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May Pocket Chart Calendar Cards

May pocket chart calendar pieces from homeschoolcreations.net

Are you ready for May? The trees are finally budding in our area, flowers are popping up, and the birds are going nuts at our feeder! Time to get your pocket charts and laminators ready and start printing the May pocket chart calendar pieces. {Psst —> Here are some cheaper laminating pouches we use and LOVE!}

There are three different colored number cards and pictures in this download. Use the different colored number cards to try different pattern sequences: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together. Here’s an example of different patterns using the cards from a past set to give you a few ideas.

pattern example

The set includes a calendar header for the month of May as well.

May header


Additional Calendar Helps

Here are a few additional printables and helps for you all, including the pocket chart that we use, laminating tips, and additional printables you may like:

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards


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PDF Printing Problems

Having trouble downloading or printing this file? Be sure to check out the post on PDF Download Problems for tips and tricks on getting the files to download properly. The solution is usually something simple and quick!

Our Calendar and Morning Board Routine (and FREE Printables)

Calendar Board Printables from Homeschool Creations





Over the past four+ years there is one thing that has been a constant part of our morning routine – our calendar board. Each of our kids has participated in learning from it, and it has been a fun way to add a bit of math, Bible, and other subjects into a start of our day. Our youngest is in first grade and we’ll likely be using it next year with him as well for continued practice.

Our Current Calendar and Morning Board

The current setup for our calendar and morning board hasn’t changed much over the last two years, but I recently realized that there are a large number of you that have never seen it before!

Calendar Board and printables from Homeschool Creations-1

The calendar and morning board is essentially the size of a large posterboard. We used a piece of foam board to make it super sturdy and then used a mix of activities and things we wanted to include in our routine. On the board above you can see the following printables (linked below) – I’ve listed them from top to bottom by column (items with an * are included in the calendar printable pack):

  • Prayer cards for our Compassion children. Each week we put a different card at the front. These are half sheets of paper that I made with pictures of the children we sponsor through Compassion (and there is also a card for a missionary friend in the mix).
  • Skip Counting Charts – we have charts from 1 to 12 that we rotate through and practice. The originals are 8.5” x 11”, so I printed them off 2 to a page to make them smaller.
  • Make the Date  – we use plastic coins to make the date with money. For example, if it is the 24th of the month we could use 2 dimes and four pennies to make the date. (Find these here.)
  • What Time is It? * There is a mini Judy clock velcroed on to this part. Kaleb sets the clock to the correct time and then writes the time in digitally.
  • Days in School * – Each day we add another number to our days in school and learn how to break a number down and identify number words (match to Math U See program colors)
  • ABC Bible Verse Cards – These flashcard-sized ABC Bible verse cards have a verse for every letter of the alphabet and are in constant review.
  • We Choose Virtues cards – The teacher cards from the We Choose Virtues character program slide into half of a page protector (5 1/2” x 8 1/2”). We review one character trait and the ‘catch phrase’ each week.
  • Today’s Temperature * – a little help to track and compare the indoor and outdoor temperature and learn how to use a thermometer
  • The Weather Outside * – a weekly weather tracker
  • Today’s Date (hanging from the bottom) – from Mama Jenn


Below you can download all of the calendar and morning board printables that I’ve created and use them to put together your own calendar board. The printables are available for free!


How to Make a Calendar Board

If you’d like to make your own calendar and morning board, you might want to grab the following supplies:

Assembly and Storage:

I purchased a piece of foam board from Target/Walmart and used adhesive hooks to hang the board on the wall (and a pencil to poke holes through the board – grins). After laminating most of my pieces, I used double-sided tape to adhere the main pieces to the board. I also cut several sheet protectors in half to slide in other pieces (like the skip counting charts) that were not laminated.

There isn’t a set way to put the board together – I just decided what pieces we wanted on our board and then rearranged them on the board before adhering anything.


Velcro was my friend. Every coin and number card has a velcro dot attached to it in some way. Keep in mind that all of those little squares and coins need to be stored somehow. I laminated several pieces of cardstock and then attached the extra pieces to the cards for storage and keep them in a small bin from Ikea. We can easily find the pieces we need and return any unused pieces to the cards.

Follow up with the Daily Calendar Notebook



Calendar Notebook Binder



After we go through our calendar board, our youngest (first grade) works on his daily calendar notebook. It’s just another way that we continue to work on various math, science, and handwriting concepts each day. From working on a monthly calendar, tallying the days in school, and graphing the weather, there’s lots to work on. You see a bit more of the Daily Calendar Notebook printables (including a video) here.
We also have a pocket chart that we use as our daily calendar and practice for patterning, learning the days of the week, counting, etc… Learn more about the yearly pocket chart calendar cards here.

Past Calendar and Morning Boards

As I mentioned before, our calendar and morning board has looked different and traveled around the house with us. Here’s a peek at another way it has been set up:


Take a peek at this calendar set up here

A Few Other Moms with Calendar and Morning Boards

You may also be interested in visiting these moms to see how they set up their calendar and morning board time:

Pocket Chart Calendar Card Set

I have a little something special to share with my subscribers today! Each month I have been sharing a new set of monthly pocket chart calendar cards with you all (and I will still be doing that), but if you don’t want to wait for the rest of the cards and would like a few extra bonuses, read on!

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy

The Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Set includes 12 months of themed calendar headers and 3 sets of number cards for each month that can be used to work on pattern sequences with children: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together. The full Pocket Chart Calendar Card Set includes:

    • 12 monthly headers – in English and Spanish
    • days of the week cards – in English and Spanish
    • 3 sets of patterned number cards for each month – 36 number sets in all!   
    • yearly date headers – from 2014 through 2021
    • a few bonus special occasion calendar cards


Our Calendar Pocket Chart

Pocket chart calendar

We use this pocket chart and have had it for over fifteen years! Print the cards onto cardstock, laminate, and use in your pocket chart to keep track of special days that are coming up in your school year.  

Pocket Chart Holiday and Special Occasion Calendar Cards

Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards

There’s a little something extra you can purchase to go along with the pocket chart calendar printables too – holiday and special occasion cards! These cards can be included in your calendar to share special days that are coming up in your home or classroom.

The set of 36 cards includes: 100th Day of School, Birthdays, Arbor Day, Christmas, Columbus Day, Constitution Day, Earth Day, Easter, Election Day, Father’s Day, Field Trip, First Day of… (School, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter), Flag Day, Fourth of July, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Labor Day, Last Day of School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, New Years Day, Palm Sunday, Picture Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Vacation, Valentine’s Day, and Veteran’s Day.

Buy the Holiday and Special Occasion Cards for $1.50

Add to Cart

Don’t Want to Subscribe?

If you would rather not subscribe to this site, you can purchase the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Cards for $5.00 (click here to add to your cart) or grab the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Card Bundle {includes a set of the Holiday and Special Occasion cards) for just $3.50 (click here to add the bundle to your cart).

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September Calendar Numbers – Free Printable

For the last sixteen years I’ve used the same calendar pieces, both in my public school teaching and during our homeschool time. Last week, I decided it was time to change things up a bit and pulled together some new ones to use during our calendar time.

September Calendar Numbers free printable from Homeschool Creations

To work on various pattern sequences, there are THREE different sets of number pieces: green, yellow, and red. Each color has a different clip art pattern to match.

pattern example

Using the different colored number cards to try different pattern sequences: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and more.

September Calendar Header

Additional Calendar Helps

Here are a few additional printables and helps for you all, including the pocket chart that we use, laminating tips, and additional printables you may like:

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards


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Our NEW Calendar and Morning Board


Pictured above: Our monthly calendar pocket chart,We Choose Virtues poster, Calendar and Morning Board, US Wall Cling map, and our All About Spelling board.

The new schoolroom just needed a revised Calendar and Morning Board {ahem}. The foam board managed to get a little bent in the move, so I pulled everything off, moved things around, added a few things and now we’re good to go!  We also have been using a new character program for the kids called We Choose Virtues and I really wanted to include the cute teacher’s cards and the poster in our morning routine.

Want a close-up look?


We did make a few changes to our calendar board. I wanted to move away from as much of the dry erase marker as I could {mainly since a few kiddos have a tendency to draw on many things other than the board}. We added a few things, made a few things smaller, and added some velcro to pieces.

Each morning we all sit down together and one of the kids leads us in our morning routine ~ praying for our Compassion child and one of the missionaries we support, changing any information that needs to be updated {date, days in school , temperature, etc…}, and then reviewing other information on the board {skip counting/multiplication and our We Choose Virtues card}.

For full details on how I put our new Calendar and Morning Board together and to download the free calendar printables to go along with it, visit my Calendar Time webpage. I have a list of links there as well to all of the printables that I’ve used from other sites as well, along with links to some other great ladies’ calendar boards. Note: some of the printable files that I’ve shared in the past have been updated, so be sure to check them out!

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Calendar Pieces Storage

I was positive that I had shared these pictures with you all, but apparently in the craziness of packing and moving it didn’t happen. I won’t claim to be the genius behind the idea. I have to thank Carisa at 1+1+1=1 for her inspiration that got me motivated to clean up my scattered pieces.

All of the weather squares, numbers and coins from our Morning Calendar board were previously just dropped into a 6” x 6” plastic envelope {these are extra envelopes from Close to My Heart stamp sets}and dumped onto the table when we needed to find a new piece, etc… This new arrangement has me breathing a big ol’ sigh of relief.

I cut 6” x 6” squares from cardstock, laminated them {are you surprised?} and then spaced out velcro dots to attach the pieces to the squares. Since I have a plethora of velcro thanks to my bulk purchase, it wasn’t difficult to spare a few pieces {grins}.


Once the pieces were all attached to the cards, I slid them back into their envelopes and then dropped them into our calendar bin {from Ikea}.


Ahhh…sweet relief! :)

You can download all of my Calendar and Morning Board printables from my website. I also have links there to a few other ladies who have put together more free printables to use with your kids!

Additional Resources:

~ Scotch laminator ~ this is the laminator I use. I love mine so much I bought a spare {sad, but true}.

~ Velcro in BULK. I purchased the 3/8” velcro dots from Textol Systems but have also found larger coins {1/2” and 5/8”} at even better prices from Feiner Supply {make sure you buy the front and back of the dots!}

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