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Preschool Corner: Preschool Planning Form

Want to know how much we actually did this week?


I played hookey. Serious hookey. As in ‘leaving the state and escaping spending time with my husband and meeting a GREAT blogging friend in real life‘ hookey.

Meaning nothing got accomplished in the way of schoolwork {unless you count Mommy getting re-energized a part of schoolwork}. Which really ~ that is VERY important, no? {grins}

And I can’t wait to share more on my meeting with Carisa from 1+1+1=1 and Jill from Forever ‘n Ever ‘n Always. Such absolute fun. Really and truly!!! But she holds all the picture proof…so I’m at her mercy!

BUT…I do have something to share with you all! I realized the other day that I never shared my preschool planning pages with you all, so it’s another printable this week for you all {and yes…they do look a lot like my Tot School planning forms ~ just a little different}.

Click on the thumbnail to download printable

I’m also working like crazy behind the scenes to get the preschool part of my website up and running so you all can access my printables in one easy place…little by little it’s getting there. But enough about our crazy week, tell me all about the fun that’s going on at your place!!!

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What’s in My Homeschool Planner?

Are you the least bit curious? I’ve finally printed off the last of my planner pages, have all my pretty binder clips, found a lovely 3-ring binder, some nice colored dividers…it’s pure bliss!

I am using a lot of the forms that I have in the Weekly Homeschool Planner I created {and you can have it too!}, but some of the forms are a little more tailored to our family. Since we have a double-sided printer now, I can print off the forms the way I want them to go in my binder…’cause I can be a little particular like that! You can get an idea on the layout of my pages in this pdf sample of my homeschool planner.

Want to know what’s in the planner and how I have things divided out? I found the funky notebook and dividers at Walmart and went from there.

On the back side of my hokey title page {can’t stand a blank piece of paper…} I have a page that lists all the homeschool requirements from our state and school district: statute & code specifics, what is required of me, from me, contact information for the local school district, who was notified about our intent to homeschool, where the letter of intent was mailed, and when records are required from us.

The binder then is divided up into the following sections:


I know not all of you would have this section in your notebooks, but between this blog, No Ordinary Moments {my everyday blog}, and Totally Tots….I need a place to keep track of when things are due, what’s due, and a place to write down any ideas that I get. I have a running list of post ideas as well as calendars that I’ve printed off using Cozi that help me keep tabs on stuff.

Monthly Plans

This is where I keep our ‘Year at a Glance‘ sheet and also copies of monthly calendars so I can map out our school year by date including breaks and what we’re planning on studying for geography. The ‘Year at a Glance’ gives me the overall view of what to plug in and I can get more specific with the dated calendar. At the end of this section I have copies of my Geography Planning Sheets so I can plan out each of the countries we are doing and write in resources as I find them.

Weekly Plans

This is the ‘nuts & bolts’ of our day to day school life. My planning pages for each week are four pages long {only 2 pages front/back}, mainly because of the ages of the kids. The bulk of the girls planning is done on two pages {Galloping the Globe, math, reading/writing/language, Bible, science, Latin, and art}. The second page from the girls is the workbox planning sheet – how each day of the week will lay out. {I’ll be posting some of my workbox stuff soon!!}

Kaleb and Zachary take up the next two pages. I’m using my Tot School Planning form for Kaleb and a more basic planning form for Zachary since he is Kindergarten this year. I have space for Bible, math, language/spelling, science, handwriting, and geography for Zachary.

Curriculum Plans & Evaluation

This section helps me keep track of what I am using this year for texts, if it is already purchased {I am still hunting down a few things} and what we have/haven’t completed. It’s great for me to see it all at a glance and remember some of the more obscure textbooks that I have for us to use.

The yearly plans and evaluations sheets are a place for me to keep track of my goals for our kids that year ~ and a great place to periodically check on through the year and see where we are {or re-adjust the goals that we have}.

I also have pages in this section to keep track of our testing results {yes, we do standardized planning at this point} and any other important evaluation information.

Notes & Contacts

Lots of blank pages for me to jot notes and ideas throughout the day and also keep track of the various homeschoolers and resources in our area.


A little section for me to keep track of my review due dates and information for review writing.


When I see something online or in a magazine that I like I try to either rip out the page or print it off and stash it in this section. I just punch it with a 3-ring punch and can flip through some of the fun ideas to use during our school year.


This section sees {ahem} little use. I think it’s really there to just humor me and appease the side of me that likes to feel ‘on top of things’. I have detailed lists of all the glorious things that I would like to accomplish in our house on a daily basis. Really, the thought of it just makes me giggle. Seriously.

That’s it! A quick glimpse into this years planner for you all! Now I just need to actually USE it and start planning!

The Places We’ll Go…

I made a new form {surprise, surprise} to help me visualize our year in segments. I haven’t pinpointed exactly when we’re going to start…considering it would be most helpful to maybe get our schedule in place a little more before starting.

Truthfully, I’m stalling because I’m a little more nervous with figuring out a day with the three oldest. But shhhhh….

Click on the thumbnail to print off the form

I have figured out a rough plan of action and in case you were wondering what countries are in the works for this year and roughly when to expect them, here’s our outline:

Weeks 1-6: Intro/review, Spain, Italy and the solar system

Weeks 7-12: New Zealand, Australia, koalas, and South Africa

Weeks 13-18: South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco

Weeks 19-24: Nigeria, Egypt, {insert something related to Egypt here – specific, eh?}, and Brazil

Weeks 25-30: Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina

Weeks 31-36: Argentina, Mexico, and Canada


Tot School Planning Form

I mentioned a few weeks back in one of my Tot School posts that I had pulled together a form to help me plan out my ‘school time’ with Kaleb. My theory being if I actually have an ‘official form’ staring me in the face I would be more consistent and have some better activities for Kaleb to do each day.

My goal is to plan at least 3 intentional activities to do with Kaleb each day. I also made room for additional ideas{songs/fingerplays, gross and fine motor, or lapbooks}. The form can be printed off front and back and I’ve been tacking it up on our fridge so that I can see the week at a glance too ~ and it is helping me out! In case you are interested in using it too, you can click on the thumbnail image below and print off your own copy.

If you’d like more information on Tot School, visit Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and join in the fun!