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  1. Anna-Lena Forsman says

    Hello! I love your Bible Verse printables!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for having these!! I have made Picture cards for every verse in our Awana curriculum up until now. However, is there any way I can edit these or ask you to post the long version of some the verses as well? Thanks!

  2. Alexandria says

    Hello! I absolutely love you’re website! Thank you sharing all your teaching resources with everyone. I’ve been trying to download and open a couple of the book units to go along with the books I’m currently rowing with my daughter, but for some reason they won’t open at all. If I open them in my Ipad they open just fine, but not on my desktop. Has anyone else had this issue? The only one that opened just fine was A Snowy Day. Since then I have tried Prayer for A Child and now If Jesus Came to My House, with no success. Help please!? thank you

  3. Kimberly Watson says

    Just found your website and it looks to be very helpful. I am not blessed with a knack for technology. I am trying to print the ABC bible verses and can’t seem to be able to figure it out. I do not have a twitter or pinterest account.

    • Kimberly – once you click on the file, you should be able to open it in your browser window and then save a copy to your desktop. You do not need twitter or Pinterest in order to download the file.

    • Kimberly Watson says


  4. Paula Peloquin Zaitz says

    Hello! I’m new to your site and am already up way past my bedtime as I am engrossed in reading…going from one thing to another! I have already shared your website with a friend and I look forward to visiting often and utilizing resources you provide and/or recommend. Thank you for your efforts…praying the Lord richly bless you!

  5. Crystal5FL says

    Your website is wonderful! We are using the book report and log printables. Do you have similar items for science experiments?

  6. I don’t know if you can help me, but since you’re so connected in the bloggy world, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    I am SEARCHING for a blog. It is an art teacher’s blog (a former art teacher turned homeschool mom?) who posts regular assignments (weekly?), but also posts frequent (daily?) sketchbook assignments.

    Do you have any idea where I would find the blog? It’s NOT Deep Space Sparkle. It’s not Pink and Green Momma. I have now spent 2 days looking for it, and I’m beginning to wonder if she pulled her blog down.

    Thanks for ANY assistance you can give! :)

  7. Melissa Gilinsky says

    Hi! Just wanted to say that two years ago (has it been that long?) when I started homeschooling or oldest, your site was the first one I ever used, and it was a huge blessing to me. My son was excited about school work. I had never done anything like it before, and your resources got me through that crazy first year. Thanks for all the great printables and ideas.

  8. Beth Roach says

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work!
    I am a police officer and I will be incorporating it into my class at the elementary school.

  9. Margaret says

    Hi! I’m beginning my fourth year of homeschooling and I love your blog! I really appreciate all the great ideas and printables you share here. I’m considering trying to organise our school work (mainly workbook pages) in cheap two-pocket folders labeled by week (weeks 1 through 6) as you suggest. I do have a question. How do you know how fast your children will move through some of their workbooks? If I organise an entire year in advance, and then one of my children gets “stuck” on one particular concept and we decide to slow down (or speed up as the case may be), what happens to all the subsequent weeks that I’ve already organised? Thanks again for providing such a great resource!

    • If we seem to be getting a bit behind, I just keep the extras in the front of the folder. Occasionally I go through and pull out any that seem repetitive and throw them out. The main goal for us is mastery, so if an area doesn’t need to be repeated, we are good to go! :) Some workbooks can be super repetitive (which can be good sometimes, but a pain other times!). Basically we work on it on a child-by-child basis. Does that help any?

  10. Mary Beth Sensat Daigle says

    I tried to search to find the answer to this question, so please forgive me if I missed it! How do you store the workbox activity cards? If you use a pocket chart holder, which one do you use? Amazon has so many & idk which one would work for these sized cards. TIA & we appreciate the hard work that goes in to this amazing site.

    • I used a small bead box/tackle box that I picked up at either Walmart or Michaels. I remember walking around the fishing section at Walmart and browsing! :)

    • I think I used either a bead box or tackle box (Walmart) – I vaguely remember walking through the fishing section there! :)

  11. I could cry tears of joy now that I’ve found your website! I had decided that I wanted to do Before Five in a Row with my 3 year old, but was so discouraged by all of the creative things other bloggers were able to do with each book, and I kept asking myself “where are they finding the time and ability to create these activities and printables?” I feel like I just landed on the jackpot. I am now confident that I can dive into this world of preschool homeschooling with the tools and resources that I know my daughter will really enjoy. Thank you so very much for the time that you put into creating all of your wonderful printables and for offering them for free. Such a blessing!

    • Oh Sara – I’m SO thankful you found what you needed!! Please let me know if you have any questions or are looking for anything in particular. Have MUCH fun homeschooling preschool with your daughter! :)

  12. I saw it mentioned somewhere but can’t remember where. Online curriculum printing? I don’t have a printer available right now and want to print the Letter of the Week from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Thank you.

    • Erin – I know this is an older comment, but recently I’ve been using thehomeschoolprintingcompany.com and they have GREAT prices. Let them know I sent you over. :)

  13. I have finally gotten my act together for my 4YO girl. THANK YOU! In past, I’ve done the Spell Read Write boards with my boys along whatever books we are reading at the time, but now I’ve done it. I’ve grabbed 15 units from you and a few from Carissa too. (Now I need to order ink lol! I know how much time these take and wanted to thank you.

    One question tho – how do you organize all the unit printables so they dont get wrecked and lost? I could put them in page protector pouches or something. . Ideas please??

  14. These are great, thanks! I’ll order some they look just perfect.
    We just started reading the original Pooh by Milne. The old one. So special.
    Do you or Carissa have a Pooh bear unit? Would love to see one if you don’t :)

    • I know that Carisa and I do not and can’t think of any others off the top of my head. Finding (legal) clip art would be the hardest part for that. :(

  15. Hi Jolanthe. I want to thank you for this article. I’ve started researching this more in-depth because of one of my children. I have a 10 year-old whose learning style is a mystery to me. She has trouble grasping Math skills & repeating them year after year. It’s more evident to me now that she’s older. I just always assumed my kids would not struggle in school. A homeschool counselor & friend advised me to have her tested. Is this something you have done or know about? She called it psychoeducational testing. Just wondering if you have any advice. I’ve ordered the book on learning styles & my counselor also directed me to All About Spelling, so I was thrilled to see that it’s something that’s working well for your family. :) Thanks again & have a nice day!

  16. Maria Gerber says

    I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it! I do a small playschool (4) and your activities are great! Thanks for being so generous and sharing with those of us who would have no idea where to begin creating your wonderful activities!

  17. Zahira Salejee says

    Hi there, is there a cost involved to download these printables?

    • No cost – the bulk of my printables are all free to download, with the exception of two that I sell (the yearly pocket chart calendar card package and the Weekly Homeschool Planner). Enjoy!

  18. love your stuff I tried printing the Mitten printable and it will not load in Microsoft word.

  19. Kathi Johnson says

    I purchased the homeschool planner a couple of years ago. I am trying to find a new weekly planner for 10 subjects, instead of 8. Do you have something like that? I can edit the weekly planner but can’t add new boxes. HELP!!

  20. Diana Lopez says

    I love your workbox labels and I just need two more subjects. If you make more in the future, will you please make one for handwriting practice and one for vocabulary? Love your blog!!!

  21. Hi, I’m wondering to change the direction of the text in the Weekly Plan and Journal Notes section. For the area on the left I would like to enter the subjects, the need to be up and down, not side to side. I’ve tried using my default “preview” and also adobe. Any suggestions?

    • Colleen – just sent you an email. :)

    • Jolanthe, I’m sorry but I meant the page from the “Weekly Homeschool Planner” The page I was referring to is page 30. I’ve tried Adobe, ( I do have a Mac) but either I don’t understand or I’m missing something as I cannot change the text direction.

    • Thank you so much! It works perfectly now.

  22. Thank you for the 18 month planner. It’s all I’ve needed in a planner. Couldn’t find this in stores. What a blessing to have!

  23. Katrina R James Dunlap says

    Hi I am wondering if you have posted your schedule or a schedule example somewhere on the blog? Thanks

  24. Beth Ann Shelly says

    I joined in order to get your cvc cards. Looked really nice. But I have not received a code to the private page. Disappointed.

  25. Beth Ann Shelly says

    I was interested in downloading your cvc cards, I’ve registered, but not received a pin code. Please advise.

  26. Hi, I have been trying to get in touch through email without any luck. Has your address changed? Thanks!

    • Nicole,

      I’m not sure on what you’ve emailed previously, but will check when I am on my laptop. We have been out of town and helping in West Virginia with flood victims, so I have not been on my computer but trying to respond to emails via my phone when possible. Thank you for your patience. Be sure to check your spam in case I did reply.

  27. Kimberly says

    I am a stay at home mother of a 3.5 and 1.5 year old. Both my children were in daycare/preschool while I finished up my BA but now that I have graduated I will be a full time stay at home momma. I need so much help organizing a day/week routine with my 3.5 year old for at home preschool for her. I don’t know where to begin as far as what to do or a curriculum, themed activities, development expectations, workload for her and making sure I cover all the areas needed to prepare for TK or Kinder in 2017/18. Any help or advice where or how to start???

  28. Brandie Fancher says

    Within minutes of being on your page I fell in love. You are absolutely amazing and I cannot express how much I appreciate all the time and effort you have put in to this! I normally do not post anything online, but I had to take the time to tell you how wonderful this site is and how thankful I am for it

    • You are most welcome, Brandie. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for in particular or need. :) Have a great day!

  29. Deanna Asencio says

    Jolanthe, I bought your planner last year, and it made our homeschool year SO MUCH more organized. The girls knew exactly what they had to do that day without me harping on them. As we start this year I CAN’T FIND WHERE I SAVED IT!! Help!! I thought once we bought a copy, we could use it year after year as we fill in our own dates. I REALLY hope you can help me. Can you send me a link to download them? Thank you!! (If you email me at deanna.asencio@gmail.com I can send you a pic of our planner to verify I did buy it last year.) :)

  30. Theresa Nadolson says

    The link for the Read Build Write mats is invalid. Please help! Thank you very much for all of the wonderful ideas! It’s such a blessing to find sites like this to help first-time homeschoolers.

  31. Hello. My question is about your planner. I have four kids and this is our first year homeschooling. For the subject planning pages does it allow to put a place for each child with their subjects or would I have to print a weekly page for each child? I hope that makes sense. Or what would you recommend doing for scheduling four children? Thank you.

  32. everytime I try to subscribe it kicks me out or won’t accept me … please help

  33. nanette cook says

    I love your materials you have created with the policeman theme. I am currently implementing a program in my city called Kids Love Cops. This is a program that connects police officers with elementary school children in the hopes of creating a positive relationship between officers and children. I am hoping to put some of the materials on our city website for the teachers to access what they need for lessons. What are the restrictions you have and how can we get the permission to post this? The materials are not for resale of any kind. This is a free program for teachers to be involved in. I would like permission also to reprint the materials in bulk for them as well.
    Thank you so much for your help. Please advise me as to what I need to do to move forward with these materials.
    Nanette Cook

  34. Sandra A Brasington says

    I have try to contact you about the
    Periodic Table of Elements Cards. I can’t get them and I am a member of your site. Please help me and contact. Homeschool3b1g@gmail.com. Thank you!

  35. Maria Vellalos says

    Hi, I am having a hard time printing the Bible verses printable. I did subscribe but I can’t access the hyperlink. I was able to access all the other printable, only that one is giving me a hard time, help pls :) Thank you

  36. Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

    how do I print the pictures for the chore charts.. I keep bouncing around in here

    • Once you have subscribed, you will receive a link to the bonus page for downloads. All you need to do is click on the link and the pdf file will open up for you.

    • Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

      it wont open it just keeps bouncing me around . it says get extra i go there and i just see you son and the blog no pics of clip arts ..

    • Tracy – I’m sending you an email directly with instructions on how to download, so watch your inbox. :)

    • Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

      It may have gone to my junk mail .. i dont see it in there either.. I thought i did the link .. I had to go to other cliparts but they are not free and have watermarks ..

    • Tracy, I just sent another email directly to the email you use with Disqus. If it isn’t coming through, I’m afraid there isn’t much else I can do. You’ll have to look on your end, because I’ve sent out several emails.

    • Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

      I did get it and now i am able to see the clip arts thank you so much for sticking with me … I have so many teachers in my family I am making chore charts for the classroom soon

    • Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

      for some reason it got me into the workbox from the home page.. I was just trying things it let me pull up that set of pics but not able to get the chore chart… I really dont understand why I am having so much trouble .. I didn’t think I was that un tech savey… lol oh well thanks for trying .. I am about ready to give this thing up .. wish it was a bit easier I see others were having trouble too

    • Did the email I just sent with a link to the downloads page come through. It’s not uncommon for the initial email to go into spam, but usually any direct emails I send come through and people are able to access the downloads just fine. I’m sorry you are having issues.

    • Tracy Colasanti-Gritke says

      I go to the side and go to printables, then new page opens I go to chore chart for preschoolers, then back to main page with your son doing his ..

    • Barry Pechner says

      Hi Tracy, Since we customize, we can supply the printed icons from a list that you provide to us. Pease feel free to ask anything that you wish and we will do our best to provide you with the full scope of our capabilities. Looking forward to further communication. Barry

    • Tracy – did you get them printed off ok? I *think* I sent you an email but wanted to make sure.

    • Tracy Gritke says

      yes thank you .. they turned out great .. I made little coloring pages for a classroom gift for jk

  37. Hi
    I wanted to download the Insect Page for $1.50
    (Purchase the full set for $1.50 in my Teachers Notebook shop.)
    when it goes to the pay page it has $2.00 charge

  38. Hi,
    Even though I have signed up to join this wonderful website, I haven’t been able to download anything. Specifically, I am trying to download the periodic table cards. Please help!

  39. Hello.
    Over the years I have loved the resources you provide. I am currently using the student planner for myself and saw in your story that you made that at the request of your daughters, when they were too old for half-size planners. Did you ever offer those smaller planners on your site? My son is 9 and finds the larger one intimidating. Thanks for your response.

  40. Craig Brenneman says

    I ordered the new planner but did not see anywhere to download it….and suggestions?

  41. Hello there! I would like to thank you as this site helps a lot of Mommies (& Dads too)..especially first timer like me, to have a fun and creative learning times with kiddos. God bless and more power! :)

  42. katrina sharpe says

    Hello, I’m keen to download the printable chore cards however I haven’t received a password to access it, and there isn’t anything in my spam folder. Please let me know how I can access. Thanks

  43. Hi!
    I was wondering if it is acceptable for a preschool teacher to use your printables in her personal classroom where she gets paid to teach? Thanks for your response. I do not understand what is included in your terms of use.

  44. Hello! I was wondering about your seventh grade history Exploring World History from Notgrass. How is it set up? Do they read several pages each day? I didn’t set a curriculum guide with lesson plans in it. How much reading do they do each day? Thank you.

    • The Notgrass we used with our 8th grader as a high school credit. There is a daily reading/assignment along with weekly projects and also a weekly quiz and unit exams every 5 lessons that review what the kids are working on.

    • Tanya,

      Here’s a peek at one of their sample lessons: https://history.notgrass.com/content/exploring_world_history_part1.pdf

    • John Notgrass says

      Hi, Tanya. We appreciate your interest in Notgrass History. As Jolanthe indicated, we have sample lessons on our website for all of our curriculum, along with the introduction that explains how it works. All of our courses are broken into daily lessons with clear instructions so you know exactly what to do if you want to finish the course in the time frame we suggest (either one full school year or one semester).

    • Hi, John – it looks like we only received part of your response. :)

  45. I am trying to find a primer that has alphabet bible verses beginning with: “A is for Adam, who was the first man. He broke God’s command, and thus sin began.” “C is for Christ who for sinners was slain.” “D is the dove with the olive leaf green.” etc. Has anyone seen this Primer? I want to own it. Please email me at dottiefree@gmail.com THANKS!!

  46. Hi! I signed up and was trying to get access to the preschool chore chart, but the site is requiring a password. While I was prompted for my e-mail address during sign up, I was not prompted to create a password. Can you help me? Thank you so much!

  47. HI, I have just joined your amazing site but never received a password. I checked spam.

  48. Sara Vogel says

    I am a subscriber but i have forgotten my password

  49. I am a subscriber. I love the ABC Bible verse printables. This is a focus at our church right now in our children’s ministry which I direct. How can I get this resource in the hands of my parents and still respect your copyright? Thanks so much!

  50. Julie Conyers says

    Hi I am interested in using one of your printables in a video, could you contact me.

  51. I want to thank you for your gracious comments on my art curriculum. Many blessings on you and your family.
    Diane S. Spears

  52. We have enjoyed using your State and Country fact sheets in our Flat Stanley project. We homeschool and love the layout that your papers give for facts to be recorded. I have encouraged others to use your fact sheets as well by putting a link in my Flat Stanley post on my webpage dyertyme.com. Feel free to check it out! Thank you! :)

  53. Tammy Hill says

    I have tried signing up multiple times but have not received a welcome email so I can access all the printables.

  54. HI! Loving the Bible verse cards and sentence strips you have created. Is there a chance that you could do one for Proverbs 17:17? Thanks!

  55. I’ve used educator.com for my homeschooling and it’s been awesome.

  56. You have many links to Delightful Learning and I find that it’s a closed blog now. I’ve used her site for many years as a resource, along with you! I’m back into the 5 in a Row program with my last child and I’m wondering if you have an insider connection with Delightful Learning so that I may gain access to her wonderful ideas! Thanks for considering I feel blessed that you’re so talented and willing to share such wonderful ideas! Thanks You help make homeschooling much easier and a joy!

  57. Thank you for all the wonderful country printables! We are getting ready to study South American countries. I did have one question… when I click on the link for the Geography song it appears to be broken. Is there a different link or way to access the melody to the song? Thank you so much! Jennifer jennifer.lynn.sullivan@hotmail.com

  58. Suzanne Biase says

    Hi. The link to the WONDERFUL skip counting charts does not work. Is there any way you could repost it? Thank you so much!

  59. Hi Jolanthe,
    I am interested in using a couple of your activities in a library grab and go bag. Could you contact me to let me know if that is allowable? Thanks!

  60. Hi Jolanthe! I am a preschool teacher and I just tell you how grateful I am for the learning resources you shared. As a teacher I often have to make all my materials from scratch (which is extremely time consuming) and your activities have helped so much with that. I hope all is well with you with your family and send you my love!

  61. Diana Luscher says

    Jolanthe: I am a recent transplant to Arizona having lived 25 years in Nebraska and 17 years in North Carolina. I actually grew up in California. I was an elementary educator until I worked for the Power district in Nebraska where I educated the masses about energy. I am retired and will be volunteering around the Phoenix area. I am putting together a “Birds of a Feather” traveling trunk containing information on birds with many different activities. I love your Bird Nature Study and have included it in the resource area for using with young children. The trunk will grow and hopefully be borrowed by Master Naturalist, homeschooled groups and perhaps scouting groups. I plan to follow your website to check for updates. Thanks for all the printables.

  62. Hi there. Tried accessing your free uppercase alphabet maze a-e and f-j, but it says there’s an error on the page?

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