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St. Patrick’s Day Sudoku Puzzles – Freebie!

St Patrick's Day sudoku puzzles


Looking for a little additional learning fun for St. Patrick’s Day? These St. Patrick’s Day sudoku puzzles would be a great addition to your day!

There are six puzzles included in the download along with directions and a solutions page {just for mom}. The puzzles are a simple 4×4 square to make it a little easier for younger children.  Simply cut out the missing pieces from the bottom of the page and figure out where they belong!


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St Patrick's Day pinterest board


Don’t Miss These Additional Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Math Printalbes


PDF Printing Problems

Having trouble downloading or printing this file? Be sure to check out the post on PDF Download Problems for tips and tricks on getting the files to download properly. The solution is usually something simple and quick!


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Hands On Angry Bird Addition with Unifix Cubes

When readers email me sharing ways that they have adapted printables – well, I love it!! It’s so wonderful to see them in action in other’s homes and also to see the creativity in learning as well.

Here’s a fun example that Sarah sent in. She printed off the addition page from the Angry Bird printables to use with her son, added in some unifix cubes and voila – some hands-on math fun!

Angry Bird Adidtion

From Sarah:

I printed off the addition activity today and we had so much fun. I taped the birds onto unifix cubes of the same color and we used our Angry Birds game with the sling shot and pigs.

My son set the pigs up and got ready to attack. I gave him a problem… "Joey had two red birds and 4 blue birds to get the pigs… how many did he have all together." We built the problem and then he could use the blocks (birds) to shoot at the pigs. It was great motivation for him to complete his addition problems. Thanks so much!

Great idea, isn’t it? You’d better believe that we’ll be using it when we work on Angry Birds next week!

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Skip Counting Charts ~ updated!

Recently a reader asked me to add a few pages to the Skip Counting Charts that I put together awhile back….which reminded me that we need to get back into the groove of using them more.

The skip counting charts cover the numbers from 2 up to 15. The number pages up to 12 each have a little ‘rhyme’ at the top, show how skip counting with that number works and then skip counts up to whatever 12 x that particular number would be. The few above that number don’t have a rhyme, but still will help you out.

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Enjoy them!!





Number Playdough Mats ~ Free Printables!!

Number playdough mats from 0 through 10 - Homeschool Creations


You may have already downloaded the ABC Playdough Mats, so here’s a fun add-on for you to use with your kids ~ Number Playdough Mats! These were put together per a reader request {thanks so much!}.

Playdough mats are a great tool to use with your children to work on various learning skills as well as help develop their fine motor skills ~ besides, playdough is fun to play with for both kids and adults. These are a fun way to have a little downtime {and stress relief} with your kids!

Print off the number mats included in both sets, laminate them or slide them into a sheet protector, then let your child roll out playdough to form each number. Your child can also form mini balls to place on each of the dots to count along with 1:1 correspondence.

Download the Playdough Mats

Playdough Recipe

This is our FAVORITE playdough recipe – it smells SO GOOD!

FREE ABC Playdough Mats

Our New Math Curriculum ~ Teaching Textbooks

In a few weeks I’ll be sharing our full curriculum line-up for the 2010-2011 school year. I had mentioned a little bit ago that we were already switching over our homeschool math curriculum for both of the girls and they will be continuing with the new program through the summer and then next year.

What did we switch to? Teaching Textbooks.

Are we liking it? Absolutely yes…but this is going to be a lengthy post. :)

We’ve used Abeka since we started homeschooling {and for now Zachary will continue to use it} but during the second half of our school year Laurianna’s frustration was mounting with math ~ and there were many days that resulted in tears for her. In doing the {numerous} reviews for math products this last year, we found one thing that seemed to help her and make it easier ~ the computer.

If I put a worksheet in front of her with 20 problems, she would start, redo, recheck and take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to complete even five problems. Give her 20 similar problems on the computer and she would answer them in very little time, many times figuring the answer in her head ~ and correctly. Math problems that would have taken her five minutes apiece if done using the worksheet.

The difference? Generally with the computer she is getting instant feedback and won’t sit there second-guessing her answers. If she gets one wrong on the computer, she just moves on without a fuss.

We tried several sample lessons of Teaching Textbooks online, took a few placement test and decided to order Math level 4 for her, even though she is closer to the level 5. Abeka covered different concepts, but truthfully the endless worksheets were killing us.

Our goal was to start her on Math level 4 at the end of the year and have her work on a few lessons each week so she would gain confidence in herself and her math skills {because she is smart, she just doesn’t think she is no matter how much encouragement she receives from us}. Essentially, she is reviewing concepts right now, but we’ll move her into level 5 somewhere in the middle of our school year.

Coughing up roughly $100 for the program was a little difficult ~ but we are loving it enough that we ordered {and are waiting for} the Math 3 Kit for McKenna to use. We also only ordered the cd-roms and not the workbooks to go along with the cds at this point, since they can do any problems on scratch paper at this point.

With Teaching Textbooks, basically you watch the lesson, do the problems and then review any of the problems that you missed or need help on. Each lesson has a guided lecture, Q/A time and it self-corrects. When Laurianna is done with her lesson, I’m able to print off her scores to put into our record book, along with any quiz scores {love this!!}. The parent section of the software allows me to have her repeat a lesson if needed, change answers and also shows me specifically where/if she needs help.

Even though the program is a bit more pricey, it can be used again from year-to-year with the rest of our children {making it $25/child for us}, includes a passcode for 2 computers {you can call if more are needed} and it can also be resold {hooray!!}.

The biggest question is ~ does Laurianna like it and is it actually working for her? She actually asks to do her math lessons now, so that should give you some indication of how it is going at our house.

That and McKenna is upset that her program hasn’t arrived yet.


Skip Counting Charts from 2 to 12

Skip counting is one thing that we can definitely do a little more of in our house, but as you all know ~ I like to make stuff and make it cute.

I mean, how horrible would it be to just have NUMBERS on a document?

These skip counting charts cover the numbers from 2 up to 12. Each chart starts with a little ‘rhyme’ at the top, show how skip counting with that number works and then skip counts up to whatever 12 x that particular number would be.

These have already been a huge help in our house. We use them every day as a part of our morning routine and even our 3 year old tries to repeat the numbers along with us!

Enjoy them!!