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Seasonal Tic Tac Toe Board

Kaleb still hasn’t grasped the game of tic tac toe, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy trying to play it. Rather than using paper to play games, I put together a Tic Tac Toe board using a few simple items. 


Want to make your own? 

You’ll need:

  • hot glue
  • 4 popsicle sticks
  • season playing pieces

Make it: 

It’s super simple. I promise. Hot glue the popsicle sticks together to form a tic tac toe board. The end.

Right now we’re using acorns as our playing pieces and we can change out the pieces as the seasons change. You can find some inexpensive decorative pieces at a local dollar store. 

Just wanted to share something quick and easy with you!! Quick…assuming it doesn’t take you 10 minutes to find your hot glue gun {like it did me}.

Time to Study the Planets…{#homeschoolfail}

The other night we were out late with the kids watching some fireworks and my brother, who has a super-cool iphone app to look at the stars and planets, was letting the kids use his phone. They held it up and found Venus and Mars and some different stars.

We were looking at the planets again and McKenna got all excited that we could see some of the planets:

“That’s so cool! I can see Venus!! Where’s Earth?”

My brother looked at her and tried hard not to laugh and just patted the ground right next to him.



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Real Quick…

I haven’t dropped off the planet…but am still basking in the glorious homeschool convention ‘glow’. {grins}

Can you believe I had my camera on my all weekend and forgot to take ONE SINGLE PICTURE??

I met Dari, one of the ladies who wrote Galloping the Globe…had much fun with Roy & Richelle from VA Soaps & Scents {making my hubby carry off a huge stash of their Lemon Verbena soap and lotion}…found some wonderful new stuff to use this upcoming year…and am feeling much refreshed.

I’ll be sharing some of my ‘finds’ with you all soon…both from curriculum and some of the workshops I did get to attend. Stay tuned!

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Homeschool Village ~ Refreshment

This week for the Homeschool Village Blog Hop the question is…

What do you – homeschool mom – do to get refreshed for the next school year?

When this post goes up, I will be doing one of my favorite things to renew and refocus ~ homeschool convention! Aimlessly wandering vendor halls…browsing used curriculum…catching up with friends…and getting excited about the upcoming school year and the curriculum that we’re using. That is truly one of my FAVORITE things to do. This year my hubby is heading along for the ride ~ I don’t really think he understands my frame of mind and focus when I am there…but he’s about to find out! :)

Last year I also took a two-day trip with some friends {technically we called it a ‘planning weekend’}…and while there was planning involved, there was also a lot of laughter and fun too ~ something that every mommy needs more than once in awhile! One of my friends moved away this year, but I’m hoping that somehow, some way I’ll be able to get away for a few days again just to get a ton of our year’s planning out of the way so that I can take a deep breath and relax.

Not that I overplan or anything….

Don’t forget to visit Stef at Layton Family Joy and visit some of the other ladies that are sharing their ‘refreshment’ ideas. The post will be going up on Thursday…so technically this week I’m a little early!

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Daydreaming of Wide Open Spaces

I literally laughed out loud at a comment I received from one of you all recently.

“I thought of you this weekend as I drove through your next of the woods! I couldn’t help but to day dream of you and your beautiful family playing on one of the wonderful farms (of course you probably don’t live on a farm…it was just part of the romantic day dream)…”

Sadly, we’re not on a  farm ~ probably much to many of my neighbors dismay. I’m sure that THEY would appreciate our family having lots of wide open space to run amuck.

If you were driving past my house, you would more than likely find me doing one of the following in our back yard:

  • telling my son to get down off the roof of the van {again}
  • yelling for my son to get off of the roof of the shed
  • yelling at my daughter to get off the roof of the shed
  • wishing my children would just climb the tree instead of every other possible fixture in our backyard
  • hiding the little play lawnmower from my children so that the incessant fighting will end peace and harmony will abound

Not that I yell at my children {ahem}.

Day dreaming about a little farm is sounding rather lovely right now…

Oh, the Irony…

There are quite a few days when we are doing actual ‘school’ where we have much complaining, sighs, and groans from the kids.

Are we DONE yet? Do we HAVE to have school today? Etc….etc….

We’re on a much needed break and just relaxing as a family, but do you know what the kids are doing most of the time?

Playing school.

Go figure.