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Creative Play and Fun with the Block Party Game Set

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One of my favorite things to do with our kids is play games. Wooden blocks are another things that our children love, so the chance to combine both of those into fun block games is a big win for us!

Last year our family was introduced to Larsen Toy Lab and their mission to provide quality building blocks that will last for generations – and inspire families to be creative together. The ability to be creative and imaginative, without setting limits on what a toy can or cannot do – well, that’s something that I enjoy seeing happen.

About the Block Party Game Set

Block Party from Larsen Toy Lab

Block Party includes three fun games all in one convenient bag. All games are targeted for ages 3 and up and range from 2-6 players. The bag, stuffed full with 41 blocks, game pieces and instructions, has all you need to play three new games:

Strike Out – a building and strategy game where the players build a structure that won’t fall down and the player with the least strikes at the end of the game wins {see video example}

Ten Towers – players earn building cards and practice shape recognition and building {see video example}.

Pair Up – similar to a memory matching game, players try to find matching cards and gather the block to build the tallest tower by the game’s end {see video example}.

Pair Up Block Game from Larsen Toy Lab

Laurianna proving her block tower was taller than mine

Creating games based around building blocks encourages creative play, and these games offer additional education skills such as balance, following directions, shape identification, and memory matching.

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the Block Party set during the month of October.

What We Love About Block Party

Block Party Larsen Toy Lab (1)

Our favorite games? Hmmm…it’s a toss up between Strike Out and Pair Up. Hoping you would have the tallest {and most stable} tower to make it to the end of Pair Up was so much fun, but the strategy of Strike Out was also interesting to watch the kids figure out {because you don’t want to be the one to knock a tower over}.

Ten Towers is a game that we need to play a little more, because there can be much more strategy involved in it. It may have been one of my choices to play, but only because I had figured out a way to get more points {I’m not competitive at all, no}.

There really are so many things that I love about the Block Party set from Larsen Toy Labs. Here are just a few…

Canvas Carry Tote – The game set includes a canvas tote to store all of the blocks and also a smaller canvas bag to store all of the game pieces and instructions {can’t say how much I love this}. And, it’s a little something that will help you carry the blocks around.

Sturdy Construction -All of the blocks are handmade from maple or cherry wood and will last for generations. The game pieces and instructions to go along are all printed full-color and on thick cardstock, then laminated for added protection.

Additional Play Ideas – Just in case your kids get in a mindset that they can only play a game using the blocks, there are creative building ideas included in the set. That way, you children can extend the fun beyond the game!

The Size – All of the blocks from Larsen Toy Lab are the perfect size for kids’ hands. The largest of their blocks in the 6” x 6” x 1” building platform, and there are currently 16 different block shapes made from maple and cherry wood.

A Guarantee – As with all of their products, Larsen Toy Lab offers a 100% money back guarantee {that alone speaks volumes to me personally}.

Building with Blocks from Larsen Toy Lab

Beyond the games included in the set, the Block Party set has been a part of building projects around the house. That handy tote bag has been great to grab everything quickly and carry it to another room.

Coupon Code!!

Use the code GAMENIGHT15 and take 15% off

the Block Party set during the month of October.

Our family was sent the Block Party set to use and review in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts in this post are my own.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Amber @ Mamas Blissful Bites says

    I love this! My kids (Ages 3 and 4) would go crazy over something like this! I want! I want! :)

  2. We really would love all of these games! I have three boys who love love to build. How fun.

  3. These all look like fun games! We would love them all!

  4. My kids love anything to do with building and blocks this sounds like it would be a really fun game.

  5. Loria Morales says

    All of them are great! I’m sure the whole family would enjoy them. :)

  6. I think we would like strike out the best.

  7. This would be PERFECT for my son. He would absolutely love every game!!

  8. Tammy Jones says

    Wow! This is great! All the games sound fun, but if I had to pick I’d say strike out.

  9. Suzy Boler says

    I would love to win Block Party. My husband and I were planning to get our 2 1/2 year old a set of blocks just like this, but this would be even better!

  10. Stacie Lewin says

    I would have to say strike out would be my favorite.

  11. NaConda N. Frank says

    I believe my kids would enjoy the strike-out game best. We all love blocks! They’re simple, unbreakable, mutipurpose, and provide hours of fun!

  12. We would like Strike Out!

  13. We would like Strike Out the best!

  14. We would love Pair Up. My kids LOVE matching games and they would have a great time with this.

  15. Those games look like so much fun! Any of the three would be awesome!

    (pick me!)

  16. This set is something my boys would love. Our favorite would be the Strike Out game. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Karen from CO says

    What a great giveaway! Our family loves games, especially strategy-based, so I think we’d enjoy all of the games over and over again!! Thank you!

  18. Our household of all boys would LOVE to build and destroy. All three games seem fun and easy to try with different ages.

  19. I love the corners and edges of these blocks…they are as safe as any block could be for creative play. We would love to have more to add to our “stash” of blocks. :>)

  20. Nora Driskel says

    I think my kids would have great fun with all of the games.

  21. Brandi Mears Vidrine says

    I’ve never heard of this game before. It looks awesome! My kids would love it. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Hope Corbett says

    Strike Out looks like fun, but all of the games look like something we would enjoy.

  23. As my kiddos and I are pretty competitive with things like this, not sure which would be the favorite. I can see us enjoying all the games. Thank you for the give away.

  24. Chiana Sanderson says

    I would love them all. We bought a set of blocks from Larsen last year and it has been one of the best investments. The kids have been asking for more.

  25. I think I’d really like the Strike Out or Pair Up best. Or maybe all three. I love the idea of this!

  26. Charissa Rice says

    All of these games would be great! My kids love building games!

  27. Love this! Pair Up sounds fun but I think they all would be enjoyed. :) Thanks for sharing!

  28. Judi Slaman says

    My daughter loves to create and build. Would love to win any of the games.
    They look like so much fun.

  29. I think my kids would like all of them, but probably strike out the most

  30. I like the 10 towers game. Both of my kids love to try and figure out how to build a building based on a design.

  31. All three games are awesome! My boys would have tons of fun!

  32. All!! Sounds like fun!!

  33. Sharon Kristoff says

    I think we would enjoy all of these fun sounding games, especially Strike Out. Looks a crazy good game night activity!

  34. tammy cordery says

    My kids are 8 and 13 they would still love this. It is good for their minds

  35. anne perry says

    Strike out would be a hit!!

  36. We would love to win this! Our family loves games! :)

  37. We would love all of them for our family game night!

  38. These games would be perfect for our little family of 4. Blocks are big in our house we use them almost daily in our homeschool play.

  39. I’m sure we would enjoy all 3 games though Pair Up sounds the most interesting to me. :)

  40. Pair up! My girls would love this

  41. These sound like fun games! I think we would like to play all of them!

  42. The pair up game sounds the most fun to me! :-)

  43. They all look neat, but Ten Towers looks the neatest.

  44. We love games and building things. How great to put them together! We’d like them all.

  45. Avis Clinger says

    Strike out looks fun! But so do all of them!

  46. This sounds like a lot of fun. I think my kids would love any one of the three!

  47. This really sounds like a lot of fun. I think my kiddos would enjoy all of the games!

  48. My younger kids would probably enjoy pair up the most, but my 8yr old and Dad would enjoy Strike Out the most!

  49. This looks awesome! I’m happy to see that the blocks aren’t rubberwood.

  50. Sherry Willis says

    Pair Up sounds like the game for us. This would be great!

  51. Kristin Girod says

    Strike out looks like fun!

  52. My girls would love all the games. Thanks!

  53. Robbie Marley says

    ten towers would be fun

  54. Alvina Castro says

    I want all of them

  55. Katie @ Gift of Curiosity says

    We would definitely enjoy Strike Out!

  56. Strike Out sounds fun to me, but I think my kids will enjoy playing with them however.

  57. I would probably enjoy these more than the kids. LOL My youngest is 11 and still enjoys building with blocks. He would love any of them.

  58. We like to play towers with our wooden blocks. we are crazy for blocks here. I’m sure my daughter and son would love this!

  59. Andrea Gardner says

    Oh I know my kids would love Strike Out!

  60. Krystine Toledo says

    Love it.p, I have a teen, a toddler and one due in a few weeks. This would be so much fun!

  61. All of them! ;)

  62. All of the games sound like a ton of fun! I bet my boys would love Stike Out! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a wonderful Christmas gift!!

  63. Katrina Springer says

    I would like all of them!

  64. Charis Chapman says

    I think Pair Up or Ten Towers would be best for my kids ages. Looks fun!

  65. I like them all! What a great way to use blocks!!!!

  66. Nicole Woods says

    This is fantastic! Our family loves this kind of creative play and we would love to try out all of the games they have.

  67. Laurie Cassano says

    Ou family would love this! thank you!
    Laurie C.

  68. Sarah Ann Wong says

    Strike Out looks like it would be awesome fun!

  69. Christin Dienner says

    I nevah win these things, but I’m thinking that I’m willing to take that chance on this one. Because I really like this thing! And I do believe the girls and I would like ALL the games. : )

  70. My 4 kids would love them all. . thanks for the chance to win

  71. Georgia Hatheway Beckman says

    I think I would most enjoy strike out. This looks like a ton of fun!

  72. I think my kids would enjoy ten towers the most.

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