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Rainforest Kiwi Crate Adventure

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Our kids love getting packages and I’m a huge fan of boxes that include everything inside we’ll need to work on a project. That means that Kiwi Crate is something we all are loving!

Kiwi Crate review from Homeschool Creations

From the moment the Rainforest box showed up on our doorstep, the boys were itching to open it and start working on the two projects – a rainstick and a fun jumping frogs game.


The box arrived with all of the supplies we needed, and since it was our first box, there were even some fabulous scissors for each of the boys (thank goodness, since their scissors somehow already walked off this year!).

Jumping Frogs Game

Kiwi Crate Review-12

Zachary pulled out the instructions (pictured above), gathered all of the supplies needed for the project, and then helped Kaleb put his Jumping Frogs game together. They colored, cut, punched things out, and after about 20 minutes of working, their jumping frog games were ready to go.

Kiwi Crate Review-23

Both boys built log launchers and decorated a set of ‘leaping frogs’. The goal of the game is to launch their rainforest frogs into one of the felt ponds. Both of the boys loved making their frogs fly. Overall, my involvement was minimal other than helping remove the double-sided adhesive tape covering for Kaleb.

Rainstick Craft

The other craft in our Kiwi Crate was a rainstick. McKenna wanted to have a part in making one (she says rainsticks are her favorite thing).

Kiwi Crate Review-38

This activity I didn’t even have a chance to divvy out and supervise. While Zachary and I were flipping frogs through the air, McKenna and Kaleb were in the other room building their rainsticks.

Kiwi Crate Review-33

The most difficult part was making sure the leaves were all pointing in the right direction (for Kaleb) and then getting the beans in without them flying all over the table. Otherwise they were quickly decorating and finishing their crafts up.

Kiwi Crate Review-44

The end result was me sitting on the porch with two kiddos and listening to the soothing sounds of rain around me. (grins)

A Little More About Kiwi Crate (& Thoughts From Me)

Kiwi Crate Review-11

the ‘what is required’ gauge on each manual

Kiwi Crate offers various subscription packages, as well as bundle packages to provide a savings for families. Each of the crates includes materials for 2 to 3 educational activities (crayons, tape, rubber bands – you name it, it’s in the box). The projects have all been reviewed by child development experts and are kid-approved. Crates come with free shipping and subscribers receive additional benefits, including bonus online content to extend the learning.

Learn more about the monthly subscription plan here.


Things to love about Kiwi Crate…


  • The Explore Magazine. The Explore! magazine is also a part of each crate and goes along with the crate’s theme. Our magazine was full of additional activities, games, puzzles, and a bonus snake project to work on later.
  • Not just for younger kids. Our three youngest (ages 7, 9, and 11) all crowded around the box and wanted to be a part of the craft making goodness. Problem was, we only had 2 sets of crafts, so the negotiations started on who was going to work on what craft (the boys put up a good argument that the boxes are recommended for ages 3 to 8 and they are in the right age range, not the 11 year old).  McKenna wanted me to note that “Older kids would like these boxes too!” Duly noted.
  • Single crate options. If you aren’t sure about a monthly subscription, Kiwi Crate offers many single crate options as well. The Rainforest crate that we used is a part of the single crate option. Other single crate themes are: robots, space heroes, mad science, safari, family game night, and more.
  • Additional sibling packs are available. One thing that I definitely love, is the sibling add-on option. For an additional $9.95 per crate, you can add an additional kit for a brother or sister. Or two. Or three. That, dear moms, is a great option.
  • A “What will this require?” gauge. The activities all come with a handy booklet that walks you through the creation process step-by-step – with diagrams. The bottom of each booklet has a scale that lets parents know how much clean-up will be required, the educational focus of the project, and also how much parental supervision is required. (I love this feature!)
  • Special occasion crates. If you are looking for party favors, the company also has several mini crates ($6 – $11) that can be purchased for special day.
  • Mail is always fun! Our kids love receiving mail and the monthly subscription option offers an educational addition to your homeschool time as well!

Find Out More and Try a FREE Kiwi Crate!

Here’s a quick look at the cost breakdown for the monthly subscription plan to Kiwi Crate:

Cost: $19.95/month, $19.95/month (3 month sub.), $18.50/month (6 month sub.), $16.95/month (12 month sub.) – Shipping is free in the U.S. and $6.95 to Canada.

Learn more about the monthly subscription plan here.

Kiwi Crate is also offering a free mini-crate for a limited time (you pay s/h). Find out more on this special here.


Which Kiwi Crate would your kids choose?





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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. My children would LOVE the ssuper hero pack!

  2. City Adventure is what I would pick!

  3. I would pick City Adventure!

  4. My kids would love the Wonders of Water crate!

  5. Sarah Ter Maat says

    They all look good! I think I would start with either wonders of water or camping trip.

  6. Secret Agent would be a huge hit with my “Spy Kids”.

  7. Wonders of Water looks fun

  8. The fairy and space kits look like a lot of fun

  9. Jennifer Mendes says

    I would pick the robot rally:)

  10. It’s a close one either secret agent or super heroes for my boys!

  11. Lorianne Stogsdill says

    I would pick the Fairy Fun box for my girls to craft with. They would love it!

  12. My kids would enjoy Fun with Flight!

  13. Theresa Slauf says

    I think my son will want to start with wonders of water.

  14. Maria Morris says

    I would choose the wonders of the water crate for my boys.

  15. I would choose the camping trip or the wonders of the water crate for my boys.

  16. We would love the rain forest one or the flight one.

  17. We would pick Fairy Fun.

  18. jennifer mathesz says

    space hero for sure!!!

  19. I liked the world of water

  20. Bonnie Boucek says

    Fun with Flight

  21. Amanda Burt says

    Wow, hard to choose. Fairy land first but I think I would like them all!

  22. There are a lot of good options, but I think her favorite would be the robot kit!

  23. I would probably choose camping or safari. Hard to choose…they are all so cute!!

  24. The Wonders of Water crate looks like fun!!

  25. Anne Perry says

    My boys would like the Space Hero box.

  26. They all look fun! I think my kids would love to try the Dun with Flight!

  27. We’d love to try safari!

  28. The wild safari or medieval fun :)

  29. We would love the rainforest one or the science lab one.

  30. Mas scientist!

  31. We would love to try Fun with Flight!

  32. My daughter would choose the Wild Safari

  33. We would like to try Fun With Flight.

  34. How fun!! I always think these would be a hit with Sammy! I would pick the wonders of water crate for him.

  35. I would love to see my kids try the wind one!

  36. Emily Wolfenbarger says

    I would choose the rainforest one because we will be studying habitats this year with our curriculum.

  37. These look great! So fun and so easy. ☺ I’d love to get my kids the wind power crate.

  38. we’d choose the Mad Science crate, for sure!

  39. Either Fun with Flight or Wild Safari.

  40. So many cute ones…probably secret agent

  41. I would pick the rainforest crate since we will be studying the rainforest this spring.

  42. I would choose the Water Fun or the Space Hero kits./

  43. My kiddos (especially my son) would love the Wild Safari one!

  44. We’d love the wonders of water crate. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  45. Karen from CO says

    Great giveaway! We would choose Robot Rally or Rainforest Frog Game!

  46. Space hero for my grandson

  47. The Wonders of Water crate!

  48. My son would LOVE the Wild Safari crate!

  49. My kids would like the Rainforest or Secret Agent kit.

  50. My daughter would absolutely love the water kit!

  51. Safari

  52. Such a hard decision, but I narrowed it down to the camping crate or rainforest crate since that is what my son is studying in his co-op this semester!

  53. I would definitely choose the rainforest crate. We are studying different habitats around the world and will be studying rainforests soon. What a great addition this would be. Thanks!

  54. Family Game Night!

  55. Denise Wilson says

    Space Hero, for sure! :)

  56. So many fun looking ones, I think my kids would get a kick out of the jungle one though, we just spent a week at family camp where the theme was a jungle one!

  57. Jessica B. says

    I think I’d choose the space hero box.

  58. Bethany Umble says

    We’d love the Wonders of Water crate. Thanks for the great review and giveaway, Jolanthe!

  59. I think I would choose the Wonders of Water crate although they all look super fun!

  60. My kiddoes would so LOVE the Super Hero one!!! Very cool!

  61. They all look fun! I think we would go with Camping Trip.

  62. Tiffany Marston says

    Wild Safari looks cool!!

  63. The kids and I would have so much fun with the wonder of water these last warm months in Florida.

  64. My daughters would like Fairy Fun and my son would like Robot Rally.

  65. Kelly Sanders says

    Wonders of Water

  66. I think my kids would like the Fun With Flight!

  67. My girls would love Fairy Fun

  68. I have three boys. Space hero looks great.

  69. Rosanna Root says

    I would pick the Family Game Night pack! :)

  70. I think these packs are so cute! I think I really like the farm set. I would love to subscribe, but we are moving out of the country in a couple of months on mission.

  71. I would pick Wonders of Water.

  72. My little one would love the fairy fun one!

  73. Wind power

  74. Wonders of Water or Rainforest

  75. I’d pick the family game night

  76. My son would love the Super hero kit!

  77. I think my kids would love the Space Hero…but they love crafts and projects so any of the crates would be like Christmas Day at our house.

  78. The Rainforest one, although the mad scientist and wind race cars are a tie for second choice.

  79. jennifer a says

    My 5yr old is so into super heros. She would love the super hero kit!

  80. My daughter wants Medieval Fun (which of course is sold out). I think my son would choose several, refusing to narrow it down to just one…but he is busy attacking a cardboard box with a Zoob whip, so I won’t disturb him to ask. :)

  81. Michelle Moody says

    Wonders of Water looks like something that would be great for my homeschoolers!

  82. Chelsea Ramos says

    Wonders of water is the crate I would pick :)

  83. I like several, but my son is very into cars. We’d probably go with the Wind Cars to start.

  84. Amy L Stathos says

    My 7yr old twins would love the super hero crate :)

  85. Wind power

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