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Pocket Chart Calendar Cards – Monthly and Holiday Pieces

Calendar time is a FABULOUS time to work on so many different skills with your children! From patterning to counting, learning the order of the days of the week, identifying letters and numbers – there is always something that can be learned with a simple calendar.

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy

To make the learning time even more fun, grab a set of the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Cards. Each month includes a calendar header and 3 sets of number cards that can be used to work on pattern sequences with children: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together.

Calendar cards are designed for a 3″x3″ pocket chart calendar.

The full Pocket Chart Calendar Card Set includes:

  • 12 monthly headers – in English and Spanish
  • days of the week cards – in English and Spanish
  • 3 sets of patterned number cards for each month – 36 number sets in all!
  • yearly date headers – from 2014 through 2021
  • a few bonus special occasion calendar cards

Purchase the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Cards


Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards


Here are a few purchasing options.

  1. Purchase the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Cards for $5.00 (click here to add to your cart)
  2. Purchase just the Holiday and Special Occasion cards for $1.00 (click here to add to your cart)
  3. Grab the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Card Bundle {includes a set of the Holiday and Special Occasion cards) for just $5.50 (click here to add the bundle to your cart).

Our Calendar Pocket Chart

Pocket chart calendar

We use this pocket chart and have had it for over fifteen years! Print the cards onto cardstock, laminate, and use in your pocket chart to keep track of special days that are coming up in your school year.

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  1. Diana Nuñez says

    this is in the free section and is actually not free.

    • Exactly, went through a lot to sign up for the free products that are not free!

    • Hi Lisa, 
      You left a comment on my blog regarding signing up and then not being able to download a free product once subscribed. I’m not certain which product you are referring to as the monthly calendar card set has never been free. Are you able to let me know where you saw they were? I do offer each month as an individual download for free on my site (you don’t even need to subscribe to download them), but this specific bundle offers additional calendar cards that are not available in the free sets and the convenience of one download vs. searching for twelve separate months. 


    • Jolanthe on the right side of your website you have a link that’s says “free printable” there you have a list of free items you offer to your subscribers. These are listed as a free item on this list. This is where confusion I see coming from.

    • Each of the sets is offered as an individual download or you can purchase the complete set with bonus cards.

  2. Jacqueline says

    I cannot download at all. I subscribed and did not get a link. I do not understand how to get the download link. I followed the steps and it’s not working so I’m a little frustrated.

  3. I purchased your calendar pieces from Teachers pay teachers. It’s awesome! I was wondering if you could also create a spring, summer, fall, and winter . Also looking for Clifford’s birthday, teddy bear day, and Winnie the Pooh birthday. Could or would you be able to? If not I understand.
    Thank you for all your time,

  4. Teresa Mena says

    Hi, I’m trying to print the February free Pocket Chart Calendar Card but its not letting me do that. Help!!

  5. I am a pre-k teacher and I am redoing my calendar board. I came across your calendar pieces for each month and absolutely love them. I have been able to print off everything except December and February. When you click on each one it goes nowhere. Can you help please? Thank you!


    • I’m not sure that I follow – the post you are commenting on is for a purchase. Is the purchased file not downloading properly? If you can let me know, that would be helpful! :)

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