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June Personal Planner Pages – Free Printable

June 2015 Personal Planner pages

Umm – June? Already? It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2015! I am excited to share a few more pages from my yearly personal planner with you all. If you want to have a central place to keep track of your goings-on in June, feel free to share and download the June planning pages below. Personally, I hope to have a LOT of time at the pool and blank space on my calendar this month!

How I’m Using My Daily Planner

If you’d like to take a look at how I’ve set up my yearly planner, I’ve explained it more in this post here, as well as given links to my favorite binder and colorful tabs (because pretty makes life fun too, right?).

Daily Planning Pages printable - free download for February. Also link to the FULL 2015 Daily Planner - get organized this year.

Download the May Personal Planner Pages

June 2015 Personal Planner

You can download the  June 2015 Personal Planner here. Each month I’ll be offering a free download for that month’s planning pages, so you can check back and download them as they become available.

Purchase the Daily Personal Planner

Daily Planning Pages printable - free download for February. Also link to the FULL 2015 Daily Planner - get organized this year.

Add to Cart

If you like the layout and want to start planning out the rest of your year now (and next year too), purchase the full 2015 Daily Planner for $3.99. The calendar runs from January 2015 thru June 2016. It includes 15 month-at-a-glance pages and dated weekly pages through June 2016. Enjoy!

Sponsor Thanks

We really appreciate the following companies. Many of these have been long time sponsors of Homeschool Creations and we are SO thankful for them – be sure to stop by their sites and check them out!

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Don’t Miss The Daily To-Do List

Daily to do list free printable

My Daily To-Do List is pretty basic, but hopefully it will work for you too. There is an area to make a list of things to accomplish, household goals, appointment, meals for the day, and even a space to record exercise (oh – I crack myself up!) and water intake. Each page in the document is identical so you can print them off, cut the page in half, and have two lists. If you print them front to back, you’ll have four to-do lists and save a little paper.

free Homeschool Curriculum Shopping List

Don’t miss the free homeschool curriculum shopping list printable – a simple list to use when tracking the curriculum you need, want – or already have!

Middle and High School Planner Printables for Homeschool

Middle and high school planning printables

Now I don’t know about you, but despite my best intentions, I seem to always forget something that has already been purchased, curriculum ideas for upcoming years, or what may already be on our bookshelves to use for our younger children. Sticky notes and random sheets of paper just don’t cut it, so the Middle and High School Planner pages were put together to make life a little easier for myself overall. (And let’s face it, these are a lot prettier than the random sheets of notebook paper that were accumulating in my binder).

I’m printing off a copy for each of our children and it gives me a central location to jot down notes, ideas, and what we’re doing as we go along. Overall, there are sixteen pages in the Middle and High School Planner pages (plus one that you don’t have to print at the end), and two different versions – a blue/green color-themed set and a rainbow color-themed set. Laurianna saw me working on them and said she thought hers should have more color, so I had to readjust them. (grins)

If you’d like to see what we’ve been planning for homeschool high school so far, don’t miss our Homeschool High School Plan post that was shared earlier. In addition to walking through our overall plans I share how overwhelmed I was to begin with and some tips on laying the foundation for the upcoming years. There is also a link to a simple overview printable that you may prefer to this more in-depth one.

A Quick Look & Overview Planning

Overview planning pages for middle and high school

Use the first two pages to plan out subjects and curriculum for each year. In the left side column there is room to track the subjects and then plan out what you will use from 6th grade through 12th grade. Be sure to keep track of what you already have on hand – and don’t need to purchase!

High School Outline, Requirements, and Schedules

high school daily schedule and requirements

This section allows you to plug in all the information that your state may require for graduation, AP placement, decide your grading scale, and brainstorm elective ideas for your child. There is also a sheet that can be printed off yearly to create a weekly schedule for your child.

Tracking High School Credits

credit and class tracking for high school

Keep track of the credits your child is earning, books read, extra curricular activities and other important information you might need for high school transcripts. There are five pages for this section: one for early credits (prior to 9th grade if your state allows it) and four pages, one for each year of high school.

Course Descriptions

Early and high school course description tracking

This section allows you write a short course description of each class that your child takes for credit (may come in handy for college admission later).

–> Download the Middle School and High School Class Planning (blue/green)  <–

–> Download the Middle and High School Planning Pages (rainbow)  <–

Questions about Homeschooling in High School?

Homeschooling in High School

There’s nothing that can strike fear in the heart of a veteran homeschooling parent like the thought of homeschooling high school. Despite what may be years of successful homeschooling, thinking of high school can bring all the fears and doubts of the early years resurging in a homeschool parent’s heart. Read the post Homeschooling in High School for tips and resources from a veteran homeschool mom who has homeschooled and graduated a high schooler.

Have a Student in Need of Organization Help?


If you have a child in middle or high school that needs some organizational help, be sure to check out our Weekly Student Planner! The planner is undated and can be used year after year and has plenty of room for writing down daily assignments, goals, and accomplishments. Learn more HERE.

If you would like to share, please share a link to my blog or to the page that hosts these files. Please do not link directly to just the PDF files, but directly to this post. Please feel free to print this pdf file for your own personal use. They were created for private and non-profit use. Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else.



Daily Assignment Sheets ~ Free Printables

Our girls have several subjects that they work on independently {math, typing, reading, Spanish, etc….}. At times, it can be a little difficult to track exactly what has been finished when and then get that information transferred into my planner and records. Pieces of notebook paper get lost in the shuffle, so it was time to get a little colorful and laminated.

Enter the Daily Assignment Sheet.

Daily Assignment Sheets Collage

Each of the girls has their own sheet that is laminated. Their page has the subjects that they typically work on independently ~ basically any subject that they need to let me know the information about.

Here is a sample of McKenna’s page where she tracks what she read in her Bible, her math lessons, reading each day, bonus science studies, Spanish lessons, typing lessons and any ‘extras’ {like blogging or letter writing}. There is also a space for her to record goals that she {or I} has set to accomplish.

McKenna assignments

The girls use a wet erase {Vis-à-vis marker} to write down what they’ve done daily and then turn them into me at the end of the week. I can then transfer over the information. So far, it’s working great!

You can download a copy of Daily Assignment Sheets to use with your kids too ~ click here to download them!



Weekly Homeschool Planner ~ Edit AND Save It!

It’s finally done and I am SO very excited to share this updated version of my Weekly Homeschool Planner with you all!!

What’s so special about the new planner? Each of the pdf pages can be typed in, edited, and saved to your own computer every time you use it. Type lesson plans into the page and print them off or simply save them to your computer ~ the choice is up to you!

Edit plans any time and even save the planner to your computer to have a digital copy each year. Organize your school day, record your daily learning, track testing results and more! Personalize it to fit your family!

It is a homeschool planner you’ll use year after year.

Planner snapshot

Click on image for a peek inside!

The Weekly Homeschool Planner can be printed double-sided on 8 1/2” x 11” paper.  Here’s a little more detailed look at what the 138 page editable planner includes:

  • 12 blank months-at-a-glance
  • Daily attendance tracking
  • 40 weeks of weekly planning and journal sheets: each page can be customized to the subjects that your family studies and can be saved to your computer!
  • Yearly attendance tracking sheets
  • Yearly curriculum planning sheets
  • Yearly planning and evaluation sheets
  • Preschool planning sheets
  • Field trip/Event plan sheets
  • Important contacts info
  • Additional note space
  • Standardized testing and yearly assessment result tracking
  • Homeschooling requirement planning
  • Daily to-do lists
  • Main dish menu planner
  • Customizable chore charts

If you use it and love it, be sure to join the Weekly Homeschool Planner affiliate program and share the planner with your friends.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement in putting this together!! :)

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Preschool Corner ~ Planning Forms

This last week and a half has been spent planning, organizing, re-organizing and pulling together ideas for what our upcoming year is going to look like. Overall, it’s finally beginning to ‘click’ and I’m getting an idea of what the year will look like for Kaleb ~ and that’s exciting for me.

In all honesty, I feel that he gets the leftovers when it comes to learning time, especially as I’m trying to fit in all that the older three need to do. I really wanted to have something in place for him that he would be excited about, I would be excited about…and that would be fun! Cindy from Along the Way has been busy working with me to come up with some literature based units that we can do with our boys and it has been FUN!!! We’re working on some fun printables and lapbook-style units that we’re so excited about!

This week we brought home some monarch caterpillars and have a new space {thanks to my re-organizing} to watch and observe the caterpillars up close. Wednesday morning the kids woke up and were able to watch Kaleb’s caterpillar go into its chrysalis ~ SO much fun!! We were able to video tape it too and Kaleb was so excited about the ‘dancing’ that it was doing. :)

I’ve posted about the planning pages that we used last year, but this year I’ve revamped them a little bit and focused it more toward literature-based studies. If you would like to download the 2 page Preschool Planning form, just click on the thumbnail images below.

Preschool Planning Form 2010Preschool Planning Form 2010 2 

We try to get all of our ‘school time’ done Monday through Thursday. The first page has room for planning daily activities in the following areas: reading {related to something in the actual book}, doing {something that we can do that relates to the topic: lapbook, gross motor, math, etc…}, song/game, Bible {verse/song}, and crafts. The second page gives me room to expand my ideas and jot down notes for the following areas: Bible/Character, Language, Science/Nature, Math, Gross/Fine Motor, Arts & Crafts, Songs & Games.

At the bottom of the page, I also have room to plan what the basic layout of Kaleb’s workboxes will be for the week. I have 9 planning spaces {the workbox unit that we’re using has 9 boxes overall} ~ but we’ll be using only 6 of the boxes, with 3 as more some fun ‘extras’ for our day. I’ll be sharing more soon with pictures of our school area layout for this year, so stay tuned for that!

Are YOU getting excited for the upcoming year??? Link up what you’ve been doing and what you are planning on doing. :) Can’t wait to see what you ladies are up to with your kids this year!

Ready to Link Up?

Share what you are doing with your kids! Please link your exact blog post to the Mr. Linky below and link back here too! The updated guidelines can be found here if you need them.

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Our Chore System & Chore Charts for Kids Printables

Chore system and chore chart printables - includes preschool grid and a look at how we pay out and divvy up chores - Homeschool Creations

Looking for chore charts for kids? Read along and I’ll be sharing some free printables for you all to use with your family!

We’ve had our new chore chart system in place for about a month now and so far it’s working well for us. In the past we have tried to use the chore system from Managers of Their Homes…but cards started getting lost, the younger ones had trouble getting them in and out of the pouches and overall it just didn’t work as well for us as I had envisioned.

I also want to explain a little bit of the ‘why’ behind our chore chart system and how we’re implementing it in our household. You may {or may not} agree with our reasoning…and that’s ok, but this has developed after a lot of talking and merging of different ideas.

The full page chore chart goes along with our Weekly Workbox System Grid and is the same size, so it fits as the top page of the set and hangs on the wall.

The Basics of the Chore Chart System

In life there are things that we do on a day-to-day basis that are unpaid and things that result {generally} in a paycheck. Rick mows the lawn, does upkeep on the house, takes out the trash…but other than a thanks from me, it’s an unpaid job. :) He has a paid job that involves him showing up to work on time, completing certain tasks, etc… Neither of us want our children growing up thinking that money is just handed to them.

We want our kids to develop a good work ethic and understand the balance between work and pay ~ if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. If you DO work, there are benefits to that. We also want them to learn how to budget their money and manage it before they are in their teens or 20s and don’t have a clue what to do.

The system that we’re using has two parts: expected chores and paid chores. The two sets go hand in hand though. The expected chores need to be done in order for the paid chores to get paid out. That means that no money is earned unless the basic chores are completed {and Mommy checks to make sure they are done!}.

There are certain things that we expect our kids to do around the house because they are members of the household ~ making of beds, picking up of rooms, etc… Those are the basic chores. Each of our kids has a set of 3 morning expected morning chores and 3 afternoon/evening chores.

Our chore charts are attached to our Weekly Workbox Grid and hang on the wall so the kids have easy access to them. They are laminated and have check boxes next to each of the chores so I can check off with a Sharpie when they have completed a chore {and remove the Sharpie marks later with nail polish remover}.

The last column is the “Today I Earned” column where we they can see how much they earned that day. Payday is Saturday and Sunday is a day of rest and no earning. :)

Workbox Grids Cards and Chores 2010-2011

Laurianna’s Chore Chart

Each of the kids has 3 additional chores a day that will earn them money. The money varies from child to child ~ the older they get and the more ‘responsible’ the chore is, they earn a little extra…but we’re still cheap!

They cannot earn the money unless they complete their daily chores {i.e. if they miss one of the daily chores, no cash even if they complete all of the ones they can earn on}. It might seem a little harsh, but the kids are quickly learning the importance of completing what has been put in front of them!



The Chores

Here’s a list of the daily/expected chores that we have for the kids on their charts. They obviously have other things they need to do during the day, but these are the key things we chose to focus on and they may change out if we are having difficulty with certain things being done. For example, oral hygiene is high on the list for a certain 5 year old….

Laurianna {age 9}: make bed/pick-up room, water plants, devotions, pick-up school stuff, clean up basement {family room}, shoes/jacket away, clean off dresser and under bed

McKenna {age 7}: same as above

Zachary {age 5}: make bed/pick-up room, brush teeth, devotions, pick-up school stuff, clean up basement/family room, shoes/jacket away, clean under bed

Kaleb {age 3}: make bed, pick-up room, devotions, wipe table/chairs, pick-up basement/family room, shoes/jacket away

The paid chores change daily, and again there are things that the kids are still expected to do {like put away their laundry}, but these are the extra paid chores by child.

Laurianna: Clean out bathroom sink, start load of laundry, vacuum basement and spare room, clean toilets, dust living room, and yardwork {25 cents a chore, max of 75 cents day}.

McKenna: Wash breakfast table, laundry from washer to dryer, vacuum bedroom, wash bathroom mirror, clean bathroom counters, and yardwork {20 cents a chore, max of 60 cents day}.

Zachary: Load the dishwasher, clothes out of dryer, clean out the van, vacuum bedroom, wash patio door, wash bathroom mirror/clean walls, and yardwork {15 cents a chore, max of 45 cents day}.

Kaleb: Help sort dirty clothes & help start laundry {with Laurianna}; vacuum living room & kitchen; empty bathroom trash; wash patio door; help with dishes; and yardwork {10 cents a chore, max of 30 cents day}.


Saturday is payday at our house because there aren’t any chores that earn money on Sunday. When we pay the kids for their chores, we also divide out the money that they have earned as follows: 20% giving {we want them to be generous from the start!}, 40% savings and 40% spending.

Rick and I are huge fans of Dave Ramsey and have led his Financial Peace class at our church several times because we have experienced first hand the importance of being debt free. We were deeply in debt {not including our house} to the tune of almost $65,000 around the time Zachary was born. We got serious about paying off that debt {gazelle intensity as Dave would say} and paid it all off in 19 months!

We made many dumb money mistakes over the years and really want to teach our children how to deal with money now while we can ~ so they don’t repeat the same mistakes that we made. If you are interested, I would highly recommend the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. That was a bunny trail, but I think it’s important that you also understand a little more of the why behind what we do!



The Chore Charts

Obviously your house and chores may not line up with what we have listed, but if you’d like to use the grid that I made, you can download the blank chore chart templates, write in your chores and then laminate them to use. The Chore Chart printables have 5 pages, all the same format, just different colors ~ purple, pink, blue, green and white.



For our youngest, I put together a different version. The preschool chore charts are a picture version of the chore chart.