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Learning Scripture Through Music ~ Teaching God’s Word

Learning Scripture Through Music

This post is a part of my 10 Day of Teaching God’s Word series

One of the most effective ways we’ve found in helping our kids learn Scripture and have it ‘stick’ has been through music. A few years ago our family was introduced to Seeds Family Worship and the results have been wonderful. When I tell you that songs from one of the albums are playing daily in our home, I am not joking. Each member of our family enjoys the music, and I love knowing that as we listen, our kids are firmly planting God’s words in their hearts!

Take a quick listen to one of our favorite songs “Do Not Be Anxious” from Philippians 4: 6-7 {feed subscribers can watch the video here}.


Music also gives us the opportunity to get up and move around. Several of our kids get so much more out of learning when they are physically doing something. We might add in some silly hand motions or act out a song, but it all helps in remembering the words to the verses!

Hearing God’s word played in the background each day and  my kids humming Scripture and singing the word of God as they are in various places around the house just makes me happy. A few weeks ago it literally made me cry sitting downstairs and listening to the boys sing up in their rooms ~ repeating verses and knowing the words will be in their hearts for years to come.

Seeds Family Worship Resources

Below are a few additional ‘go-along’ resources for the Seeds Family Worship cd’s.


I also have a 20% discount code to share with you all when you purchase directly through Seeds Family Worship. Use the code HOMESCHOOLCREATIONS and start planting God’s words in your kids hearts.

Seeds Coupon Code

Note: When you purchase a cd from Seeds, each package actually comes with TWO cds ~ one for you and one to share with a friend. You simply tear the packaging along the perforation and share the extra cd.

Additional Scripture Music Resources

Here are a few additional resources for music that you can use to help your child {and you!!} learn Scripture through music.


Have you found any CDs based on Scripture that have been a help to your family in learning God’s word? Leave a comment and let us know!!


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ABC Bible Verse Flashcard Printables ~ Teaching God’s Word

ABC Bible verse flashcards - 26 verses to hide God's word in your child's heart - Homeschool Creations


It’s not only the preschoolers in this house that enjoy having printables, and although these were put together for our youngest, everyone is working on memorizing a verse for each letter of the alphabet.

I remember learning ABC Bible verses a long {long} time ago ~ and they have stuck in my brain for so many years, so I KNOW that it is a fabulous way to learn and I put together some FREE ABC Bible Verse printables especially for my email subscribers – yay!!



Are you already an email subscriber? Please go to this private page and enter the NEW password. You can find the password in your most current email at the very bottom. Become a subscriber HERE and receive instant access. 


The ABC Bible verse flashcards each print off at 2” x 3”, about the size of a deck of cards. We printed our cards off onto cardstock, laminated them to make them more sturdy, hole-punched them and then put them on a jump ring. {Note: This is how we laminate more inexpensively}.

ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

Using the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

When we are working on verses together, there is a lot of repetition. If we are introducing a new verse I will repeat it a few times for the kids and then we break it up into bite-sized segments to learn. We practice the verse several times throughout the day to get it in our heads and if it’s one of the Seeds Family Worship songs ~ we are sure to play the song to learn it as well.

We continue repeating the verse daily until the kids can recite it on their own with little to no prompting. Depending on how your child learns, hang up only one verse at a time and add new verses to the ring when one is memorized. With the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards it is great to review the ones that have already been learned together.

And ~ in case your family has a few additional verses to add to the mix, there are colored blank cards that you can type into if you would like to create additional verse cards for your child. The area where the verse is typed is editable, since it is a common font {Century Gothic}.

Have your child write the letter of the alphabet in the top area to personalize it! {Please note: I cannot change the verses to KJV because the letters will not match with the verses. You can use the blank page of cards to create your own personalized set.} Hope you all will enjoy the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards.

Download the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

This is a FREE download for email subscribers – and it is really easy to subscribe by simply clicking HEREor by entering your email in the box at the bottom of this post. 

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After you subscribe by email, you will receive a confirmation. Once you confirm your subscription, you will be redirected to a page with a link, password, and directions to get your FREEBIE!! You can always email me if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help you out. 

Hope this helps you out and feel free to ask any questions below!


Looking for a Wall-Sized Version?

Would you like a larger version to hang on your walls at home? Check out the ABC Bible Verse Posters and download a copy as well! Bible Verse Posters



Other Posts in the 10 Days of Teaching God’s Word Series

Love God and His Word ~10 Days of Teaching God’s Word

Welcome to the 10 Days of Teaching God’s Word series, sponsored by iHomeschool Network.  In all there are 28 bloggers participating, so be sure to look at the bottom of this post for a list of each one and her specific topic.


Here at Homeschool Creations, I’ll be looking at ways that we can teach God’s word to our children. Over the next 10 weekdays from April 16th – 27th, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, printables and other helpful resources that we’ve found as a family.

Impressing God’s Word on Our Children

Before you all get an idea in your head that our family has it all together and life is all sunshine and roses, let me just adjust your glasses and let you know that we are not. Every single one of us has our issues, we are far from perfect and have a plethora of room to grow and develop in our relationship with God.

When I was mulling over my topic for the 10 Days Series, the subject of Teaching God’s Word kept coming back to me over and over again. These verses from Deuteronomy 6:4-7 have been playing in my head daily over the last few weeks:

4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Impress them on your children. Talk about them…

What am I doing as a mom in the time that I have with my children each day to impress God’s word on their hearts? What are we doing as a family? What tools have been effective in helping them remember God’s word?

Leading By Example

The most influential thing in teaching our children is that of EXAMPLE. When we are modeling what it means to study God’s word and need His word, they will see what we are doing. As much as I love to tunnel myself away and find a space with complete peace and quiet, I have learned that it is equally important for my kids to see me spending time doing my devotions and reading God’s word.

I can tell my kids that they need to read their Bibles until I am blue in the face. If I am not modeling that behavior for them, it’s a bit pointless isn’t it? Children learn by example. Last year when I was reading through the Bible in 90 Days, my consistency in following the reading sparked a desire in one of our children to do the same {on a moderated schedule}.

When I am consistent in reading God’s word and in having a dedicated time each day, it not only changes my outlook on things, but it effects my children.  My children, better than anyone, know and see my shortcomings on a daily basis, so when I am fully relying on HIM and walking in His strength, it is most evident.

No More Excuses

There are so many things that I know I can do to incorporate God’s word and truth into our daily lives…and so many excuses that I’ve put together not to do those things ~ including putting aside a time for me to just be quiet before God each day.

What about you? Are you consistent in your quiet time? Do you notice a difference when you are consistent? Does your family? Leave a comment and share with us!

Over the next two weeks I’m planning on sharing various resources that have been a help to our family in teaching God’s word to our children {and even me!}. Today I want to leave you with this verse:

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful apart from me.”

John 15:4

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing some preschool helps for memorizing God’s word.

Other Posts in the 10 Days of Teaching God’s Word Series

The 10 Days Series is organized by iHomeschool Network, a collaboration of outstanding homeschool bloggers who connect with each other and with family-friendly companies in mutually beneficial projects. Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. And of course, click the image below to visit all the 10 Days posts from these homeschool moms of the iHomeschool Network. You’ll be blessed with tips on how to handle bad days, cultivating curiosity, teaching with Legos, and much much more!


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Exile And Return: Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther ~ What’s in the Bible? DVD 7

This post is our honest review of a product that we received for free. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

This past week, What’s in the Bible released the seventh DVD in their fun series that walks children {and parents, too!} through the stories of the Bible. The latest installment is Exile and Return: Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther, featuring two 25 minute episodes.


Through Ezra and Nehemiah, children learn more about the return of the Israelites to the land of Judah. Their return is anything but easy, and we discover the important role that each man played in the history of the country, including the amazing re-building of the wall in just 52 days!

The story of Esther is one that many of us are familiar with, but it will induced lots of laughter and giggles from the children as they follow the story of a young girl turned queen who helps save her people from the wicked plans of Haman.

Whats in the Bible DVD 7-1

Thanks to What’s in the Bible, we had a chance to sit down and watch it with some of our friends and have a party of sorts. We always love an excuse to have friends over! Our kids were so excited when the package arrived with the latest installment and especially excited to share it with their friends.

After watching Exile and Return, we grabbed some snacks and sat down to color together. The DVD also comes with a coloring sheet that can be photocopied to share with your children. Inside the case are questions that you can review with your kids after the video to see what they have learned and remember as well.

What's in the Bible-1Whats in the Bible DVD 7-2

Our verdict? We loved Exile and Return: Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther! The humor and quality are similar to the other videos in the What’s in the Bible line and ones that we will hang onto. It’s been in our house a week and has already been seen two other times!

One of the things that I personally have been most excited about with the DVDs from What’s in the Bible is how they are fitting in with our history curriculum, Mystery of History.  As the girls and I sat down to watch Exile and Return again later in the week, so much of the history that they were explaining in the DVD {about the country of Assyria, for example} just clicked with the girls because of what we’ve been studying in history. Having a fun visual to add another dimension to their history studies was a huge help!

To celebrate the release of the latest DVD, What’s in the Bible is offering a $5 off coupon code that is good until April 9, 2012. Just click on the coupon below and enter ESTHER at checkout for the discount ~ and receive free US shipping on orders over $15.



Thanks so much to What’s in the Bible for letting us be a part of the fun and learning!

Disclosure: This video was provided to me by What’s in the Bible for my honest opinion and review and does not need to be returned.

The Resurrection from Grapevine Bible Studies ~ Review

This post is our honest review of a product that we received for free. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

When I pulled out the latest Bible study lessons from Grapevine, there were literally cheers around the table. Last fall we worked through The Life of Joseph, drew stick figures, and our family fell in love with Grapevine studies. This spring we’ve been using The Resurrection Bible study and the kids {and I} have been loving it.


What’s Included in The Resurrection Bible study?

The study starts in the Upper Room and works through the events surrounding the Last Supper, the betrayal by Judas, through the trials and into the final hours of Jesus’s life. We used the Multi-level study which includes 11 lessons. Although it is for ages 7 and up, we used it with all four of our children ages 5-10. Lessons include:

  • The Last Supper
  • The Six Trials of Jesus
  • The Crucifixion
  • Jesus’ Death and Burial
  • The Resurrection
  • The Ascension


  • The multi-level teacher’s manual has lesson notes, timelines, full-color stick figure drawings, vocabulary terms, a map, lesson goals & key points, memory verses, as well as review questions & answers {ebook $8.95, 3 ring punched $10.95}.
  • The student book includes lesson pages, timelines, a map, verse memorization and more {ebook $8.95, printed $10.95}.

In addition to the teacher and student books, you will also need a Bible, colored pencils, a whiteboard {or large paper} and colored dry erase markers.

How We Used The Resurrection Bible Study:

We divided the lessons up over a 3 week period. At the beginning of each lesson we did a quick review and then worked through the passages in that lesson. Our girls would take turns reading the accompanying Bible passage {we use the NIrV Discover’s Bible} and then complete we all would complete the drawing to go along with that passage.

We have a large whiteboard easel that I would draw on using our BIG colorful pack of Expo dry erase markers so all the kids could see the pictures. As I read and we talked about it, they would copy the pictures onto their lesson pages. The varying colors of the figures and things used in the lessons are a great tool. For example, Jesus is purple throughout all of the scenes, making it easy to identify him in the study.

Although we didn’t do the Bible memory verses that Grapevine suggested, the kids decided to sing one of the verses that we read and we used that verse throughout the study since we know it from our Seeds Family Worship cd’s. {Note: I do appreciate that it is included in the study, but we just opted not to include it at this point especially since the kids are doing a lot of memorization with Awana as well}.

Here are a few things that we like specifically about Grapevine:

  • Four-square layout for the studies ~ saving lots of room a20120131-IMG_4209nd printing! The kids illustrate the ‘scenes’ with specific characters. I draw the scenes on our easel whiteboard and they copy them down as we talk about the passages from the Bible we are learning about.
  • Multi-colored stick figures ~ the variety keeps the kids really involved in the details of the drawings, even though the drawings are based on stick figures
  • The ebook works PERFECTLY on my iPad ~ I didn’t have to print it out! I can honestly say that this has changed my opinion of ebooks!! {and yes, it would work well on my laptop too, but I have a tendency to get distracted, so the laptop if off during school time!}.
  • It IS multi-aged focused ~ the fact that Kaleb can draw his cute little stick people along with us makes my heart so happy {you have to love those big eyes on the stick figures!}. Here’s a peek at Kaleb’s work ~ upside down and all… Even though his illustrations aren’t as great as his siblings, he is recalling facts and learning along with us, and THAT I love.



If you’re interested in any of the other studies and levels from Grapevine Bible Studies, you can download sample lessons from many of their other studies here. They have a variety of studies including Old and New Testament, Esther, the Birth of Jesus, the Life of Joseph, and Biblical Feasts.

I was provided a e-copy of this study from Grapevine in exchange for my honest review and opinion. All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. I do not have to return my review copy ~ thank goodness.

Advent Studies ~ Raising Rock Stars

Raising Rock Stars

The last few weeks we’ve not been doing our Bible reading, but instead focusing on the fun Advent devotionals that we have in our house.


Kaleb has been doing a special Advent book with me called Beginning with God at Christmas that goes along with the Beginner’s Bible. He’s really enjoying this 1:1 time with me and I’m excited to use some of the other books in this series with him when we’re finished with the Christmas version {coupon info below!!}.

At night we’re getting together as a family and reading Tabitha’s Travels by Arnold Ytreeide and I have to admit that I had to go back and read one of the nights I missed when I fell asleep while Rick was reading!! The kids are really enjoying the stories and always ask us to keep going. Lighting our Advent candles and snuggling up on the couch is much fun!

That’s about it in our house right now. Don’t forget to visit Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and visit around to some of the other Raising Rock Star posts this week!