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Your Kids are Normal {and Mine Are Too}

Just to keep it a little ‘light’ around here and so you all don’t think that our days all fly by in perfect order with all the correct answers and such, I grabbed a quick video clip of Kaleb in ‘whiney’ mode. The day before this he went flying through all of his workboxes and finished his work in 20 minutes.

This day…not so much.

Not because he couldn’t do it, but because he got in a funk. He saw a workbook on the shelf that he wanted to do, but one that generates MAJOR whining on his part, so it’s a ‘no go’ {says Mommy}. Sometimes I try to get him to move onto a different box or do something else {something FUN}, but he is a boy of ORDER and gets stuck, stuck, stuck.

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But, I post this to let you know that life isn’t all happiness and sunshine…we are actually rather normal. Sometimes over-achievers in the normal department {grins}. Do you hear another sibling even chiming in with the whining at the end?

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    Our Girls are Laying!!

    Just before we left for vacation, a few of our ‘girls’ started laying their first eggs.


    We also added a few new friends to our flock too {which were not very well received, ahem}. Once they settle in a bit more, I’ll have to share our completed coop and pictures.

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    Why Spelling is Important

    I know this is just a silly post, but had to share this fun picture from our vacation. This sign was sitting on a table at a coffee shop that we stopped at in hopes of getting internet service.


    Amazing how misplacing a few vowels can make all the difference in the world, isn’t it?

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    Top Ten Posts of 2010

    For fun, I went into my Google Analytics for the past year to see the posts that were most visited during the 2010 year. I think it’s so interesting to see what other people are interested in ~ sometimes it’s what I expected, and other times not at all.

    Curious to see the top ten visited posts? Some of them were related so they are grouped together, but here is the overall list:

    10. Preschool Playdough Mats

    9.  What’s in My Homeschool Binder

    8.  Chore System and Chore Chart Printables {along with Preschool Chore Charts}

    7.  Printable Number Matching Cards

    6.  Handwriting Without Tears Worksheets

    5.  Preschool Alphabet Worksheets

    4.  Weekly Homeschool Planner

    3.  Preschool Three Letter Word Cards

    2.  Homeschool Calendar Morning Board

    1.  How We’re Using Workboxes {along with Our New Workbox System, Updated Workbox Activity Tags, and Workbox Tags & Cards}

    Just thought it was fun to look back at the past year!

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    The 14 Days of Homeschool

    Thought you all might get a good laugh out of this. :)

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    Learning About the Ins and Outs of Government

    Laurianna handed us a sheet of paper last night titled “My Declaration of Independence.” Can you tell we’ve been talking about government lately?

    On the bright side, she’s obviously listening and picking up on the ins and outs of government. On the down side {for her}, she’ll be learning more today about the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship…or monarchy…whatever the case may be.

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