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Pocket Chart Calendar Card Set

I have a little something special to share with my subscribers today! Each month I have been sharing a new set of monthly pocket chart calendar cards with you all (and I will still be doing that), but if you don’t want to wait for the rest of the cards and would like a few extra bonuses, read on!

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy

The Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Set includes 12 months of themed calendar headers and 3 sets of number cards for each month that can be used to work on pattern sequences with children: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together. The full Pocket Chart Calendar Card Set includes:

    • 12 monthly headers – in English and Spanish
    • days of the week cards – in English and Spanish
    • 3 sets of patterned number cards for each month – 36 number sets in all!   
    • yearly date headers – from 2014 through 2021
    • a few bonus special occasion calendar cards


Our Calendar Pocket Chart

Pocket chart calendar

We use this pocket chart and have had it for over fifteen years! Print the cards onto cardstock, laminate, and use in your pocket chart to keep track of special days that are coming up in your school year.  

Pocket Chart Holiday and Special Occasion Calendar Cards

Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards

There’s a little something extra you can purchase to go along with the pocket chart calendar printables too – holiday and special occasion cards! These cards can be included in your calendar to share special days that are coming up in your home or classroom.

The set of 36 cards includes: 100th Day of School, Birthdays, Arbor Day, Christmas, Columbus Day, Constitution Day, Earth Day, Easter, Election Day, Father’s Day, Field Trip, First Day of… (School, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter), Flag Day, Fourth of July, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Labor Day, Last Day of School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, New Years Day, Palm Sunday, Picture Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Vacation, Valentine’s Day, and Veteran’s Day.

Buy the Holiday and Special Occasion Cards for $1.50

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Don’t Want to Subscribe?

If you would rather not subscribe to this site, you can purchase the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Cards for $5.00 (click here to add to your cart) or grab the Yearly Pocket Chart Calendar Card Bundle {includes a set of the Holiday and Special Occasion cards) for just $3.50 (click here to add the bundle to your cart).

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The BEST Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

The best homeschool spelling curriculum - and why we like it so much from homeschoolcreations.net


Six years ago our family started using a homeschool spelling curriculum that literally changed the way I looked at curriculum overall.  All About Spelling helped me realize that I COULD teach a subject with confidence, and there were programs available that would reach a variety of learning styles while still keeping life simple for me as a mom and teacher.

Our kids are at different spelling levels now, ranging from Level 1 up to 6, and All About Spelling has been a fabulous addition to our homeschool curriculum. (I have to admit that I am a bit sentimental over the fact that our youngest is just about finished with the first level – and I honestly don’t want to give it up!) Each of our children has used the program a bit differently than other siblings, but that is the true beauty of All About Spelling – you can adapt it to fit your family! We are all hooked on the program and look forward to spelling time together each week.

A Quick Look at the Spelling Curriculum

All About Spelling teaches phonograms, spelling rules and patterns, word segmenting, syllables, and so much more.  It is an easy step-by-step spelling curriculum with multisensory lessons that focuses on spelling mastery. The program is based on Orton-Gillingham methods combined with the latest research.

Ten Reasons to Love All About Spelling

Each of our children has used the program a bit differently than the others, but that is the true beauty of All About Spelling.

  1. The lessons are amazingly easy to follow.  Step-by-step lightly scripted plans are given for each lesson in the level being worked on, letting the teacher know what materials are needed. Each lesson also includes ‘teacher tips’ to explain various concepts and rules.
  2. Lessons can be customized to your child’s specific needs. When we first started, we went through the early lessons rather quickly. Now we pace the lessons based on a rate that is comfortable for each child, making sure concepts have been mastered.
  3. Each lesson includes opportunity for review. Lessons Each include a way to review the steps and rules that have been taught in previous lessons, along with reinforcement for the rules that were learned during that lesson.
  4. The materials are hands-on and geared toward a variety of learning styles. Whether your child is a hands-on, auditory, or visual learner – or anything combined – there is something in the program to help! One of our favorite parts of All About Spelling are the magnetic letter tiles used spell out the words and sounds that are being practiced. Each level also includes flashcards for review. This hands-on aspect has really helped the learning with two of our children. (Not sure about your child’s learning style – check out this post for a little help.)
  5. The focus is on spelling strategies, not on spelling list memorization. Rather than handing your child a list to memorize and practice, All About Spelling focuses on the rules behind spelling. If there are any exceptions to the rule, they are covered as well (the English language can be tricky, and even I’ve learned a thing or two over the years!).
  6. Concepts are taught one at a time and introduced at appropriate levels. Let’s face it – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different rules and phonograms. In All About Spelling, a concept is taught, practiced, and then continually reviewed in upcoming lessons to make sure that mastery is achieved.
  7. The lessons are short and effective. Each lesson takes between 15-20 minutes to complete, but the objectives are clearly stated and there isn’t any prep time required. (No excuses for not working on spelling now!)
  8. It is a complete curriculum from preschool to high school. There are seven levels in the program. It’s a one-stop spelling curriculum, and I LOVE that! Our oldest is currently 7th grade and working on level 6, but
  9. The program is non-consumable. For our family of four, this is a huge help! Both the teacher’s manual and student materials can be re-used with younger children because NONE of it is consumable! That adds up to a huge savings when the cost is spread out between children – AND it can be sold when the level is finished.
  10. The company has a fabulous guarantee and support. There have been times that I’ve had questions over the years, and the office support has been a HUGE help to me. In addition, All About Learning Press offers a wonderful guarantee – you have a FULL YEAR to try out the All About Spelling program. If it doesn’t work for you, just return the materials at any time within one year and they will give you a full refund. (That’s how much they believe in their program).

      Get Started with All About Spelling

  • Spelling Materials (Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet): Each level of All About Spelling comes with a materials packet that includes flashcards,  a progress chart, a completion certificate, and other tools to help you teach. The program also uses letter tiles that can be used in all seven levels. The letter tiles are not included in the material pack of each level (so that you wouldn’t have six sets). If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you can order additional materials packets.  
  • Spelling Interactive Kit: The basic or deluxe interactive kit is used through all seven levels of All About Spelling – and you only need to purchase one (even if you are teaching multiple children). Kit components can be purchased separately – I personally recommend buying a few extra review boxes and divider cards to store all of the cards for the seven levels. Don’t miss their FREE phonogram sounds app either!

There is nothing that I haven’t been pleased about with this curriculum – seriously! If you are interested in learning more about how to teach using All About Spelling, know that they a 100% learning satisfaction guarantee. This is definitely a program that we recommend – and also that you check out their homeschool reading programs!

Not sure where to begin? Find out if your child is ready to begin spelling or determine what level to start with by visiting the All About Spelling site.


Start your All About Spelling journey now!



New to Homeschooling?

If you are new to homeschooling and aren’t sure where to begin in choosing homeschool curriculum, please don’t let this post overwhelm you! Here are a few posts that you might find helpful as you discover what is best for your family. Be sure to check out the entire Homeschool Basics series for answers to more frequently asked homeschool questions.

Homeschool Teaching Styles and Philosphies.png Identifying Children's Learning Styles copy How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

This All About Spelling Review was written based on our personal use of the program over the past six years.

February Pocket Chart Calendar Pieces

Hopefully, February will be a bit warmer than the month of January has been for us! If anything you can warm up your laminator and get ready to print and laminate the February pocket chart calendar pieces. {Psst —> Here are some cheaper laminating pouches we use and LOVE!}

February pocket chart calendar pieces from Homeschool Creations




Use the different colored number cards to try different pattern sequences: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together. Here’s an example of different patterns using the cards from September.

pattern example

The set includes a calendar header for the month of February as well.

February pocket chart calendar header from Homeschool Creations


——> Download the February Calendar Pieces HERE <——

Additional Calendar Helps

Here are a few additional printables and helps for you all, including the pocket chart that we use, laminating tips, and additional printables you may like:




Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards



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PDF Printing Problems

Having trouble downloading or printing this file? Be sure to check out the post on PDF Download Problems for tips and tricks on getting the files to download properly. The solution is usually something simple and quick!

September Calendar Numbers – Free Printable

For the last sixteen years I’ve used the same calendar pieces, both in my public school teaching and during our homeschool time. Last week, I decided it was time to change things up a bit and pulled together some new ones to use during our calendar time.

September Calendar Numbers free printable from Homeschool Creations


To work on various pattern sequences, there are THREE different sets of number pieces: green, yellow, and red. Each color has a different clip art pattern to match.

pattern example

Using the different colored number cards to try different pattern sequences: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and more.

September Calendar Header

The set also includes a calendar header for the month of September as well.

Would you like a set to use too? {grins}


——> Download the September Calendar Numbers HERE <——

Additional Calendar Helps

Here are a few additional printables and helps for you all, including the pocket chart that we use, laminating tips, and additional printables you may like:

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards


Sponsor Thanks for September

We SO appreciate the following companies – be sure to stop by their sites and check them out.

Teach Them Diligently Marketplace


Teach Them Diligently Conventions were created to encourage families in discipleship, home education, and the mission of reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ! We hope you’ll plan to join us in 2014!

Home Art Studio is a K-5 home art program for families that features projects designed to increase students’ love and appreciation of the visual arts. The Home Art Studio program will enhance a child’s ability to problem-solve, think creatively, and truly see the world around them. The art projects students will complete are designed to illustrate the elements and principles of art in an age-appropriate way.

Master Books is the world’s largest publisher of creation-based materials for all ages: including apologetics, homeschool curriculum and resources, reference titles, and quality children’s literature. Master Books has NEW Creation-inspired educational choices. Easy-to-use & students build a strong biblical worldview, while we’ve done all the prep work for you!

Snuggle up on the couch with your preschooler and the NEW beautifully illustrated book from Apologia, A Light for My Path. This book is based on Psalm 119 and  is an alphabet book written to help children develop an abiding love and deep respect for God’s Word.

Maestro Classics features stories set to classical music for children and families. Award winning musicians and storytellers will entertain and captivate their audience, while teaching children about classical music. Don’t miss the free curriculum guides to go with the Maestro Classics CDs!


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My Favorite Homeschool Supplies

Everyone has a few school supplies they just cannot do without in their homeschool day. I’m willing to guess you have a few ‘must have’ items, right? Yours may be different from mine – and I’d love to hear what you all consider the MOST necessary to have on hand.

Favorite Homeschool Supplies


A few of the things on my list you may have already guessed, but these are the ten things that I turn to a daily basis {well, almost daily for most of them!}.

1. A Dry Erase Board


Our dry erase board has been one of the best purchases that we’ve made. It hosts our All About Spelling letter tiles, gives me space to sketch pictures during our group Bible learning time, and is truly a huge help. Every now and then there are fun notes scribbled on it from the kids along with a picture to start our morning – which makes it even more fun.

2. An iPad

Aside from the learning games and apps that we have loaded up on our iPad {we have an iPad 2}, any of the teacher’s manuals for our curriculum are on it as well for easy access. Currently we have our Picture Smart Bible manual, WriteShop manuals, All About Homophones, our Home Art Studio pdfs and a few other homeschool ebooks for me to read if there is a snippet of time open in our school day.

3. Post-it Flags


They may be little and simple, but the Post-it flags are all over the place in our schoolroom. They don’t stick to pages permanently and peel off easily, so they are great to use in the many different books that we are using for our lessons.

4. Ticonderoga Pencils

Not sure exactly when I became a pencil snob, but after dealing with several miserable packs of cheap pencils that just kept breaking and wouldn’t stay sharpened, I purchased a big pack of Ticonderoga pencils. Since then, we’ve never looked back and they are one of the first things in my cart each school year…and during the school year.

And before I forget, Ticonderoga also makes some great pencils that have a black exterior instead of the standard No. 2 yellow. I typically pick up a pack or two of those for myself – so the kids don’t try to walk of with my pencils {I’m not territorial or anything}.

5. Weekly Homeschool Planner


It pretty much goes without saying that I love my homeschool planner. {grins} Every day I’m tracking what we’re learning and recording our lesson plans.

6. A 3 Ring Hole Punch

With the various coloring pages, lessons, and papers around our home, I find the 3 ring hole punch out and being used daily by our kids. As I type this up, I’m staring at it on someone’s desk – and it’s the third time today that I’ve already picked it up and put it away.

7. Papermate InkJoy Pens


The last year or two I’ve been using a set of Papermate InkJoy pens that just make me happy {it’s the little things, right?}. We color code our kids, and each of their colors are included in the pack so this gives me a quick visual when I print off lesson plans and add things in.

8. Crayola pencils, crayons, and such

This year I officially became a Crayola snob {yes, I’ll admit it openly}. We had purchased some less expensive crayons and colored pencils for about half the price, and within the first WEEK of school, many of the colored pencils had been sharpened down to little nubs of nothing because the tips kept breaking off {and on the crayons as well}. We switched out to Crayola and haven’t had any issues. {have to love it}

9. My 31 Bag

31 Bag for School

It’s a simple bag really, but we have three 31 Bags in our homeschool room to help keep supplies organized. One of the organizing utility totes holds my binder and daily teaching supplies, another holds our writing folders, and still another holds our reading materials. The bags are quick and easy to pick up and go, especially if we are traveling {not that I would make our kids do school work on the go – cough}.

10. A Laminator

The Scotch Laminator has been put to the test in our home. We’re still using the original one I purchased at least 4 years ago, but know that I have a spare one on hand just in case. We use some cheaper laminating pouches as well, and they have worked fabulously over the last 2 years.

What about you? What items are on your

‘must have’ list for homeschooling?

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Homeschool ebook Omnibus Bundle – Five Days Only!

Omnibus Prices


Last year I was SO very excited to share the Omnibus bundle with you all and this year, you will NOT be disappointed! The Omnibus is PACKED with even more goodies to give you more bargain for your money.

For the next FIVE DAYS ONLY, from August 20th – 25th, you can download over 90 ebooks for just $25. Purchased separately, these ebooks and curriculum packs are valued at over $350 ~ are you seeing the savings? This bundle works out to about 30 cents for each ebook!

The Weekly Homeschool Planner {normally $20} is included in the Omnibus and I am so excited to share this with you!! Read below to find out more about the bundle and what is included!

What is the Homeschool eBook Omnibus?

Simply put – it’s a fabulous collection of over 90 ebooks from homeschool authors with a little bit of everything: curriculum, helps for mom, homeschool planners, and SO much more!



How long will the Omnibus sale last?

The sale will begin at 12:01am ET on Tuesday, August 20th and end at midnight on Saturday, August 24th.

What eBooks are included in the Homeschool Omnibus?

Additional Resources: Codes and Links Provided After Purchase of Omnibus

  • From Fortuigence: Get kids ready for writing! Grab access to a short online course that supports you in setting a powerful setting for your kids to become strong writers. A $79 value — yours free!
  • From A Plan in Place: 10% off entire order.
  • The Story of Abraham Lincoln : written by Heritage History from Heritage History
  • From WriteShop: 15% off storewide.
  • From A+ TutorSoft: 20% off your entire order.
  • Also from A+ TutorSoft: download a free ($21.99 value) math supplement that helps to build a strong foundation and close learning gaps for struggling students.
  • From Bright Ideas Press: Free media shipping with an order of $30 or more.
  • From Real Life Press: 15% off entire purchase in the store.
  • From Shining Dawn Books: Get 30% off ANY order through the end of August, 2013.
  • From Kirsten Joy Awake: Download a free copy of Bible Writer: Volume 1, an all in one Bible Memory and Copywork curriculum.

Why are you selling this collection so cheap?

The authors are all homeschool moms like you who want to bless you all and give back in some way to the homeschool community. We know how much curriculum and school supplies cost – so this is a super deal!

Is there any other information I need to know before purchasing?

If you have questions regarding downloading, or any other problems, contact the  iHomeschool Network. They are handling the details of the sale.  Find the FAQ and Contact information here on their website.



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