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Welcome to Homeschool Creations

I am Jolanthe {pronounced Yo-lawn-tha}, wife to Rick, and mom to 4 children – two girls and two boys, ranging in age from 13 to 19. We have homeschooled all four (one graduated now!), and my days are spent trying to keep up with them all…and the house…and life in general.

The laundry may just be a lost cause.

Here at Homeschool Creations, my goal is to provide families with resources in the education journey, lots of free printables, and encouragement for families – whether homeschooling or not.

Typically, I post three to four times a week. Keep up with the newest posts and subscribe by RSS or e-mail {Daily or Weekly}.

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Life Before Homeschooling and Motherhood

Prior to being a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom, I was a preschool special ed teacher for almost 4 years. Working with children has always been a passion of mine and I love that the online world has provided a way to share ideas and resources with other families all over the world.

I never intended to stop teaching and start homeschooling. For years I was opposed to homeschooling {I even debated against it in college!}, but God completely changed my heart as well as my focus and now years later we are loving and enjoying every minute of it {well, most days!}.

Above: Kaleb {11}, McKenna {15}, Zachary {13}, and Laurianna {17}

A Peek Into our Lives

Want to see a little bit more of our homeschool life? Here are a few posts that you might find interesting:

New Classroom-1

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  1. I love your room! My daughter is 2 and I’ve been schooling her now for the last year. Now me and my hubby are thinking of starting a hybrid program in the future and I was looking for the best room setups.

  2. What is the square footage of your schoolroom? In your video on You Tube you mentioned it is over a garage. Is it the size of a 2 car garage? Our schoolroom is made from our old 1 car garage. I am wondering if some of the furniture you purchased would fit in our room. Thank you!

    • We have a 2 car garage and the room is roughly 22′ x 12′ – we lose a bit back where the stairs come up into the room, so technically a bit less than that. Hope that helps!

  3. I have been very interested in homeschooling my children but, fear has kept me from at least trying. I have a 2 yo, a 4 yo and an 8 yo. Currently I have trouble keeping up with homework, housework, play dates, work (self employed but, my husband does most of the work for the business) etc. I have no time for myself and it shows! Also, when I am working with one child the others will also require attention or will distract the one that I am working with. How do you find time for yourself and time with your husband? How do you home school children of different ages without distracting the others from their work? How do you keep their attention?

    • Maxine,

      Having young children can be so hard (I WELL remember those days!!). Hang in there!! There are times that you may need to put something to the side in order to maintain your sanity. :) For us, that meant pulling out of activities that were too much and not necessary (maybe swim lessons or dance, etc…) – basically things that kept me running around and busy, but not for what was really, truly important.

      When our kids were younger, I did a lot when the younger ones were napping and tried to make the most of my other time by planning ahead (meal planning for a month, setting up consistent routines, etc.).

      Here’s a post that I wrote recently on our daily schedule: https://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/10/weekly-routine-managing-my-time/
      I hope this helps some!

  4. Good day! My name Alesia. I am from Belarus. Thank you very much for your site! This is an invaluable material for the study of English language with my son.

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