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Skip Counting Charts ~ updated!

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Recently a reader asked me to add a few pages to the Skip Counting Charts that I put together awhile back….which reminded me that we need to get back into the groove of using them more.

The skip counting charts cover the numbers from 2 up to 15. The number pages up to 12 each have a little ‘rhyme’ at the top, show how skip counting with that number works and then skip counts up to whatever 12 x that particular number would be. The few above that number don’t have a rhyme, but still will help you out.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. These are wonderful! Thanks for all of your great printables! As a mom with 5 boys I can say that you are a great blessing to me!

  2. Brenda Robbins says

    I printed these out on card stock for my 5yo daughter for K this year and laminated them, then put them all in a binder. I then found a cute image of a leaping kangaroo that I printed for a “pointer” for her to hold while she reads through the pages. I’ve been surprised, this first week of school, that this activity is apparently one of her favorites that I’ve prepared for her! She’s gone to it several times and even picked it up today (a Sunday) and did a few pages. Thanks so much for this! I found you via Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/booklovinmom/

  3. Yay!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. These are wonderful and my kiddo loves doing his skip counting every day at calendar time. I was hoping, though, that someday you could add one for skip counting by 25s. It really helps when learning money (counting quarters). Thanks for your great materials!

  5. InLieuofPreschool says

    These are great! Thank you! We are using Classical Conversations this year and these will be awesome for learning our math skip counting each week. If you ever had time (haha), I would love to see a dotted line number version so the kids could practice writing in the numbers and/or one that had blanks for the kids to actually fill in the numbers for practice. Thanks again!! :)


  7. Shannon Cecil says

    These have been such a blessing to our family! I printed out 4 copies, one for each kid and keep them in the car to skip count to. I love you.

  8. Shannon Cecil says

    They are totally portable! I print them out 4 per page, laminate them and then cut them out and punch a hole in the corner and secure them with a ring. I keep them in the car and let them skip count to them to the songs we’ve made up!

  9. Louis Banks says

    Thank you so much. Why re-invent the wheel. And as a single parent; I need all the extra time I can get. Thanks again.

  10. Thanks for finally talking about >Skip Counting Charts ~ updated!
    <Loved it!

  11. I downloaded this a while ago, but my son loves these! Thank you!

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