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My FAVORITE Homeschool Sale of the Year! (8 Days only)

The ONLY Bundle Sale Where YOU Can Choose! Save up to 96% Through 5-30-17!
If you could save up to 96% on some of your favorite resources from preschool up through high school – well, you’d jump on it, right? With many families in the midst of planning and buying homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year, it’s helpful to see the ways in which money (and time) can be saved!

From now until May 30, 2017, the Build Your Bundle sale offers amazing savings along with well-known curriculum. It is packed full of resources for both your home and your school – a little something for everyone. 

There are SO many things in the Build Your Bundle sale that I am excited to share with you! Several of the products are ones that we have used in years past (or highly recommend), including Mystery of History, BiblioPlan, Tapestry of Grace, and my own Yearly Personal Planner. I’m planning on taking advantage of a few of the bundles myself and will be sharing my choices with you all tomorrow. 

Bundle sales can often seem overwhelming – I know! The first year of this sale, I felt completely backwards. There is so much to dig through but so many gems to find, so here’s what I recommend after you download this FREE printable shopping list

1. Look at the Pre-assembled Bundles First

Character Building Bundle - 84%!

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year - ends 5/30/17
On top of the huge savings each of the pre-assembled bundles bring, you can save even more with the following deal. The Build Your Bundle Sale gives you some great choices – 20 pre-assembled bundles based on the ages/grades of your child or the option of putting your own bundles together. And all with some AMAZING savings.  From preschool through high school to planning for school or home, there are a wide variety of bundles you will love. 

If you buy 2 Individual Bundles you will get the 3rd one for FREE! Click here for complete details about the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer. This deal continues to stack too. Buy 4 and get 2 free, etc…

Take a look at the individual bundles and how much you will save:

2. Check out the Contributors 

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year Starts 5/22/17

There are over 112 authors in this bundle and many well-known companies and bloggers. If you see a favorite, be sure to look and see what they are including in the bundle sale this year. 

3. Consider the Build Your Bundle Option

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year - ends 5/30/17

If you’d rather mix and match individual pieces of curriculum, choose the Build Your Own Bundle option. This is one of the ways I purchased this year since there were several pieces I wanted, but they were in separate bundles. It worked out great for me (and I even used the buy 2, get 1 free deal for this option). 

While you are on the site, don’t forget to look at the the 50% off courses and memberships (those of you with high schoolers – pay attention to this one!). 

A Handy Shopping Tool 

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year!

Hang in there! Download this handy shopping tool so you can make notes and keep track of what catches your eye! 

Now – take a deep breath and have fun looking. Really – there is a LOT, and it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the bundle varieties.  Be sure to create and account and start browsing soon though in case you need time to think! Once you create an account, it will save your cart (don’t make the same mistake I did last year and forget to log in!).

A FREE Bundle of Bonuses

Over $500 in FREE BONUSES and BIG Savings with ANY Purchase!

Last thing – and then I promise, I’m done! Every customer receives a big ol’ bundle of bonuses – so many great coupon codes and freebies are included (you’ll love it!). 

That’s it! Now – start saving! 

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year - ends 5/30/17