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First Grade Homeschool Art Lessons from Home Art Studio

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Be sure to read through – there is a special coupon code for you to grab! We received the First Grade DVD from Home Art Studio to review and are excited to share our experience with you!

First Grade Art Projects with Home Art Studio

Before the year is finished, our school room walls are going to be covered with fun artwork thanks to Home Art Studio. Our first grader has been captivated by the lessons and projects. He is frequently found carrying around the DVD for First Grade Art. Since the very first lesson, he has asked every single day if he can work on another lesson.

About First Grade Art from Home Art Studio

First Grade Art Home Art Studio

If teaching art is something that makes you nervous, you are going to love Home ARt Studio. With the First Grade Art DVD, your child will have a personal art teacher, Ms. Lindsay Volin. Each lesson is guided by Ms. Volin, and first graders learn about art through different world cultures. In addition to the art projects that use a variety of art mediums, art vocabulary is discussed.

Included in the First Grade DVD:

  • 18 art projects instructed by video
  • PDF lesson plans with picture instructions

Having the lessons on DVD is very helpful, because children can pace themselves on the projects. When needed, the lesson can be paused until a part is completed, and then the DVD can be turned back on to continue the lesson.

The lesson structure and simple instructions are perfect for kids to follow along independently {with mom nearby, just in case}. Each of the lessons we’ve worked on so far has been broken up into two segments, so we can take our time working on a project and spend two days a week on our art lesson.

Home Art Studio First Grade Lesson Plans

The PDF lesson plans are so handy! The plans can be printed out and stored in a binder to see what supplies are required for upcoming lessons. The pdf plans also give parents a quick overview of each art lesson, including vocabulary words and tips for parents to extend the art activity in other learning areas of science, language, social studies and math.

Supplies are not included with the DVD, but a full supply list is available via Jerry’s Artarama or you can purchase supplies at your local art store. So far we have needed only a few basic supplies that we didn’t already have on hand, but they were very easy to find and we were able to quickly start our lessons.

How We’re Using Home Art Studio

First Grade Home Art Studio DVD

When I say that Kaleb is loving the lessons from Home Art Studio, I am not joking. He literally carries the DVD case around with him, talking about the different projects and asking when we will be able to finish them all. For now, he has been working on one project a week, and the lesson is broken up over the period of two days.

Rainbow Weaving from Home Art Studio

our Rainbow Weaving project

Although this DVD is geared for first grade, a few of the other kids are sneaking in and working on the lessons as well. The Home Art Studio program is perfect for using with multiple children. The projects are fun, colorful and really – art is great no matter what age you are!

Paper Roller Coaster Home Art Studio

our Paper Roller Coaster project

This year a small co-op that we are participating in is studying world geography and cultures, so the first grade DVD theme of art from around the world tied in perfectly with our school year. I’m hoping that we can even use a few of the projects with the younger children during our studies!

Mission to Mars Home Art Studio

our Mission to Mars project

Supplies can seem overwhelming, but we can use many of the items we purchased on future projects: items such as oil pastels, construction paper, tempera paint, etc…, and they may be supplies that you already have on hand.

Overall, we are excited to use Home Art Studio this year (and in years to come) and believe it is a great resource for families! Be sure to visit the Home Art Studio site and view one of their sample lessons so you can get an idea on how the program is set up.

Discount Code for Home Art Studio

We all love to save money right? Use the coupon code HSC2013A for your Home Art Studio purchase from Jerry’s Artarama and you can save up to 30%!

  • Buy 1-2 DVDs, and receive 20% off your order
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    Hope the codes help you out. Enjoy!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. We have this same exact DVD and my kids (age 5 and 7) both LOVE it as well! I am wondering if you can help me out with something though….I have looked and looked and I can not find the pdf’s. Where do I look for them?

    • Pop it into your computer cd-rom drive. Instead of double clicking to open it up, right click on it and choose the ‘open’ option, rather than ‘play’. The file is under the ‘content’ tab. I just dragged it over to my desktop and saved it to my computer to view that way. :) Hope that helps!

    • Wonderful! Thank you!

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