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Our Girls are Laying!!

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Just before we left for vacation, a few of our ‘girls’ started laying their first eggs.


We also added a few new friends to our flock too {which were not very well received, ahem}. Once they settle in a bit more, I’ll have to share our completed coop and pictures.

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  1. Mlindbergfl says

    lol…. the girls are the chickens….  got it.

  2. yay!!! How exciting!! I hope you are having a great time on your trip!!

  3. Lamar Ontko says

    You must have gotten yours around the same time as we did.  We have 7 pullets, and 4 of them are laying now.  Looks like you have an Easter Egger chicken.  Can’t wait to see pics if them and your coop.

  4. I’m so jealous! I really want chicken’s but our HOA frowns upon them.

  5. anne @ Learningtable says

    Wow!  Those eggs are huge! I wish we could have chickens in our neighborhood. I’d love to gather eggs everyday–it looks like fun.


  6. Samantha Packer says

    Ooooo Those are big eggs for first eggs!!! Is that a light green I see and a speckled! How fun!!

    • the light green one came from one of our new hens ~ we have a black one and a gray one now…can’t tell which one is laying for sure. Two of our brown hens are laying too! :)

    • Samantha Packer says

      That’s awesome! I have some Americanas that are about a month from laying and they are supposed to lay different shades of green blue or even pink! Can’t wait to see what we get!

  7. Cajunrose says

    YAY! How fun!!  We are VERY close to getting eggs ourselves. We are watching them like a hawk to find that first egg…so excited!

  8. Our hens just started laying this week too! Isn’t is so exciting!?  I’ve been stalking your site for weeks preparing our first fall of homeschooling!  Thanks for making me feel like I can do this!

  9. Robin at Stone Soup Homeschool says

    Congrats, Sweets!  Ours just started laying too!  Well, one is. I’m sure the others will catch up soon.  It took me two weeks before I had the heart to actually break one open and use it tho! LOL… They work so hard to produce those eggs!

  10. Oh how I wish we had some chickens!!!

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