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Bible Verse Printables and Resources

Below you will find verse printables for preschool and elementary aged children. These printables were created to go along with the verses our kids are studying, including sentence strips and words cards so they can piece the verses together.

I’m adding/updating this page often with past verses and ones that we are currently working on, so check back often! Hope these printables help you in raising your kids with a firm foundation on God’s Word!


Verse Printables in Action


Learn verses through reciting, putting together verse puzzles, and matching words to sentence strips. Be sure to hang a copy of the verse where it is sure to be seen!

The verse strips can also be taped or glued together and then put in correct order using a tabletop pocket chart.

Old Testament Verses for Preschool Ages

The printables for these verses may include the following:

  • a full sized verse sheet
  • a 4×6 verse card
  • verse sentence strips
  • verse word cards

Be sure to check back too. Additional resources will be added periodically. If you have a specific verse request – feel free to email and ask!

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New Testament Verses for Preschool Ages

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Old Testament Verses for Elementary

Looking for resources and encouragement in Teaching God’s Word to your children? Take a peek at this ten post series that includes free printables and our family’s favorite helps for making God’s Word come alive!

Need hands-on helps to use with your kids in learning Bible verses? Check out all of these Bible verse printables to use with children from preschool through elementary school. There’s a little something for everyone {even you!}


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  1. narniagirl55 says

    Love this site! I teach a multi-grade sunday school class of kindergarten through middle school age. I can’t wait to help each child memorize Bible verses according to their reading level.

    We are going to give points to verses based on scrabble word points. they are going to earn badges for memorizing verses! And eventually make a “word in my heart” board game to reinforce. I just want to make it fun. Now I don’t have to invent my own verse cards.. It’s all here for me to use!

  2. narniagirl55 says

    The titles are backwards. The verses for elementary are really for the preschool kids and the preschool verses are for the elementary kids. (They are longer and harder!) Love the illustrations though. Every parent and Sunday school teacher should use this great resource.

  3. This site is wonderful and I thank you for all your posts. This has saved me so much time and money – I teach pre-school choir at church.
    Everything is wonderful.

  4. Thank you so much for these bible verse cards THEY ARE AMAZING! This is an outstanding tool to help children learn bible verses with a nice photo and activities to help with learning. Thank you so much for freely sharing your time and talents. Many continued blessings to you and your family

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