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Teaching Textbooks Will Prep Your Kids for College

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{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post in partnership with Teaching Textbooks}

Any of our long-time readers know that we have had a staple in our yearly homeschool curriculum. It’s a program we love and recommend whenever we can – Teaching Textbooks. As dedicated users of the program since 2010, we’ve had the opportunity to use every one of their math levels from Level 3 through Pre-Calculus.

One of the questions/concerns I’ve had from several parents over the years has tied into Teaching Textbooks and preparing their child for college. Will Teaching Textbooks be enough for college entry? And SATs? 

Here are some of my honest thoughts and opinions on the issue – and the short answer is this: I do believe that YES their program will prepare our children and is an incredible resource to homeschool families

Before I jump fully into things, I would invite you to read a little more about our switch to Teaching Textbooks back in 2010 and the overall reasons we recommend their program.  

When we first started with Teaching Textbooks, I heard and read various criticisms by some about their program. A few said it was behind other programs or that their kids used it and didn’t test well. Of course, criticisms like this are common with any widely-used math curriculum. But we had several friends who had no problems whatsoever, so we decided to move ahead because we needed a program that our kids enjoyed using – and that would help them learn.

Out of our four children, we currently have two children in high school, a child who has taken and done well on the SAT (and successfully graduated), and have had no issue with college acceptance or with Teaching Textbooks being our math curriculum. 

After the tenth grade, our oldest daughter took entrance tests in language and math so she could register for classes at our local community college (she did great on the math potion, by the way). Math is quite honestly her least favorite subject – just because she would rather delve into a good book, dissect a specimen, or learn more about human anatomy. She’s wired that way. BUT she did well on the math portion of the SAT as well, using zero outside prep other than Teaching Textbooks. (Side note: as we have completed standardized testing over the years, our children have tested highly in math each year).

Whatever criticisms we have heard have not proven true. We have seen success with Teaching Textbooks as our primary math curriculum for the past nine years. Teaching Textbooks will prepare for college – and it has!

Teaching Textbooks is a MUST for high school homeschool. 

For those who struggle in math themselves, Teaching Textbooks is an amazing curriculum to have on hand each year. The lessons are all taught via the program, meaning you as a mom get a break and don’t have to remember al the concepts you may not recall from your own high school days. Each lesson has an instructor who walks kids through the concept being taught, works through sample problems, and then kids work on daily problems and/or periodic tests.

One of my favorite features, especially in the high school years, are second chances. Parents can allow the program to offer a second chance for a correct answer. For kids that get frustrated easily, this can be a huge help. Let’s face it: sometimes kids try to rush through a problem or enter an answer too quickly. If they make a mistake, they could take a second chance and try again to get the problem correct. 

On top of second chances, the program SELF-GRADES. For those of you working with high schoolers, this is an amazing mom-help. Yes, we definitely want a program that works well for our children, but the benefit to parents cannot be overlooked either. 

We started with the textbook and CD-Rom versions of the various levels and a little over a year ago we moved over to Teaching Textbooks 3.0, a fully-online version of the program (meaning access anywhere you have WiFi access – no disks needed).  

Something I do want to note: as with any other program/curriculum, parent participation/oversight is necessary. Our family has a policy that if the kids score a 90 or better on a lesson, they can move on to the next lesson. If they are having difficulty and/or score below a 90 on a lesson, we sit down with them to review the concept they are struggling with until they understand and are ready to move on. 

You CAN Jump Ahead (or stay on grade level)

All of our kids started at their appropriate level, and we gave our youngest a placement test before he started. As our kids progressed through and enjoyed working on math, we let them work ahead. Instead of tears, our kids enjoyed doing math. 

Now granted high school can mean differences in attitude (because not all kids enjoy doing school – grins), but as our kids have been able, they have worked at the level they are able to. For both of our girls, they started Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. When our oldest reached the Pre-Calculus level, she decided to break it up over a two-year period (her 11th and 12th grade year), and that worked well for her and her school schedule.

Currently we have a 9th grader who is finishing Algebra 1 (he started it in the 8th grade), and he will move on to Geometry when he completes Algebra 1. Our 11th grade daughter started Pre-Calculus this year and her goal is to complete by the spring, wrapping up her math for high school. 

A Few Other High School Notes

  • Each level of Teaching Textbooks high school math is equivalent to a full high school credit and they currently offer Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. 
  • A quick look at the gradebook will show you if a lesson is FULLY complete. This is one of my FAVORITE new features that has been added to the program. Prior to this update, the parent had to do a little more digging in the grade book to see if a lesson was 100% completed, but now – there isn’t any hiding if a kiddo “forgets” to do a problem.
  • Print gradebooks anytime.  Maybe I’m not the only one who struggles to keep up-to-date records on subjects, but Teaching Textbooks grades it all for me, and grade books can be printed off at any time for quick and easy record keeping.
  • With the 3.0 version, Teaching Textbooks stores your grades for you, even after your subscription is over. You don’t have to worry about where that grade book disappeared to – they’ve got you covered. 
  • All of the Teaching Textbooks 3.0 programs work on MAC, Windows, and Chromebooks.  For our family, the Chromebook aspect was HUGE since we didn’t have a disk drive. The full Teaching Textbooks 3.0 was one of the few programs we didn’t have any issues with! 

Prior to starting high school, Teaching Textbooks was a lifesaver for our family, allowing the kids a chance to work through math at their pace and independently, while also enjoying the process of learning. As we’ve moved into high school it has continued to be a benefit to our family,

More on Teaching Textbooks

Try Teaching Textbooks 3.0 for FREE

If you’d like to test out the 3.0 version, you can start a Free Trial of the complete program, up through Lesson 15. The trial includes lectures, solution, eBook, and grading on each of the products. If you decide to purchase the full version, everything transfers over for you! 

And bonus – you can try ANY and EVERY level. They are that generous! Learn more HERE. 

Not sure where to start? Download and print a placement test online. 


Win a Subscription to Teaching Textbooks 3.0

Teaching Textbooks has generously offered to give ONE FREE SUBSCRIPTION (any level) to Teaching Textbook’s new 3.0 version to one of my readers!! The Rafflecopter widget below will give you instructions below, and includes the option of the free trial as well. :) Because it is an online platform – everyone can enter, provided they are 18 years of age or older.

Giveaway ends Monday, October 7th at midnight EST. 

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  3. We absolutely LOVE Teaching Textbooks! We have been using them for three years now (grades 3-5) and they have worked great for my boys. We were able to level up for both boys and they love doing math on the computer!! I can’t recommend them enough. We would love to win Math 7.

  4. I’d like to try Algebra 2

  5. Teaching Textbooks has been a lifesaver for us! With 5 kids they can all do math at the same time and I don’t have to teach 5 different levels. Our day would take much longer without it!!

  6. Joy Lockwood says

    I recently started using teaching Textbooks and I absolutely love it. My daughter who had begun to hate math loves it again. She enjoys getting to work on the computer.

  7. Teaching Textbooks saved me when I had my fourth child.

  8. Kristina Whitaker says

    I liked TT. I think we may try it again with some of my kids. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  9. We just began the free trial of pre-Algebra for my 9ty header and so far we both like it! We’ve used so many math curriculums and never found one yet until now. I think this is it! So winning the free set would be a blessing for us.

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    We’d love our son to try Algebra 1 in the 3.0 version

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    We are currently using level 5 so I would like to get level 6.

  18. Love TT for my reluctant youngest. Helps me to keep her going.

  19. Christine Smith says

    I would love to have Pre- Calculus!

  20. I’m interested and will give it a try for a math adverse kiddo.

  21. We have free trail 6 going now. Would love to have level 3 as well.

  22. Audre Taylor says

    We are trying out the free trial of 3,4 and 5 now. I’d love to win 4. :)

  23. I’m not sure if I’d try 8th or 9th for my child

  24. This would be awesome for my oldest starting Geometry. Thanks for this try!!

  25. Amanda Hanke says

    My 8th grader is almost done with her free trial and we would love to win the subscription! Switching from the CD version to the online this year after using TT for the past 3 years. We love it!

  26. Needing Math 6 next.

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  28. Heather Cardenas says

    I would love to win level 3 for my daughter. We have used TT for the last 5 years for my oldest and we love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Geometry will be our next level – Woohoo!

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  31. I’d love my oldest to try Math 3

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    I’d love to win 6th or Pre-Algebra! We’ve used the lower levels and have LOVED them!

  33. Thank you so much for this post! We have been using TT and have been LOVING it. What used to be a chore for both parent and child is now fun and much easier for both to navigate!

  34. Love, love, Teaching Textbooks. In the last 15 years of homeschooling, we’ve done every level except Pre-Cal.
    We switched from Algebra 2 CDs to the online 3.0
    I could use the switch to 3.0 with my Pre-Algebra and 5th grade students as well, as their CDs are getting scratched up and some unusable!

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  41. My eldest is 4th grade. Let’s start there!

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