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Your Kids are Normal {and Mine Are Too}

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Just to keep it a little ‘light’ around here and so you all don’t think that our days all fly by in perfect order with all the correct answers and such, I grabbed a quick video clip of Kaleb in ‘whiney’ mode. The day before this he went flying through all of his workboxes and finished his work in 20 minutes.

This day…not so much.

Not because he couldn’t do it, but because he got in a funk. He saw a workbook on the shelf that he wanted to do, but one that generates MAJOR whining on his part, so it’s a ‘no go’ {says Mommy}. Sometimes I try to get him to move onto a different box or do something else {something FUN}, but he is a boy of ORDER and gets stuck, stuck, stuck.

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But, I post this to let you know that life isn’t all happiness and sunshine…we are actually rather normal. Sometimes over-achievers in the normal department {grins}. Do you hear another sibling even chiming in with the whining at the end?

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    This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    1. Yeah, we’re normal too! I have had days just like that. Thanks for sharing real life.

    2. It’s nice knowing we are not alone! We have more good days then bad, but the bad are usually REALLY bad ha.

    3. Thanks for sharing.  Does it get worse than that?  I have video of my son a few years ago, throwing a HUGE fit.  Kicking and screaming were involved!  It’s funny to watch NOW!

    4. Thanks for sharing. I do sometimes wonder if anyone else has the same issue…now I know.

    5. Jolanthe,
      Thanks so much for posting these “real life moments!”  Blogs always give the impression of perfection, making the readers feel “not worthy” or not able to “live up” to certain standards.  In reality, it’s just several picture perfect snapshots and not reflective of what truly happens behind the scenes, in between those perfect shots.  I have to remind myself of that often, especially when there are moments my children have a meltdown and don’t want to continue on with whatever it is they are working on.  It is fabulous that you are so honest and allow people a “peek” into the truth.  


    6. Sparklythingsandfairywings says

      thanks for sharing, it’s nice to know we are not the only ones!

    7. Thank you for sharing. I’m not going to lie I was giggling while watching this especially when number two chimed in. My responses to these moments are not a tactful as yours, but we’re working on it. =D

    8. Oh thank you for sharing this!  Add a whining toddler and a screaming baby and you have my house today!  Its our second week of homeschooling and I was really starting to wonder what I’m doing wrong! 

    9. I already had the utmost love and respect for you chica, but this raised it even more!  SO glad your aren’t afraid to show it all!  HUGS!

    10. Wow, I’m so glad you shared this!  I have this attitude to deal with from my son often – he is my oldest, almost 4, and does NOT like to work independently (maybe it has to do with being the oldest?).  He is starting to get better as he heads towards 4, but I’m looking forward to someday when I can let him work on his own more. :)

    11. Shay Gerritsen says

      My youngest is that way with school all the time! You’d think he’d be excited at all the fun things I have printed & laminated for him what with my big kids constantly lamenting over him getting to do ‘easy’ work when they have to do [gagsdramatically] grammar…alas. He is not so easily amused. And way more violent than whiney…I hesitate to say this, but I’d almost trade ya a day of whines for an hour of ‘I hate you’s…almost. ;) Hugs, girl!!

    12. Kendra Fletcher says

      I didn’t need to watch this. I’ve got it goin’ on live here everyday! ;D

    13. I sure needed to see that because that’s exactly what it was like at our house today.  That’s a good dose of real life!

    14. So refreshing to see the “real” side of things for a change. Sometimes I start thinking there really are “perfect” homeschooling moms out there who’s days just go smoothly all the time. At least that’s the impression I get from reading some of the blogs. Thank you for reminding me that my children are not unique in their random whineyness and boggling occasional refusal to do things they normally love.

    15. I am glad to see I am not the only one with days like that.  I happened to see that yesterday.  It was right after my son had a melt down and did not want to do work.  I am glad to see it happens to everyone.  Thanks for sharing you ” not so teaching” moments with us. 

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