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The Little Rabbit Sensory Bin … or Tray

Initially I had grand plans for a super cute sensory bin to go along with the book The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn. A few things had been put aside to put in the tub, but when I asked for Kaleb’s help the first day of our unit, he decided that less was more and had just as much fun playing with it.

The Little Rabbit Sensory Bin

Inside our sensory tub/tray:

The Little Rabbit Sensory bin-2

Instead of using a tub for this, we used a shallow lid. Kaleb decided that instead of Easter grass he wanted to use green construction paper for the grass, so we put that on the tray.

The Little Rabbit Sensory bin-1

In the story, the rabbit hutch has hay, so I cut the tan construction paper into thin strips and then Kaleb had fun snipping off small pieces to put inside the hutch {great fine motor work for him, since he typically doesn’t like using scissors}.

The Little Rabbit Sensory bin-4

We added the figures to our tray and this has been the ‘go to’ toy all week for not only Kaleb, but the other kids as well. Tiny little latches, hidden doors – so much fun.

The Little Rabbit Sensory bin-5

Less has definitely been more this week.

Don’t miss The Little Rabbit Printable Pack to go along with the story!


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One of My Favorite Christmas Gifts Ever

This year I mentioned that we were focusing as a family to give more to others. As part of that, we asked the kids to be creative, not worry about what to buy us, but have fun CREATING something for us. Laurianna worked so very hard on her gift for me and it made me laugh and cry – all in a good way – but it is officially one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever.

{Well, aside from the necklace that Zachary made for Laurianna using ribbon and pencil grips…}

The First Chrismtas book-1

Laurianna wrote me a book called The Very First Christmas {A Camel’s Story} and illustrated it as well. Aside from the sweet story that follows a camel as he travels with the Magi to see baby Jesus, she even took the time to create a back cover for the book. After she finished the story, Laurianna read it to her siblings and then included their ‘testimonials’ on the back.

The First Chrismtas book-1-2

A delightful children’s story about the journey of the Magi.  

~ LRE publishing co.

It’s adorable and should be published.      ~ McKenna

AWESOME!!! AMAZING!!!     ~ Zachary

I don’t know! Okay!?     ~ Kaleb

Kaleb’s comment cracks me up, because it is such a ‘typical’ saying from him…and I can just hear the conversation between the two of them:

L: What did you think about the book? What was your favorite part?

K: I don’t know! Okay!?

Just a sweet gift that makes me smile and one of those that we’ll be keeping around for years to come! Did you have a favorite gift this year – one that you will be remembering for years to come?


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The Difference a ‘P’ Can Make

During grammar time today, McKenna was working on her independent work and I stopped over to see how she was doing. It’s ALWAYS important to make sure that you are copying things exactly as you see them {ahem}. It can change entirely the way a sentence reads.

Letter P Mishap

One letter {added or missing} can make all the difference in the meaning of a sentence.

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Truth in the Tinsel

Chocolate Fix ~ Logic Game for Children

Chocolate Fix Game

Before you think I have our kids dripping with chocolate or rolling all over the back yard in it, I’m talking about a game by the name of Chocolate Fix by Think Fun. Sadly, just looking at it makes me crave a truffle, but there are no calories {or mess} to be had playing this game.

The Game of Chocolate Fix

Chocolate Fix Game-1

A friend introduced us to this game a few months ago and it has become a favorite with our girls {and maybe a certain mother who loves logic games}. Chocolate Fix comes with nine colorful chocolate pieces – 3 colors that are in the shape of a circle, triangle and square.

Chocolate Fix Game-5

There are 40 logic and deduction puzzles to solve that increase in difficulty. Each level has various clues and hints to help place a few of the chocolate pieces, but you need to use your brain to figure out the rest of the placement of the other pieces.

And it is rather addicting {in a non-caloric way, thank goodness}.

Chocolate Fix Game-4

Our girls have had so much fun playing it, that there have been moments they have both wanted to play at the same time. We’ve competed against each other to see who can complete a challenge first. Even I’m enjoying the game and stretching my brain a bit from time to time!

iPhone Screenshot 2

We loved it enough that we also purchased the Chocolate Fix app {iPad or iPhone} as well. It also includes hints and the chocolate is a yummy strawberry pink.

The Chocolate Fix game is one that can be played again and again. We purchased our game from Amazon and would definitely recommend it to you all.  We’re having a lot of fun playing some new logic games this year and hope to share more with you soon!

What are some of your favorite games that are fun to play – but also include a heap of learning?


Can a Chicken Have Twins? ~ Impromptu Science

You know what I love about homeschooling? In our day we have the flexibility to answer those crazy questions that come up.

Like when you crack one of your eggs for breakfast and realize that there is a double yoke inside.

Double Yolk-1

Over the last week or so we’ve had 3 eggs with double yokes come from our hens. After the second one, Zachary was watching me cook them and asked, “Can chickens have twins?”

To be completely honest, the thought had never even crossed my mind. We quickly Googled it, found a video on YouTube that answered the question, and had ourselves an impromptu science lesson over breakfast.

In the last few weeks here are a few fun things we’ve ‘explored’ just around our house…

Imperial Moth-1 Imperial Moth Caterpillar-1-2

An interesting caterpillar. It turned out to be an Imperial Moth caterpillar and we created a habitat for it. A few hours later, it buried itself under the dirt and went into its pupa stage. Now we’re waiting {and may be for months!!} to see what will emerge.

Praying Mantis-1

Praying mantis fun….we caught one in our front bushes and then fed it an unsuspecting grasshopper. See? {warning – a bug will lose a life in this video}

Homeschooling allows us these moments – I LOVE that we can detour off our plans at any point during our day and enjoy hands-on learning together.

Today, leave a comment and share a memorable impromptu learning moments that has happened in your home!

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Fun with Farkle ~ Family Game Idea

Some of you may think that I just made a rude sound. The kids are certainly getting a few giggles out of it. My question is, how have we not heard of the game Farkle before?

Farkle Dice Cup

Have you heard of it??

When camping this past weekend, another family pulled out their Farkle game and our kids magically disappeared. Occasionally we would hear groans and shouts of “Farkle!” coming from their direction, but they had so.much.fun.

The next day we had to run to the store and do you know what the first thing was we put into our shopping cart? Two containers of Farkle. One for the house and one to add to our camping stash.

Six simple dice. One cup to shake them all up and spill them out. Hours of fun adding points, figuring out game strategy, and one momma who isn’t going to point out the fact that they are all getting in a little math practice in between the shouts of “Farkle!”

Don’t tell them, ok?

What are your family’s favorite games that are simple and fun to take along with you? Any fun ones to share with us?