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The First Two Weeks of Homeschooling

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Whew!! We’ve done it and managed to get back into a groove, survive the first two weeks, and have fun in the process. (Fun is always good!)

Homeschool Collage 1

I’m so glad that I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there, because looking back is reminding me of some things that I don’t want to forget!

I’ve mentioned before that Zachary isn’t a big reader. He’s not super fond of the process and picking up books to read on his own isn’t something he enjoys. He’s read some simple chapter books, but nothing of ‘substance’ as I would call it. Not a REAL book cover-to-cover.

As part of Learning Language Arts through Literature (Orange), he just finished The Boxcar Children. Ironically, we had a copy of the book before (couldn’t find it), so I ordered a new copy. He saw the new one with a snazzy cover, picked it up right away, and said he was so glad they had updated the book. I waited until he was done to tell him it was just a new cover. Smile He has been ALL SMILES because he read it from start to finish, and I am one proud momma.

Kaleb has been SO excited to start working on Teaching Textbooks. He has the computer out before school even starts in the morning and frequently wants to work on more than one lesson. I know it’s making him feel like one of the ‘big kids’, and it’s fun to watch.

Our first day of school = funnel cake for breakfast. I know it’s not healthy (in my defense I used whole wheat flour), but it is so much fun – and it’s TRADITION!!

Laurianna is working like a champ on her high school credits. We’ve figured out a good routine for her to work on her studies, many of which she is doing independently. We got halfway through the second week when I realized I’m going to really have to start tracking grades for high school credit – ack! Part of me wants to plug my ears and pretend she isn’t that old.

And that bigger picture in the collage – just makes me happy. I wasn’t feeling well this week (hello, migraine) and laid down on the floor in the school room. Zachary picked up our science manual, pulled out all the stuff we needed to finish the lesson, and HE followed the directions to do the lesson with Kaleb. It was so sweet to watch and he did a great job. The giggles on the buoyancy experiments were hilarious.

Six Flags Field Trip

Our first week of school (ok, I’ll admit it was officially the first day of school), we took a field trip to Six Flags. The weather was gorgeous, so we jumped on the trip and used our Read to Succeed tickets the kids earned last winter. There were lots of roller coasters and spinning rides that day. And I’m feeling old after all those bumps and turns!

Home Art Studio Chinese dragon

Kaleb’s favorite part of school starting again? The art supplies are all out in full force. He’s had his eye on our Home Art Studio dvd, so I piled a tray with the supplies, he popped in the DVD and did the lesson all by himself. I love that he can be independent with it and needs very little help from me at all! Art is one of that boy’s love languages – and he definitely gets some great art projects in this way!

Another exciting part of this week? A fun interview with the Weather Channel’s morning show about my Calendar Notebook Printables. They love that kids are learning how to track weather (and I think it’s pretty cool too). You can view the clip with Maria LaRosa here if you can’t see the clip above.


That’s a quick peek at our first two weeks? How is your homeschool going?


Mary_CollageFriday weekly wrap up


Linking up this week with Collage Friday and Weekly Wrap-up!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Funnel cakes sounds like a great tradition! We have lunch at the Ice Creamery on the Sunday before school starts every year, and that’s fun too. :) We are looking forward to doing the Home Art Studio as well this year. It hasn’t been ordered yet, but my 7yo has shown a huge interest in art these past few months. And how fun to be on the Weather Channel! We are slowly getting into the swing of things, but will definitely add tracking the weather to our morning time. :) Have a great weekend!

    • Oooo – I like that tradition, Joyce! :) You will LOVE Home Art Studio! I printed off the lesson summaries so I can reference the lesson quickly – and that has helped out a lot.

  2. We start on the 25th and I’m going all out with donuts – white flour, sugar and all with no guilt! :) Loved your update! So fun to see you on the Weather Channel! You go girl!

  3. We changed to LLATL this year and Lindsey is finishing up the Boxcar Children too, and loving it. The book study has really helped her with narration and understanding more of what she’s reading. Wish I’d made this change sooner.

    We love Six Flags, especially when we get in free, grins.

  4. Funnel cake for breakfast sounds like a pretty good tradition to me! :) It was so cool seeing you on The Weather Channel! Brian usually takes Brianna to Six Flags every year. The younger kids haven’t gone in the past because they weren’t fans of all the coasters Brian and Brianna like to ride. This year, though, I think he may have to take everyone.

    I can’t believe how big your kids are getting. {sigh}

    • I’m getting too old to ride some of the rides. I definitely prefer the newer coasters to some of the older ones (good grief, my neck!!). And you’re telling me – your kids are so big too! (McKenna just passed Laurianna in height though – yikes!)

  5. Go Jolanthe! I’m so proud of you. Excellent!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. We’re starting our first homeschool year next Tuesday. Where you do get your resources? Buy them all new? Trade with families?

  7. Looks like 2 great weeks!! What fun to see you on TV! Good job! :-)

  8. Looks like a great week. Who doesn’t want their first day of school to start with funnel cake and Six Flags?! ;) We just finished our first week and I’m exhausted! :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I know it’s old news, but you have such a beautiful homeschool setup!

  10. Well done Jolanthe!

  11. We haven’t started yet, but I’m enjoying reading about others’ first weeks. :) So exciting about your son reading The Boxcar Children! How awesome that there so many other books in the series that finally caught his attention… ;)

    • He thinks he needs a party to celebrate now (he cracks me up). He’s just trying to get a cupcake out of the deal (and I may oblige him!).

  12. I just want to say that you are INSPIRING and awesome! Thank you so much for all the printables you share. I just have one question… I’ve printed a few things off, but for some reason my computer (my printer??) doesn’t recognize one of your fonts (it’s used on the ABC bible verse cards) and when I print it changes the font and makes the letters look all squished and strange. Do you have any tips? Maybe I need to download the font you use?? Anyway, even with squished letters, it’s still wonderful, but if you do know how I can fix it, that’d be great too.

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