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A $1000 Prize Package You DON’T Want to Miss!

The reading and spelling programs from All About Learning Press have been used by our kids for more years that I can count at the moment, and we have loved each one. On January 10, 2019, they will be releasing All About Reading Levels 1-4 in full color! And to celebrate this special occasion, they are throwing their BIGGEST giveaway ever!

This month, you can enter to win a prize package valued at over $1,000! Here’s what’s included in this awesome giveaway:

  • All four complete levels of the All About Reading Color Edition, including Teacher’s Manual, student materials, and readers for each level—all in full color!
  • Deluxe Interactive Kit
  • The Letter Tiles App
  • A $400 Amazon gift certificate to help you encourage your child’s love of reading even after he or she completes the AAR program!



Take a quick peek at some of the new features – the student readers are simply gorgeous. Same amazing artwork, but in full color! 

And the teacher’s manuals are now in full color too – I love it! While kids love color, as the teacher, the visual blocking is helpful as well. 

Aren’t they stunning? The full-color version won’t be available until January 10, 2019, but in the meantime you can enter to win every level – just ENTER HERE


Homeschool Scholarship Giveaway

If FREE curriculum for your child from now all the way through high school sounds like wonderful thing – you need to read on! 

Alpha Omega Publications has announced its largest giveaway ever—a full homeschool scholarship for the remainder of the winner’s K-12 career. This giveaway is available to any homeschooling student and will provide free curriculum beginning in the 2018-19 school year and running through completion of their senior year of high school. The winner will be able to select whichever of AOP’s award winning curriculum brands is the best fit for them.

Eligible candidates can enter once a day through June 28 for their chance to win.

Enter here: https://woobox.com/zkzdu2

Win $100 Cash, Over $5,000 in Curriculum, AND Get FREE STUFF!

Today is a happy day for you. There are some BIG things coming your way, but today I want to share TWO great giveaways for you (and some freebies!).  

Many of you are in the throes of planning our curriculum for the upcoming year, so you do not want to miss both of these giveaways: one for $100 cash (no strings attached) and the other for over $5000 in digital curriculum! 

First —> WIN OVER $5,000 in Curriculum!

Next week, the Build Your Bundle sale begins and to celebrate they are having a HUGE pre-sale giveaway where you can win over $5000 in homeschool curriculum!  

Here are the quick details:

  • One winner wins ALL 20 bundles – a $5,204 value
  • One winner wins a Premium Build Your OWN Bundle of Five – up to a $700 value
  • You will earn 5 points for each referral who enters using your unique link (you will get your unique URL after you enter)
  • If you refer a friend who wins – you BOTH win
  • Instant access to the FREE Homeschool Portfolio Pack for all who enter
  • Everyone who enters will get a special coupon code good for a discount on a Build Your OWN Bundle

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Win $100 Cash – No String Attached! 

Since we all can use a little something to put toward our curriculum buying (or let’s face it – the unexpected dentist visit this week!!), I am personally giving away $100 cash. Use it however you’d like. Curriculum. Car payment. That dumb dentist visit. Or chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Use the widget below to enter. 

Giveaway open to those who can receive Paypal funds. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Download a FREE Homeschool Portfolio and a Coupon

Enter to win a HUGE giveaway, grab a FREEBIE & coupon code

If you’ve purchased from the Build Your Bundle Sale before you will definitely want to grab. Receive a coupon code, just for entering your email address! The Build Your Bundle Sale starts on May 7, 2018! 


The Build Your Bundle Sale will be ONE-WEEK ONLY

May 7 – May 14, 2018

Don’t miss the BIGGEST homeschooling sale of the year. If you enter the BIG GIVEAWAY, you will automatically get reminded!

Giveaway end Monday May 7th at 7:59am – enter now and grab your coupon code before it ends!

Giveaway Time – Q the Robot!

You may remember when Zachary built EEME’s Q the Robot about two years ago. He loved the project then and recently Kaleb had the chance to build his very own Q as well! 

I’ll soon be sharing more about Kaleb’s time with Q the Robot, but before that you definitely want to head over to Instagram and enter to win your own robot kit! I have to tell you, that little tongue in the picture below was cracking me up because it was out practically every step of the way in the building process (and it just makes me smile). 


Ready? ——-> GO ENTER NOW!! 


Giveaway open via Instagram. Ends Monday 4/9/18. 

A BIG Ol’ Box of Books GIVEAWAY

Our bookshelves need a little cleaning off, and one fun way to do that is to share the book goodness with YOU all and give them away to one of my readers. 

That is, assuming you love free books. :)

Many of the books are in brand new condition, but a few others may have some underlining or an earmarked corner or two. A chunk of them are from my past reading lists, but others are ones that have been pulled off the shelf to make room for another book or two currently on my list. 

Here’s a peek at the sixteen books that are in the box (feed readers, click here to see the list and enter the giveaway): 


To enter the giveaway, use the widget below to enter. Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 11:59pm and is open to those with a US mailing address only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our Favorite Homeschool Writing Curriculum

There was a time period many years ago where both of our girls hated writing. All the joy, fun, and creativity had been sucked out of that subject thanks to me and the belief that writing could only be done one way (thank.you.very.much), and there was no wiggle room allowed.

(I was desperately wrong, in case you were wondering).

Many of us get caught up in the ‘right way’ to teach something (or maybe that’s just me), and in the process we often forget that learning should be fun and something our kids desire to do. When the creativity literally shriveled up in our girls, it was a moment when I realized we needed to stop and bring the life back into a subject that was dry, dry, dry – and make it fun!

Enter WriteShop…

We picked up a set of holiday StoryBuilder cards from WriteShop before one Christmas break and suddenly, based on three little prompts, the writing floodgates opened and stories began to pour out of our girls. Notebooks were filled (and kept going and going) in just a short timeframe. The love for writing returned.

Ironically, we already had one level of WriteShop on our shelf, but I had put it aside for something else (hello, shiny). We pulled that book back off the shelf, ordered additional levels, and haven’t looked back since! WriteShop has become the writing program of choice for our children, and one that I wholeheartedly recommend to other families.

A Solid Writing Base


This year, Laurianna (11th grade) has been taking dual credit English classes at our community college that require a lot of detailed writing assignments. I’ll admit that at first I was nervous – would she be able to handle the requirements? 

In her sixth and seventh grade years, she completed both WriteShop I and WriteShop II and went on to work through three years of a high school literature program in which I based the writing rubrics off our time with WriteShop – and you all, she has been SO prepared! The foundation those two years gave her were truly the core of her writing.

Not only did the WriteShop I and II programs prepare her, they prepared me as a teacher to truly instruct her in the writing process (from essays to research papers), evaluate her work, and offer constructive feedback. As I mentioned before, the grading rubrics were highly instrumental in our high school literature program as well and helped in various co-op classes when needing to provide instruction and guidance to those students.

Really truly, the one thing that I keep repeating to my high school lit classes – being able to write a strong paper is one of the most important things in education. Choosing words carefully, writing a persuasive argument, proper spelling – writing is a part of almost every facet of our lives!

A few words written poorly can make all the difference, and I want our kids to have a strong writing background, which I know they will thanks to WriteShop.

I’ll also admit that the teacher’s guides in the WriteShop 1 and WriteShop 2 levels have greatly spoiled me. The grading rubrics and instructions are very clear – such a huge help to a busy homeschool mom, and the step-by-step program is easy to follow for both students and teachers.

Something for EVERY Grade Level

While I’ve shared much of our love for the WriteShop I & II programs, they truly have a writing program or tool for every grade level, and it’s never too late to jump in and start. Our younger children are also using their programs (Junior and now WriteShop I), and we have worked through all the levels of their programs in recent years. We really love it that much!

From grades K through high school, there is truly something for each of the children in your home to use. 


FREE Writing Prompts


Don’t miss their FREE writing prompts either! These are a fantastic way to get a peek into the WriteShop programs – and get hooked as our family did! From elementary through high school, there are mini-lessons, story prompts, word prompts, and programs to encourage and help even the most reluctant writers! Here are a few reviews that’s I’ve written in the past:

Writing doesn’t have to be another chore you add to your homeschool day. It can be fun and productive – and inspire your family to creative writing for years to come.