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Under Drake’s Flag – Audiobooks for Kids


Quality audiobooks are something that our family really enjoys. While we love borrowing some from the library, there are ultimately several that find a permanent spot in our home to listen to time after time. Our most recent audio adventure find and keep is Under Drake’s Flag.

If your family loves history and loves audio drama, you definitely do not want to miss Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio. Rather than a single narrator telling the tale and reading a script, Under Drake’s Flag is a FULL audio theatre adventure. Numerous actors compose the cast of the story, along with a musical score that is wonderful.

Jump Into the Adventure!

Here’s a little teaser of Under Drake’s Flag, based in part on the adventures of Sir Francis Drake.

Ned Hawkshaw is about to take the greatest adventure a boy could ever imagine…with one of the most celebrated heroes in history—Sir Francis Drake!  Ned fights off a shark attack, survives a shipwreck, engages in fierce battles on sea and land, and comes face to face with the Spanish Inquisition.  Experience the swashbuckling tale that pits faith against fear, and helps Ned grow from a boy into a man.  Live the Adventure® and board The Golden Hinde for an epic quest of courage on the high seas!

This movie-quality audio theater—recorded in London—features a cast of stellar actors, including acclaimed British actor Brian Blessed, state-of-the art sound design from award-winner Mark Drury (The Chronicles of Narnia audio series), and a stunning music score composed by John Campbell (Lamplighter Theatre®, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre®, Adventures in Odyssey®). 

What Our Family Loved about Under Drake’s Flag

The first question our kids had when they saw the Under Drake’s Flag CD: “Does this have lots of voices, sound effects, and music, or is it someone reading the story? We truly enjoy listening to both, but there is something about the sound effects and actors that pull you into the adventure even further!

All of our kids (and mom too) were definitely captivated by the story. Set in 1572, the story follows the adventures of Ned and a friend as they join Sir Francis Drake on his ship, Ned is a young boy on the verge of becoming a man and throughout the story, we listened as he grew in character and in years. His faith was tested and tried in different situations, which also led to some great discussions.

There was one specific scene that was rather intense, as Ned and his friend were on trial for their faith during the Spanish Inquisition. Essentially they had the choice of recanting their faith or facing torture. Honestly, there are some GREAT talking points in this area alone, solely based on what it would mean to recant your faith or stand firm in your beliefs – what would you do?

We are huge fans of radio theatre and Under Drake’s Flag did not disappoint. Our van became silent other than the sounds of the audio adventure for several days as we all listened and enjoyed the story of Ned Hawkshaw.

Every now and then we had to pause the story while a kiddo asked a question about a word that was used or commented that they remembered learning about something they heard. One child even confiscated the CD from the radio when she left so we wouldn’t be able to listen to it without her (yeah, our kids are a little crazy like that).

Companion Study Guide

Under Drakes Flag study guide cover

For those who want to turn the audio adventure into more of a learning time, the CD comes with a study guide to help your child further understand the story line and principles taught. An abridged version of the study guide is included with the CD and a full version available in pdf format to download online.

Study Guide for Under Drakes Flag

The study guide contains a biography of Sir Francis Drake and G.A. Henty as well as questions based on the sections in the story. Each set of questions contains three parts:

  • Listening Well: questions based on the story so far and what is remembered
  • Thinking Further: questions to think about or research more
  • Defining Words: vocabulary words to look up and learn

There are also three Bible study sections that look more closely at the character of the boys in the story and how they handle the different situations they are placed in.

Find Out More and Purchase

Under Drake’s Flag is a definite ‘recommend’ from our family to yours, and we are so excited to see there is another new audio drama, In Freedom’s Cause, due to release in November based on William Wallace! But until then, be sure to check out more of Under Drake’s Flag.

Ages: 6 and up

Price: $20 download or $29.95 audio CD – purchase here.


Listen to the short audio clip below to get a little sample of the story too!


Thanks so much to Heirloom Audio for this wonderful listening adventure. Stop by the Heirloom Audio Facebook page to keep up with their latest news!




We received this CD at no cost from Heirloom Audio to review. All opinions expressed in this review are our honest thoughts and feelings.

Rainforest Kiwi Crate Adventure

Our kids love getting packages and I’m a huge fan of boxes that include everything inside we’ll need to work on a project. That means that Kiwi Crate is something we all are loving!

Kiwi Crate review from Homeschool Creations

From the moment the Rainforest box showed up on our doorstep, the boys were itching to open it and start working on the two projects – a rainstick and a fun jumping frogs game.


The box arrived with all of the supplies we needed, and since it was our first box, there were even some fabulous scissors for each of the boys (thank goodness, since their scissors somehow already walked off this year!).

Jumping Frogs Game

Kiwi Crate Review-12

Zachary pulled out the instructions (pictured above), gathered all of the supplies needed for the project, and then helped Kaleb put his Jumping Frogs game together. They colored, cut, punched things out, and after about 20 minutes of working, their jumping frog games were ready to go.

Kiwi Crate Review-23

Both boys built log launchers and decorated a set of ‘leaping frogs’. The goal of the game is to launch their rainforest frogs into one of the felt ponds. Both of the boys loved making their frogs fly. Overall, my involvement was minimal other than helping remove the double-sided adhesive tape covering for Kaleb.

Rainstick Craft

The other craft in our Kiwi Crate was a rainstick. McKenna wanted to have a part in making one (she says rainsticks are her favorite thing).

Kiwi Crate Review-38

This activity I didn’t even have a chance to divvy out and supervise. While Zachary and I were flipping frogs through the air, McKenna and Kaleb were in the other room building their rainsticks.

Kiwi Crate Review-33

The most difficult part was making sure the leaves were all pointing in the right direction (for Kaleb) and then getting the beans in without them flying all over the table. Otherwise they were quickly decorating and finishing their crafts up.

Kiwi Crate Review-44

The end result was me sitting on the porch with two kiddos and listening to the soothing sounds of rain around me. (grins)

A Little More About Kiwi Crate (& Thoughts From Me)

Kiwi Crate Review-11

the ‘what is required’ gauge on each manual

Kiwi Crate offers various subscription packages, as well as bundle packages to provide a savings for families. Each of the crates includes materials for 2 to 3 educational activities (crayons, tape, rubber bands – you name it, it’s in the box). The projects have all been reviewed by child development experts and are kid-approved. Crates come with free shipping and subscribers receive additional benefits, including bonus online content to extend the learning.

Learn more about the monthly subscription plan here.


Things to love about Kiwi Crate…


  • The Explore Magazine. The Explore! magazine is also a part of each crate and goes along with the crate’s theme. Our magazine was full of additional activities, games, puzzles, and a bonus snake project to work on later.
  • Not just for younger kids. Our three youngest (ages 7, 9, and 11) all crowded around the box and wanted to be a part of the craft making goodness. Problem was, we only had 2 sets of crafts, so the negotiations started on who was going to work on what craft (the boys put up a good argument that the boxes are recommended for ages 3 to 8 and they are in the right age range, not the 11 year old).  McKenna wanted me to note that “Older kids would like these boxes too!” Duly noted.
  • Single crate options. If you aren’t sure about a monthly subscription, Kiwi Crate offers many single crate options as well. The Rainforest crate that we used is a part of the single crate option. Other single crate themes are: robots, space heroes, mad science, safari, family game night, and more.
  • Additional sibling packs are available. One thing that I definitely love, is the sibling add-on option. For an additional $9.95 per crate, you can add an additional kit for a brother or sister. Or two. Or three. That, dear moms, is a great option.
  • A “What will this require?” gauge. The activities all come with a handy booklet that walks you through the creation process step-by-step – with diagrams. The bottom of each booklet has a scale that lets parents know how much clean-up will be required, the educational focus of the project, and also how much parental supervision is required. (I love this feature!)
  • Special occasion crates. If you are looking for party favors, the company also has several mini crates ($6 – $11) that can be purchased for special day.
  • Mail is always fun! Our kids love receiving mail and the monthly subscription option offers an educational addition to your homeschool time as well!

Find Out More and Try a FREE Kiwi Crate!

Here’s a quick look at the cost breakdown for the monthly subscription plan to Kiwi Crate:

Cost: $19.95/month, $19.95/month (3 month sub.), $18.50/month (6 month sub.), $16.95/month (12 month sub.) – Shipping is free in the U.S. and $6.95 to Canada.

Learn more about the monthly subscription plan here.

Kiwi Crate is also offering a free mini-crate for a limited time (you pay s/h). Find out more on this special here.


Which Kiwi Crate would your kids choose?





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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the Kiwi Crate. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

Learning with Spielgaben Educational Toys

Spielgaben educational toys-59

All of the colors make you want to dive right in, don’t they?

For months pictures of Spielgaben have been floating around on Instagram and the colors were pulling me in. So many amazing manipulatives and pieces to create with – shapes, beads, rings, wooden blocks, pegs, string, sticks (points), and more – all so very inviting to young and old alike.

Spielgaben Educational Toys and learning

I was (wrongfully) under the assumption that the Speilgaben set was really more for little kids – something that we seem to be running short on in our home with our youngest now being seven. But since its arrival,  Spielgaben has been an enormous hit, and we are using it in a variety of ways with our kids, both in creative free play and educationally!

Spielgaben flowers

When we first opened up all of the boxes, there was a LOT of free play and creating using all of the pieces: buildings created from blocks, scenes and critters made with shapes, and yarn balls being thrown (ahem).  We are talking HOURS of uninterrupted play – both when it first arrived and now weeks and weeks later.

In the weeks following, the main focus for us has been tying Spielgaben in to what we are already learning about in our various subject like math, science, and language. And the user’s guides, inspiration cards, and worksheets that are all a part of the kit – amazing! They provide you with so many learning activities that guide you step-by-step through the activity. From there you can extend the learning or move on to another activity. All of ours are on the iPad, but for specific teaching activities I print them off to have handy. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are, and you can get a peek at some pages here.

What I’d really love to show you though is how we are using Spielgaben in our home! I’ve been trying to plan 3-4 specific activities each week for both Kaleb (7) and Zachary (9). McKenna (age 11) has been using the Spielgaben to create story scenes.

Spielgaben educational toys-40

Kaleb has been working on early multiplication. To demonstrate the concept, we grouped items together. Above we were talking about 5 x 3 = 15.

Learning about symmetry with Spielgaben

We’ve also been talking about symmetry, so we taped one of the strings in the kit to the top of the board and made a middle line of symmetry. Then Kaleb and I took turns creating a shape and then the mirror image of it on the other side of the line.  In the last image, Kaleb created three images and then wanted me to do exactly what he had done. (So I did – grins).

multiplication with Spielgaben

A certain 9 year old needed a little multiplication practice, so for the facts he missed during one math lesson, he created the problems using various Spielgaben pieces.

Learning about acute and obtuse angles

Zachary has been working on acute, obtuse, and right angles, so we taped several of the rods together to measure the angles on various triangles and determine if they were obtuse, acute, or right angles. It was a great hands-on way to measure all three sides of each triangle as well and see how a few could be acute while another obtuse.

Spielgaben educational toys-21

Building structures – this is an example that came from one of the teacher’s manuals. Kaleb wanted to make it because he thought it looked like the Lincoln Memorial. (grins)

Spielgaben educational toys-41

Tally marks – need I say more? We can always use a little more practice here!

Spielgaben educational toys-50

Remember I said there were worksheets? Somehow I had them in the wrong folder on my computer, and this week has been the first time we’ve used any. Above Kaleb was practicing grouping by tens.


During the last several weeks of our science program with Kaleb, we were talking about insects. It was so much fun to create the different insects we were studying: ladybugs, butterflies, ants, and grasshoppers (our grasshopper may have looked more like a goat…).

Spielgaben educational toys-25

There have also been puppet shows (grins).

To tell you the truth, we have only scratched the surface on how we can use all of the pieces in our Spielgaben set. Somehow I missed an entire manual that comes with it! After going through it, there are ideas spinning in my head on how to incorporate more hands-on learning  fun with the older kids. I’ll continue to share pictures and examples of how we’re using it via Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, so don’t miss those!

A Few Thoughts From Me…

Spielgaben is targeted for children ages 3-12 (our 13 year old thinks that excludes her, but she has been caught creating on numerous occasions!). One thing that I do want to note is the cost of the set, because for many that is a huge part of the buying process. While the purchase price may be higher, remember the set includes the following:

  • a 3-tiered wooden organizational system
  • high-quality wooden pieces that will last for generations (we are keeping ours for YEARS to come – definitely future generations will use it!)
  • digital teacher helps: inspiration cards, nature guides, worksheets, and multiple curriculum guides for children of all ages
  • ways to supplement learning through the age 12
  • can be a complete play-based curriculum for younger children

Ultimately, you know your child(ren) best and how they learn, what they enjoy, and need to consider all of that when you make a purchase (I really understand that!). As I mentioned earlier, I assumed that Spielgaben was intended for only younger children, but can honestly say that it has been a fabulous addition to our homeschool time and is something we will actively be using in the upcoming months and years. There are very few toys and things that I keep around our home once we are done – but this is one we will save.

      Want to purchase Spielgaben for your family?

    Spielgaben is offering my readers a special price on the complete set,  including shipping until May 20th!

spielgaben bins

USD $327 | GBP 195 | AUD 360

To take advantage of this special offer, go to the Spielgaben contact form and send Spielgaben an email mentioning Homeschool Creations. They will then contact you with instructions on how to apply the discount coupon code.

Don’t forget to “like” Spielgaben on Facebook – they are sharing additional learning ideas there too!


I was sent a set of Spielgaben products to review for this post. All opinions are my own and genuine!

The BEST Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

The best homeschool spelling curriculum - and why we like it so much from homeschoolcreations.net


Six years ago our family started using a homeschool spelling curriculum that literally changed the way I looked at curriculum overall.  All About Spelling helped me realize that I COULD teach a subject with confidence, and there were programs available that would reach a variety of learning styles while still keeping life simple for me as a mom and teacher.

Our kids are at different spelling levels now, ranging from Level 1 up to 6, and All About Spelling has been a fabulous addition to our homeschool curriculum. (I have to admit that I am a bit sentimental over the fact that our youngest is just about finished with the first level – and I honestly don’t want to give it up!) Each of our children has used the program a bit differently than other siblings, but that is the true beauty of All About Spelling – you can adapt it to fit your family! We are all hooked on the program and look forward to spelling time together each week.

A Quick Look at the Spelling Curriculum

All About Spelling teaches phonograms, spelling rules and patterns, word segmenting, syllables, and so much more.  It is an easy step-by-step spelling curriculum with multisensory lessons that focuses on spelling mastery. The program is based on Orton-Gillingham methods combined with the latest research.

Ten Reasons to Love All About Spelling

Each of our children has used the program a bit differently than the others, but that is the true beauty of All About Spelling.

  1. The lessons are amazingly easy to follow.  Step-by-step lightly scripted plans are given for each lesson in the level being worked on, letting the teacher know what materials are needed. Each lesson also includes ‘teacher tips’ to explain various concepts and rules.
  2. Lessons can be customized to your child’s specific needs. When we first started, we went through the early lessons rather quickly. Now we pace the lessons based on a rate that is comfortable for each child, making sure concepts have been mastered.
  3. Each lesson includes opportunity for review. Lessons Each include a way to review the steps and rules that have been taught in previous lessons, along with reinforcement for the rules that were learned during that lesson.
  4. The materials are hands-on and geared toward a variety of learning styles. Whether your child is a hands-on, auditory, or visual learner – or anything combined – there is something in the program to help! One of our favorite parts of All About Spelling are the magnetic letter tiles used spell out the words and sounds that are being practiced. Each level also includes flashcards for review. This hands-on aspect has really helped the learning with two of our children. (Not sure about your child’s learning style – check out this post for a little help.)
  5. The focus is on spelling strategies, not on spelling list memorization. Rather than handing your child a list to memorize and practice, All About Spelling focuses on the rules behind spelling. If there are any exceptions to the rule, they are covered as well (the English language can be tricky, and even I’ve learned a thing or two over the years!).
  6. Concepts are taught one at a time and introduced at appropriate levels. Let’s face it – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different rules and phonograms. In All About Spelling, a concept is taught, practiced, and then continually reviewed in upcoming lessons to make sure that mastery is achieved.
  7. The lessons are short and effective. Each lesson takes between 15-20 minutes to complete, but the objectives are clearly stated and there isn’t any prep time required. (No excuses for not working on spelling now!)
  8. It is a complete curriculum from preschool to high school. There are seven levels in the program. It’s a one-stop spelling curriculum, and I LOVE that! Our oldest is currently 7th grade and working on level 6, but
  9. The program is non-consumable. For our family of four, this is a huge help! Both the teacher’s manual and student materials can be re-used with younger children because NONE of it is consumable! That adds up to a huge savings when the cost is spread out between children – AND it can be sold when the level is finished.
  10. The company has a fabulous guarantee and support. There have been times that I’ve had questions over the years, and the office support has been a HUGE help to me. In addition, All About Learning Press offers a wonderful guarantee – you have a FULL YEAR to try out the All About Spelling program. If it doesn’t work for you, just return the materials at any time within one year and they will give you a full refund. (That’s how much they believe in their program).

      Get Started with All About Spelling

  • Spelling Materials (Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet): Each level of All About Spelling comes with a materials packet that includes flashcards,  a progress chart, a completion certificate, and other tools to help you teach. The program also uses letter tiles that can be used in all seven levels. The letter tiles are not included in the material pack of each level (so that you wouldn’t have six sets). If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you can order additional materials packets.  
  • Spelling Interactive Kit: The basic or deluxe interactive kit is used through all seven levels of All About Spelling – and you only need to purchase one (even if you are teaching multiple children). Kit components can be purchased separately – I personally recommend buying a few extra review boxes and divider cards to store all of the cards for the seven levels. Don’t miss their FREE phonogram sounds app either!

There is nothing that I haven’t been pleased about with this curriculum – seriously! If you are interested in learning more about how to teach using All About Spelling, know that they a 100% learning satisfaction guarantee. This is definitely a program that we recommend – and also that you check out their homeschool reading programs!

Not sure where to begin? Find out if your child is ready to begin spelling or determine what level to start with by visiting the All About Spelling site.


Start your All About Spelling journey now!



New to Homeschooling?

If you are new to homeschooling and aren’t sure where to begin in choosing homeschool curriculum, please don’t let this post overwhelm you! Here are a few posts that you might find helpful as you discover what is best for your family. Be sure to check out the entire Homeschool Basics series for answers to more frequently asked homeschool questions.

Homeschool Teaching Styles and Philosphies.png Identifying Children's Learning Styles copy How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

This All About Spelling Review was written based on our personal use of the program over the past six years.

Creative Play and Fun with the Block Party Game Set

One of my favorite things to do with our kids is play games. Wooden blocks are another things that our children love, so the chance to combine both of those into fun block games is a big win for us!

Last year our family was introduced to Larsen Toy Lab and their mission to provide quality building blocks that will last for generations – and inspire families to be creative together. The ability to be creative and imaginative, without setting limits on what a toy can or cannot do – well, that’s something that I enjoy seeing happen.

About the Block Party Game Set

Block Party from Larsen Toy Lab

Block Party includes three fun games all in one convenient bag. All games are targeted for ages 3 and up and range from 2-6 players. The bag, stuffed full with 41 blocks, game pieces and instructions, has all you need to play three new games:

Strike Out – a building and strategy game where the players build a structure that won’t fall down and the player with the least strikes at the end of the game wins {see video example}

Ten Towers – players earn building cards and practice shape recognition and building {see video example}.

Pair Up – similar to a memory matching game, players try to find matching cards and gather the block to build the tallest tower by the game’s end {see video example}.

Pair Up Block Game from Larsen Toy Lab

Laurianna proving her block tower was taller than mine

Creating games based around building blocks encourages creative play, and these games offer additional education skills such as balance, following directions, shape identification, and memory matching.

Coupon Code!!

Use the code GAMENIGHT15 and take 15% off

the Block Party set during the month of October.

What We Love About Block Party

Block Party Larsen Toy Lab (1)

Our favorite games? Hmmm…it’s a toss up between Strike Out and Pair Up. Hoping you would have the tallest {and most stable} tower to make it to the end of Pair Up was so much fun, but the strategy of Strike Out was also interesting to watch the kids figure out {because you don’t want to be the one to knock a tower over}.

Ten Towers is a game that we need to play a little more, because there can be much more strategy involved in it. It may have been one of my choices to play, but only because I had figured out a way to get more points {I’m not competitive at all, no}.

There really are so many things that I love about the Block Party set from Larsen Toy Labs. Here are just a few…

Canvas Carry Tote – The game set includes a canvas tote to store all of the blocks and also a smaller canvas bag to store all of the game pieces and instructions {can’t say how much I love this}. And, it’s a little something that will help you carry the blocks around.

Sturdy Construction -All of the blocks are handmade from maple or cherry wood and will last for generations. The game pieces and instructions to go along are all printed full-color and on thick cardstock, then laminated for added protection.

Additional Play Ideas – Just in case your kids get in a mindset that they can only play a game using the blocks, there are creative building ideas included in the set. That way, you children can extend the fun beyond the game!

The Size – All of the blocks from Larsen Toy Lab are the perfect size for kids’ hands. The largest of their blocks in the 6” x 6” x 1” building platform, and there are currently 16 different block shapes made from maple and cherry wood.

A Guarantee – As with all of their products, Larsen Toy Lab offers a 100% money back guarantee {that alone speaks volumes to me personally}.

Building with Blocks from Larsen Toy Lab

Beyond the games included in the set, the Block Party set has been a part of building projects around the house. That handy tote bag has been great to grab everything quickly and carry it to another room.

Coupon Code!!

Use the code GAMENIGHT15 and take 15% off

the Block Party set during the month of October.

Our family was sent the Block Party set to use and review in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts in this post are my own.

First Grade Homeschool Art Lessons from Home Art Studio

Be sure to read through – there is a special coupon code for you to grab! We received the First Grade DVD from Home Art Studio to review and are excited to share our experience with you!

First Grade Art Projects with Home Art Studio

Before the year is finished, our school room walls are going to be covered with fun artwork thanks to Home Art Studio. Our first grader has been captivated by the lessons and projects. He is frequently found carrying around the DVD for First Grade Art. Since the very first lesson, he has asked every single day if he can work on another lesson.

About First Grade Art from Home Art Studio

First Grade Art Home Art Studio

If teaching art is something that makes you nervous, you are going to love Home ARt Studio. With the First Grade Art DVD, your child will have a personal art teacher, Ms. Lindsay Volin. Each lesson is guided by Ms. Volin, and first graders learn about art through different world cultures. In addition to the art projects that use a variety of art mediums, art vocabulary is discussed.

Included in the First Grade DVD:

  • 18 art projects instructed by video
  • PDF lesson plans with picture instructions

Having the lessons on DVD is very helpful, because children can pace themselves on the projects. When needed, the lesson can be paused until a part is completed, and then the DVD can be turned back on to continue the lesson.

The lesson structure and simple instructions are perfect for kids to follow along independently {with mom nearby, just in case}. Each of the lessons we’ve worked on so far has been broken up into two segments, so we can take our time working on a project and spend two days a week on our art lesson.

Home Art Studio First Grade Lesson Plans

The PDF lesson plans are so handy! The plans can be printed out and stored in a binder to see what supplies are required for upcoming lessons. The pdf plans also give parents a quick overview of each art lesson, including vocabulary words and tips for parents to extend the art activity in other learning areas of science, language, social studies and math.

Supplies are not included with the DVD, but a full supply list is available via Jerry’s Artarama or you can purchase supplies at your local art store. So far we have needed only a few basic supplies that we didn’t already have on hand, but they were very easy to find and we were able to quickly start our lessons.

How We’re Using Home Art Studio

First Grade Home Art Studio DVD

When I say that Kaleb is loving the lessons from Home Art Studio, I am not joking. He literally carries the DVD case around with him, talking about the different projects and asking when we will be able to finish them all. For now, he has been working on one project a week, and the lesson is broken up over the period of two days.

Rainbow Weaving from Home Art Studio

our Rainbow Weaving project

Although this DVD is geared for first grade, a few of the other kids are sneaking in and working on the lessons as well. The Home Art Studio program is perfect for using with multiple children. The projects are fun, colorful and really – art is great no matter what age you are!

Paper Roller Coaster Home Art Studio

our Paper Roller Coaster project

This year a small co-op that we are participating in is studying world geography and cultures, so the first grade DVD theme of art from around the world tied in perfectly with our school year. I’m hoping that we can even use a few of the projects with the younger children during our studies!

Mission to Mars Home Art Studio

our Mission to Mars project

Supplies can seem overwhelming, but we can use many of the items we purchased on future projects: items such as oil pastels, construction paper, tempera paint, etc…, and they may be supplies that you already have on hand.

Overall, we are excited to use Home Art Studio this year (and in years to come) and believe it is a great resource for families! Be sure to visit the Home Art Studio site and view one of their sample lessons so you can get an idea on how the program is set up.

Discount Code for Home Art Studio

We all love to save money right? Use the coupon code HSC2013A for your Home Art Studio purchase from Jerry’s Artarama and you can save up to 30%!

  • Buy 1-2 DVDs, and receive 20% off your order
  • Buy 3 or more DVDs and receive 30% off your order
    Hope the codes help you out. Enjoy!


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