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Fun with Farkle ~ Family Game Idea

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Some of you may think that I just made a rude sound. The kids are certainly getting a few giggles out of it. My question is, how have we not heard of the game Farkle before?

Farkle Dice Cup

Have you heard of it??

When camping this past weekend, another family pulled out their Farkle game and our kids magically disappeared. Occasionally we would hear groans and shouts of “Farkle!” coming from their direction, but they had so.much.fun.

The next day we had to run to the store and do you know what the first thing was we put into our shopping cart? Two containers of Farkle. One for the house and one to add to our camping stash.

Six simple dice. One cup to shake them all up and spill them out. Hours of fun adding points, figuring out game strategy, and one momma who isn’t going to point out the fact that they are all getting in a little math practice in between the shouts of “Farkle!”

Don’t tell them, ok?

What are your family’s favorite games that are simple and fun to take along with you? Any fun ones to share with us?

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. We’ve had this game for YEARS and never once played it! Can you believe it? I suppose I should pull it out, huh? LOL

    • yes!! you need to! It reminds me a bit of Yahtzee, but the rules are a little different and the younger kids can play it more easily. :)

    • Amanda b says

      Could a 5yr old play it? We are at a cabin this week and I think this wound be fun! I have always been a lover of games.

    • If you are helping add up the points, then yes!! :) It’s a great way to identify numbers and groups of numbers as well. Kaleb plays along, but one of the older kids helps him add up his points. :)

  2. I have heard of it but never played! Sounds like a fun game!

  3. Mary Beth says

    We love Spot It and Blink… both small card games that are portable and great for kids of varied ages to play together. I’ll be picking up Farkle on our next trip to Target!

    • Uno, Phase 10, and and Skip Bo are a few others we have for camping and the house. I’ll have to check into both of those as well!! Thanks!

  4. You should try ‘Spicy Farkle’, the rules are a bit different because of the way you add up the points but I think it’s a better version and a lot more fun!!!

  5. We love Farkle! I bought a pocket Farkle from the toy store and keep it in my purse to play in waiting rooms.

  6. One that I like to carry around is Left, Right, Center. It is so tiny, and teaches directions. Plus you can play with a ton of people. We have played Farkel for years or we used to call it 10,000. I just recently bought the actual game, but we would always scrounge up random dice from all our other games to play.

  7. GenevieveElias says

    We played farkle for the first time over christmas. My nine year old loved it. I really like the game apples to apples because it makes you think of analogies. Great game for language arts. My seniors loved playing it and it still fit within my curriculum.

  8. Farkel is still a family favorite for all ages. Another one is Sequence. We teamed up little ones with older ones when the kids were younger. Left Right Center is great with a large family group (played with dollar bills!)

  9. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog this morning in my search for homeschool inspiration as the beginning of school approaches. I’m new to homeschooling, starting fresh with my kindergartener. I’ve actually taken my blog design hobby full time just to be able to quit my teaching job and be able to stay home and homeschool. Anyways, loved reading your posts and laughed when I read this one. Not sure but sounds like this is a bit above my 5 year old, but I’m thinking of maybe getting this for hubby!


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