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The Adventures of Munford ~ Review

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Have you ever looked at a droplet of rain and wondered where that tiny droplet has been or come from? Maybe it was a local stream, a river far away or somewhere across the ocean. What if you could see and hear what that water droplet had seen?
Meet Munford. He’s two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen ~ a water molecule. He has traveled the world as rain, sleet, steam and has seen some amazing things in his lifetime. Munford brings your child along on his travels, teaching geography, history, science and more in The Adventures of Munford book series by Jamie Aramini.
imageWhen we received the set of books in the mail, McKenna walked off with the books and started reading them right away. She is currently reading the third book in the series and really enjoying them! We know she is absorbing the info, because we constantly hear about Munford during the day.
One night at dinner {and in the midst of reading The American Revolution}, McKenna shouted out ~ “Watch out! You might be drinking Munford!”…which then started everyone giggling and laughing. I love the creative twist on history that the series offers along with an imaginative narrator. So far McKenna has learned about The American Revolution, learned about an inventor in Munford Meets Robert Fulton, and is currently exploring with Munford Meets Lewis and Clark. The last book on her list is The Klondike Gold Rush.
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Each of the books is published by Geography Matters and sells for $8.95. From now until the end of October, you can get 4 books for the price of 3 with the coupon code 4MUNFORD43. The books are written for all ages, but reading level is around a 3rd – 5th grade level. We could definitely use these as read-alouds for our younger boys {and most likely will!}.

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I received four books from Geography Matters to review and provide my honest opinion, and in this case, my daughter’s too. I do not have to return the products and I was not paid for this post.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I would pick American Revolution

  2. I subscribe via email

  3. I like this method.  I’ve seen it on a few other sites and it does make entering so much easier.  I’ll be curious to hear how you like it.

  4. I do like this giveaway system.  It makes entering things SO much easier.  I hope it works well for you, Jolanthe!

  5. I’d start with the first book. My family would love these and so we’d want to start at the beginning.

    • Brenda ~

      I used Rafflecopter to enter you, but if you would like the extra entries, you’ll need to use the form instead of leaving a comment. :)

  6. Kori Ireland says

    I would start with the Gold Rush book!

  7. I weould pick Munford Meets Lewis & Clark. We just watched a PBS show about them.

  8. I’d love the American Revolution book.

  9. I subscribe via RSS!

  10. I would read Lewis and Clark with our kiddos!

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    I like the new system!

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    I see you figured out how to get Rafflecopter to work with your Live Writer! Congrats! Isn’t it SO much easier! In Rafflecopter, if you click on “moderate” and then “show table” and then choose “entry type” from the drop-down menu you can get some great stats too! Thanks for the chance to win! ;)

  13. Would love to see a Munford book-they sound great!

  14. I would pick the Lewis & Clark book.

  15. We’d like Lewis & Clark

  16. Territorymom says

    Munford meets Lewis & Clark

  17. This set looks wonderful, and I know my little readers would eat these books up! Could we begin at the beginning with The American Revolution – my son loves series, providing we use them in chronological order.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. We would like Lewis and Clark

  19. I would pick Lewis and Clark!

  20. We would love the Lewis and Clark book!

  21. We would love the Lewis and Clark book!

  22. I would love to get the American Revolution Munford book.

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