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Our NEW Calendar and Morning Board

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Pictured above: Our monthly calendar pocket chart,We Choose Virtues poster, Calendar and Morning Board, US Wall Cling map, and our All About Spelling board.

The new schoolroom just needed a revised Calendar and Morning Board {ahem}. The foam board managed to get a little bent in the move, so I pulled everything off, moved things around, added a few things and now we’re good to go!  We also have been using a new character program for the kids called We Choose Virtues and I really wanted to include the cute teacher’s cards and the poster in our morning routine.

Want a close-up look?


We did make a few changes to our calendar board. I wanted to move away from as much of the dry erase marker as I could {mainly since a few kiddos have a tendency to draw on many things other than the board}. We added a few things, made a few things smaller, and added some velcro to pieces.

Each morning we all sit down together and one of the kids leads us in our morning routine ~ praying for our Compassion child and one of the missionaries we support, changing any information that needs to be updated {date, days in school , temperature, etc…}, and then reviewing other information on the board {skip counting/multiplication and our We Choose Virtues card}.

For full details on how I put our new Calendar and Morning Board together and to download the free calendar printables to go along with it, visit my Calendar Time webpage. I have a list of links there as well to all of the printables that I’ve used from other sites as well, along with links to some other great ladies’ calendar boards. Note: some of the printable files that I’ve shared in the past have been updated, so be sure to check them out!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Milk & Honey Mommy says


    Thank you for sharing your morning board. With the way you’ve rearranged everything, I can still see a great use for it as my children get older.

    I love the green paint color on the wall.

  2. Alayna Woods says

    Love the morning board! It looks fantastic!

  3. Love your new calendar board, but wow! I LOVE that GREEN! 

  4. Shay Gerritsen says

    We just moved, too, and our calendar boards, I fear, will have, ahem, met the same fate. ;) So it looks like I have to make new ones. Good thing, too ’cause you & Carisa keep coming up with all this neat stuff to add to them! ;) I think I’m going to need a flip chart this time! LOL Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us!

  5. I love your US Wall Map!  Where did you get it?  I’ve been looking for a map with Alaska in the right spot, not cut out and put on the bottom left corner.  It’s hard to find one!  Also love the green wall!  Thank you for sharing!

  6. Angelakaymueller says

    I love your calendar board! Where did you find the United States wall decal? 

  7. The room is looking fantasic!!  Love the changes to the board.

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    Kristin McPherson  8-)

  9. Heather Benza says

    I LOVE that map. Please let us know if you do find it again.

  10. Jenny Baker says

    Could you think of some things I can put on a morning board that could be of interest and learning to
    3rd grade girl ( think first-born)
    K5 boy
    Pre-K boy

    Also I would love to see the rest of your homeschool room!

    • The skip counting and different ways of writing the date would be great for your 3rd grader, as well as the days in school. For the younger two, making the date with $$, checking the weather, telling time and temperature ~ basically a lot of what we have on our board. You can also add things like a shape of the day or color of the day for the younger ones. Be sure to check out the links on my main calendar page here and see a few more ideas and links to other great calendar setups!!


  11. Katherine Andren says

    I love your cherry space! Would you be willing to share the paint color that you chose? It’s great : )

  12. Klarchen Rathbone Walck says

    Jolanthe, what hooks do you use to hang up your pocket calendar and your morning board? I’m looking for some that can hold the weight of our pocket calendar, but also won’t peel the paint if I decide to move it.

    • They are 3M adhesive hooks – I liked the metal ones for the calendar because they weren’t as thick as the plastic ones and gave me a little more wiggle room to hang the board up. :) The 3M hooks have every now and then pulled off a little paint if I’m not super careful – I haven’t found a happy medium yet, but definitely better than something that screws into the wall. I ended up putting some touch up paint into a pint mason jar for little accidents in the school room. :)

    • Klarchen Rathbone Walck says

      Thank you Jolanthe!

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