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HUGE Black Friday Homeschool Deals (and Cyber Monday too!)

There are TONS of great deals for both your homeschool and just plain ol’ fun this weekend. Shopping online and staying away from the crowds is one of my favorite things to do (I honestly hate shopping in general, so these online deals make me happy!).

And if the weather is cold in your parts, like it’s getting here, shopping from the comfort of your home is definitely a way to win all around! 

Here are a few discounts and codes to save up to 60% from companies our family has purchased from, used, and loved. If you know of any, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

For FREE!!

  • FREE Chistmas pack from All About Learning Press. This pack isn’t available to the general public – you all get a sneak chance at downloading it for free!! 

For Your Classroom

  • Crafty Classroom  is offering 25% off your entire shopping cart – it’s their biggest sale of the year!! (CODE: BLACK25) and will add their MEGA Maze Activity Bundle with any order ($7) value for free (through 11/30/2020). The Crafty Classroom specializes in top-quality, low-prep, hands-on teaching resources for K-5 students.
  • Touch-type to Read and Spell focuses on both typing and phonics based spelling by embedding word groups within the typing lessons. Use the code BFCM2020 to save 35%on Home annual subscriptions.
  • Home Science Tools is offering 10% off on Black Friday (code: Black20) and 12% off on Cyber Monday (code: Monday20). Once Cyber Monday is over, the 12% saving continue through December 6th on orders of $75+ with code XMAS20.
  • Compass Classroom – Up to 40% off and FREE SHIPPING!! – no code needed. Our family has been using several of their programs this year, including Word Up Vocabulary 2 and 3, Introductory Logic, and Visual Latin 2. If you are interested in video-based programs, be sure to check this sale out (last one of the year!).
  • World Watch News has a HUGE 50% off deal – $40 for a one year membership to their weekday news show!! If you currently have a subscription, you can log into your account and use this deal to EXTEND your subscription!! 

Black Friday 2020 at Compass Classroom

  • Productive Homeschool (formerly Notebooking Pages) has a $25 savings on membership through 11/30. Save $25 on ProSchool Memberships. ProSchool Membership $97 $72 and ProSchool Membership PLUS $127 $102. 
  • Masterpiece Society art classes are available at a 30% savings with code MASTERPIECE30 – art classes for Kindergarten through high school. And of course, mixed media workshops for EVERYONE in between!
  • You ARE An Artist is offering  20% off All courses, bundles and ebooks! We truly love their chalk pastel tutorial (so forgiving!!) and this is the perfect time to grab their holiday art lessons (Nutcracker and Christmas art anyone). Only a few items needed to get started: Chalk pastels, construction paper, and a video art lesson!


Fun Delivered to Your Mailbox

  • Ivy Kids Kits – New Ivy Kids can subscribe and save 30% Black Friday through Monday with code IVYBLACK30. After Friday, take advantage of their reduced prices on all gift subscriptions and 10% off on all past kits w/code PASTKITS10 through 12/4.
  • Brick Building HUGE Savings – Save 50% on all digital instruction downloads (code Digital50) from PaulBacio.com and 20% on all brick kits (code Kits20) through November 29, 2020. Save 10% after using code HomeschoolCreations. 

For Mom :)

Feel free to leave a comment below if you know of any other deals happening! 


Educational Freebies, Sales, and Giveaways

The final piece of our curriculum was ordered yesterday. I’ll admit – I waited until the last moment on this one, but I also knew there was a sale coming up, and let’s face it – every dollar counts!

That said, below I included a few links for reading when you have a minute, both encouragement for moms and fun for kids, as well as are some VERY time-sensitive offers below, so be sure to check them out if you are interested!

“When You Have Time” Reading

$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

All About Learning Press is a company we have loved using over the years. Their spelling and reading programs are truly some of our favorites.

This month they are offering a BIG giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to their online store, and I don’t want you to miss it!

Save Up to 50% at Compass Classroom

From July 29th – August 5th, Compass Classroom is holding their end of summer sale (up to 50% off). We just picked up two programs for the upcoming year: Introductory Logic (for Zachary) and a brand-new release, WordUp 2 (for Kaleb).

Our family has used several of their programs, including Visual Latin, Word Up! Vocabulary, Grammar for Writers, and Grammar of Poetry. We are REALLY excited to see they are coming out with some BRAND NEW high school lectures, including Spanish 1, taught by Dwane Thomas from Visual Latin.

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle

Until Friday, July 31st, you can grab the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle with 51 helpful resources for both beginning and seasoned homeschoolers from preschool through high school. Learn more HERE.

60 Day Trial Homeschool History

Notgrass is offering a 60-day free trial (no credit card required) of their Homeschool History program. The program features books, videos, audio and more. Start your free trial HERE.

Additional Freebies, Sales, and Giveaways 

My FAVORITE Homeschool Sale of the Year! (Ends May 18th)

With many families in the midst of planning and buying homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year, it’s helpful to see the ways in which money (and time) can be saved!

From now until May 18, 2020, the Build Your Bundle sale offers amazing savings along with well-known curriculum. It is packed full of resources for both your home and your school – a little something for everyone. 

There are SO many things in the Build Your Bundle sale that I am excited to share with you! Several of the products are ones that we have used in years past (or highly recommend), including A Journey Through Learning, BiblioPlan, See the Light Art, 1+1+1=1, The Crafty Classroom, and our own Pattern Block Bundle. I’m planning on taking advantage of several of the items myself and will be sharing my choices with you soon. 

Bundle sales can often seem overwhelming – I know! The first year of this sale, I felt completely backwards. There is so much to dig through but so many gems to find!

1. Create an Account 

Create an account and make sure you are logged in before you start shopping. That way if you leave the site and it times out, all your browsing and shopping is saved. 

Ask me how I know this is important. :)

Register HERE

Now – take a deep breath and have fun looking. Really – there is a LOT, and it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the bundle varieties. 

2. Look at the Pre-assembled Bundles

The Build Your Bundle Sale gives you some great choices – 14 pre-assembled bundles based on the ages/grades of your child or the option of putting your own bundles together. And all with some AMAZING savings. From preschool through high school to planning for school or home, there are a wide variety of bundles you will love. 

Even better, you can create your own bundle. The more you add, the more you save!

Psst – here’s a list of the best-selling bundles: 

  1. Preschool Bundle
  2. Elementary Bundle #2
  3. American Studies Bundle
  4. Kindergarten Bundle
  5. Learning to Read Bundle

3. Consider the Build Your Bundle Option

If you don’t like the bundled option, YOU CAN CREATE YOUR VERY OWN!! Choose as many products as you’d like, and the more you purchase, the more you save! 

  • ALL products are eligible for the BYO bundle, which means you can add anything you want to your BYO bundle.
  • The retail value of the bundle must reach a minimum of $100 to qualify for the discount but there are no product limitations as to how many need to be present in your chosen bundle (e.g. in the past, typically 5 or 10 individual items).

  • The price of the BYO bundle will depend on the total retail value of the products in each customers BYO bundle. The higher the total retail value, the greater the savings. Plus, if you have a coupon code, you can apply that for additional savings!
  • The savings and check-out price will be determined by the following graduated discount structure (note: no coupon code is needed, the savings is automatically applied at checkout for customer ease).

Don’t Forget the Bundle of Bonuses

Last thing – and then I promise, I’m done! Every customer receives a big ol’ bundle of bonuses – so many great coupon codes and freebies are included (you’ll love it!). 

That’s it! Time to start shopping and saving! 


The  Build Your Bundle sale ends on

May 18th at 11:59 PM CST!


Fantastically HUGE Homeschool Giveaway (and a FREE Printable)

Get Ready to Build Your Bundle! Limited Time Only!

In less than a week, the 2020 Build Your Bundle homeschool sale is coming – Monday, May 11 to be exact. We are taking part again this year as a contributor (and also a purchaser) – and there are so many fabulous publishers and products to share.

There are over $5800 in prizes are up for grabs in this year’s giveaway! Plus, if you enter before the sale launches on May 11th, you’ll get a chance to win every single bundle in this years’ sale! It doesn’t get much better than that!

ENTER TO WIN HERE —-> Go do it now!! (I’ll wait.)

The Quick Details

Next week I’ll be sharing more of the full details on what we will be ordering from the sale, but in the meantime, here’s the nutshell version of what to expect: 

  • The giveaway starts May 6th and ends May 10th – Enter now
  • Each giveaway entrant receives a FREE Homeschool Mom Journal.
  • The sale runs May 11-May 18, 2020. 
  • There are some GREAT changes to the sale this year – making it so much easier! 
  • Each day there will be additional giveaways!! (YAY!!)

I’m still going through all of the items myself, but am really excited about some of the new publishers and items being offered (and you will be too!), especially since it’s a chance for me to save money on next year’s curriculum and try some products I’ve been eyeing!

The Giveaways & the Freebie!

The main giveaway starts May 6, 2020. All entrants from that point forward are eligible for ANY of the prizes below until they are given out.  

Look at the other giveaways happening throughout the sale:

  • All Build Your Bundle Curated Bundles – $1,935.44
  • (4) CTCMath Family Memberships – $297
  • Techie Homeschool Mom MEGA Bundle – $200
  • (10) Handwriting Patch Books – $12.99
  • (5) Reading Patch Teach First Grade Memberships – $240
  • All About Learning Press $100 Gift Certificate – $100
  • (8) Kerry Beck How to Start Your Own Business for Family & Teens – $97
  • (5) Kerry Beck Christian Leadership Education 12-Week Course – $57
  • (2) The Multi’ Taskin Mom My Character Matters Family Bundle – $55


FREE Homeschool Mom Journal

Along with your entry into the main giveaway, each entrant will receive a Homeschool Mom Journal to download. It is beautiful – and FREE! 


There’s SO MUCH more to share, but that’s it for today! 


For now, enter the giveaway,

grab your freebie!



The 7th Annual Build Your Bundle sale launches on May 11th at 9:00 AM Central!



2 Day Only Sale – Stay at Home Survival Bundle

Across the country (and the world), stay-at-home orders are in place. In different ways it’s thrown things off kilter for our family and many others.

Many things have completely vanished from our schedule: sports, meetings, and work. Even though we homeschool, our daily routines are all out of whack – and it can be a struggle finding creative ways to stay put and not run to the store for the littlest thing. Or keep the kids off one of the many devices in the house.

If You Need Help…

The folks at Ultimate Bundles created the Stay at Home Survival bundle for the woman (especially the mom) who is searching for something to help with social distancing, keeping her kids entertained, and not losing her mind in the process.

This bundle is a collection of 4 eBooks, 5 eCourses, 11 printables & workbooks, and 1 summit. Inside this bundle, you will find 21 resources to help you teach your children while we’re all e-learning, find ways to take care of yourself, and how to complete the organizing projects that we haven’t had a chance to tackle until now, and so much more. It’s a pack of survival guides – all for $19.97.

learn more

A Peek Inside the Stay at Home Survival Bundle

Here are all the categories of resources inside the Stay at Home Survival Bundle:

  • Kids Activities – 7 resources to teach your kids about nature, how to draw, learn to read, and more!
  • Parenting – 4 resources to help you discover your family’s screen time formula, how to homeschool (when you never imagined you’d be doing it!), and more!
  • Organization – 5 resources to reverse engineer those processed food recipes and learn how to develop your favorites, adjust your life to be kinder to our planet, create your own digital scrapbooks, and more!
  • Self-Care – 3 resources to give you a little rest and relaxation like coloring pages, or reveal what’s been holding you back.
  • Work at Home – 2 resources that will tell you where to find companies who hire remote employees, plus how to launch a service-based online business quickly.

Don’t Miss These Resources

There are quite a few things that I would personally recommend (and others that look fabulous. Here are a few items to not miss!

  • How to Draw by Kathy Barbro (Workbook) $25.00
    A collection of 200 tutorials created by an art teacher.
  • Life Cycle Bundle by Jolanthe Erb (Workbook) $6.00
    Learn all about the life cycle of both the monarch butterfly and the frog, with these two printable activity packs.
  • Nature Journaling by Hannah Stevenson (eBook & Workbook) $18.95
    A thoughtful resource for those who are just starting out.
  • Teaching Reading Through Play: A 36-week Early Reading Course by Lisa Tanner (Workbook) $45.00
    Help your child take their knowledge of the alphabet and learn to read with these carefully sequenced games and activities. 
  • Digital Homeschool Convention: America Homeschools Edition by Holly Chubb Summit $39.00 A crash course in how to homeschool when you never imagined you would be homeschooling!
  • The Activity Gratitude Journal For Kids by Katy Boykin (Workbook) $19.99 Help your child cultivate an attitude of gratitude in a fun and creative way!
  • Better Than a Box by Katie Kimball (eBook) $16.95 A crash course in real food cooking – ditching the pre-made and cooking from scratch.

Don’t Forget – Sale ends WEDNESDAY, April 8th

Get your bundle now!

P.S. Seriously, don’t wait. Check out all the details HERE and let me know if you have any other questions regarding the bundle.

Back to School Sale – Save up to 50% off Compass Classroom



Maybe being a little behind the curriculum ordering pays off – true confession. We don’t have everything figured out for the upcoming year yet. Or ordered. 

Over the last few years our family has delved into several different programs from Compass Classroom via video: WordUp! The Vocab Show (vocabulary), Visual Latin 1 & 2 (high school latin), and last year The Grammar of Poetry.

The programs we’ve used we have l.o.v.e.d. and until August 7th, their physical AND video-based homeschool curriculum is up to 50% off

Compass Classroom has a variety of classes to choose from starting with Biology, History, Logic, Latin, Vocabulary…and so much more. Be sure to visit before the sale ends!