbers 11-20 {Sketch font}



If you’d like an expanded set of letter tiles, we have a set of Letter Tile Magnets and phoneme color-coded Letter Tiles from All About Spelling. Both are available for purchase from their website. 


I ordered these magnets to use and they were wonderful because they are already perforated and self-adhesive ~ a huge help!


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  1. I really like these pages to extend hands-on learning after reading the books as well as to review everyday items (fruits, veggies, etc.).

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  3. Hi, I have downloaded a good bit from your site – thank you! But with these RBW ones, I must not have your font, because the letter aren’t spaced correctly and the dashed/bold lines for writing only come across as backslashes. Do you know how I could remedy this? Thanks!

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  6. My Name (shyan) says

    You have began getting build by a year 8 girl and a year 7girlandbot

  7. I have downloaded a good bit from your site – thank you! I am a Chinese mother.Your learning materials will help me a lot.Thank you again for your contribution.

  8. Thank you for the vocabulary words–they are awesome!!!

  9. Do you have these mats and cards in cursive?

  10. thank You for your creatively and great ideas new to Kinders this is a blessings thank. God richest blessings in all thorough al your paths. Afua

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