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The Word of God CD from Seeds Family Worship

The last two weeks our home has been filled with the Word of God playing throughout and hearts memorizing new verses. Can I tell you how much I love hearing voices singing along?

The Word of God from Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship recently released the CD “The Word of God” and it is FULL of songs and verses to learn together as a family. Our kids already have their favorites (and so do I). Before you think that Seeds is just your standard ‘kid music’ – let me set you straight. This is music that parents will ENJOY listening to and learning alongside your children. In our family you’ll find the albums playing all over – iPods, school room, the van, the house – literally everywhere.

Having Scripture set to music has been such an effective way for our family to learn portions of the Bible. Seeds has been a part of our family for over four years now (I can hardly believe it’s been that long!). In the past I’ve shared our thoughts on their earlier CDs, some ABC verse flashcards I created that were largely based on the verses we’ve learned through the CDs, and ways that music has helped us learn Scripture.

One of the main things that I love about Seeds are the lyrics which are directly from the Bible. Nothing watered down, but every word comes straight from God’s word.

A Peek at The Word of God CD

And the new Word of God CD? We all think that Seeds has done an amazing job. The kids and I were talking about several of the songs today and how one has a bit of an 80’s feel to it (they like that). We also love the difference in ‘tone’ between a song written specifically for boys (Act Like Men – 1 Corinthians 16:13-14) and one for girls (Woman Who Fears The Lord – Proverbs 31:30 ). Overall, the album is well-loved and is getting a lot of play time where ever we are.

Here’s a look at the songs on The Word of God album:

1. The Word of God – Hebrews 4:12
2. Your Life is Hidden – Col 3:2-3 performed by Matthew West
3. Impress Them – Deuteronomy 6:4-7
4. Jesus Christ is Lord – Philippians 2:9-11
5. Breathed Out – 2 Timothy 3:16-17 performed by Jared Anderson
6. Your Word In My Heart – Psalm 119:9-11
7. Do What It Says – James 1:22
8. Genuine – Romans 12:9-10
9. Act Like Men – 1 Corinthians 16:13-14
10. A Woman Who Fears The Lord – Proverbs 31:30
11. Your Life Is Hidden – (Bonus Acoustic Version)
12. H.E.R.O. – Philippians 2:9-11 (Bonus VBS Version)


Psst – several of these songs will also be a part of the upcoming Passport to Integrity from Family Life (the makers of Passport to Purity). We may be very excited about that as well!

If you’d like to hear a little sample, be sure to watch the below video of album’s first song, The Word of God.


Feed readers can watch the full video here.

Help Plant ‘Seeds” of God’s Word Too!

Another thing that we love about the albums from Seeds Family Worship are the encouragement to SHARE and pass along their music. When you purchase any of their albums,  you will receive two identical full-length CDs – each in its own package and individually shrink wrapped. One album is for you and one to give away!  Seeds wants you to be a ‘seed planter’ and encourages you to pray about who God wants you to share this second album with.

What does that mean? The $12.98 for an album is actually TWO CDs! That alone is a great deal! Order before 9/27/14 and use the code FREESHIP during checkout, and you’ll also get free shipping!

The Power of a Song in Learning God’s Word

Years ago, when Kaleb was just 3 years old and Seeds had first appeared in our home, we were at the park playing. He stopped on a part of the playground and didn’t want to cross a ‘shaky’ bridge made of chains because he was too scared. A few attempts were made to encourage him, but he stayed put. I turned away for a bit and suddenly heard singing.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

As he sang those words, he put one foot in front of the other and crossed the bridge – and then ran off to play. Meanwhile, I stood there bawling – because I had watched how the word of God had been implanted in his little 3-year-old heart and had been applied when needed. No prompting from me, but God’s word in action because he had listened and taken to heart those words. (Yeah, that still makes me cry thinking about it!)

THAT is what it is all about and why we are so thankful for the work that Seeds Family Worship is doing with their music. When I tell you we love the CDs, know that we’ve purchased them for Christmas gifts, handed them out to friends and family, and 100% recommend each and every song!




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FREE Seeds of Praise CD download from Seeds Family Worship

Please note – this free download expired at Thanksgiving of 2013.

Seeds of Praise FREE CD Download



Through Thanksgiving, Seeds Family Worship is offering something for you all to be thankful for – the entire Seeds of Praise CD as an mp3 download. Our family has been so immensely blessed by all of their music – and I am so excited to be able to share this with you!

Why does our family love Seeds? Each song is pure Scripture – meaning you are learning the word of God with each song. Here’s a list of the NIV verses included on the Seeds of Praise album:

1. Better than Life ( Psalm 63:1-4 )
2. Praise the Lord ( Psalm 148:1-5 )
3. Amen ( Revelations 7:10 & 12 )
4. Shout ( Psalm 100:1-3 )
5. The Rock Eternal ( Isaiah 26:3-4 )
6. The Mouth ( Matthew 12:34 )
7. Sing to Him ( 1 Chronicles 16:9-10 )
8. Mighty to Save ( Zephaniah 3:17 )
9. Sing for Joy ( Psalm 95:1-4 )
10. His Love Endures ( Psalm 136:1-6 & 26 )
11. Undivided Heart ( Psalm 86:11-13 )
12. Be Still ( Psalm 46:10 )



Printable Prayer Cards – FREE Download

The ladies in our small group have been reading a book together, A Praying Life by Paul Miller. When we began the section on prayer cards, I wanted something colorful to have in my hands during the day – a visual reminder of the prayers on my heart and something that I could carry along with me. Most importantly, I want to be able to see when and how those prayers are answered.

Printable Prayer Cards copy



In A Praying Life, Miller suggests different topic areas for prayer, so these cards are color-coded based on those different areas of prayer. You can quickly find a card to add a prayer request and begin praying. Since our family sponsors children through Compassion International, I also added cards for those requests as well.



I’m using the cards to write out specific requests and Scripture reference. If i need additional cards, I can print off a new sheet. There are verse and quote cards that I’m using to divide the different sections.

Compassion Prayer Card

The image above gives you a sample idea of how I am personally using the cards for one of our Compassion children. I’d encourage you to add specific verses to each card and write down when you see answers to prayers as well.

The cards to great if they are printed on cardstock. The corner of mine are hole punched and they are on a jump ring {similar to a key ring}. Each card is 3”x5” in size when cut apart, so you can also add them to a file box if you prefer not to use a jump ring.

Printable Prayer Cards



Do you have a prayer help to keep track of your requests? I’d love to hear what works for you.



This file was created to share with you free of charge, but I ask that you do not host these files on anywhere other than on your personal computer. If you would like to share the file with others, please direct them to my this post.

ABC Bible Verse Posters ~ Free Printables

After I shared the ABC Bible Verse Flashcard Printables with you all, I received many emails asking for ABC Bible Verse posters – a larger version of each flashcard and Bible verse.

Here they are!!

Bible Verse Posters

Each of the ABC Bible Verse Posters will print off 8 1/2” x 11” in size and has the same verses that are in the ABC Bible Verse Flashcard Printables {all NIV but one}. You can hang the posters around your room, and then print off a copy of the flashcards to have handy.

Our family enjoys the music from Seeds Family Worship and many of the verse cards are from songs that you can find on the albums that Seeds has available. Their cd’s are not only easy to sing along to, but even the adults can enjoy them {I frequently find myself singing along with them!}.

—————–> Download the ABC Bible Verse Posters <—————–

Hope these are a help to you and your family!

More Helpful Bible resources

Elementary Bible Verse Printables

Bible Verse Printables 200

Our older kids {as well as the younger ones}, still like having printables to help them study their verses. The picture cues and hands-on help with puzzles have really helped them remember Scripture.

Each year when our kids participate with a local church program, we’ve used these Bible verse printables to help them in their learning. The printables typically include an 8 1/2” x 11” page, cut-apart verse strips and puzzle cards, and also 4” x 6” verse cards {a smaller version of the 8 1/2” x 11” poster page}.


We slip our 4” x 6” cards into a small photo book {usually $1 at Walmart}. The verse strips can be taped or glued together or you can put them in the correct order using a tabletop pocket chart.

Elementary Bible Verse Printables

Today, I am sharing the elementary Bible verse printables ~ so far there are over 70 verses uploaded!! I’m adding more verses as we work on them.  Here’s a little peek at what the full Bible verse printables look like along with the word puzzles and strips for kids to get a little more ‘hands-on’ practice.

Bible Verse Printables

You can find all of my Bible resources for kids on my website along with all of my Bible Verse Printables.

Illustrating a Bible Verse

Illustrate a Verse dotted

Another help that we use each week when memorizing a verse is illustrating the verse that we are learning. Our kids draw a picture in the top rectangle that represents the verse to them, then they write the verse out on the lines below. During the week when they recite the verse, we check off one of the boxes at the bottom of the page.

Helpful Bible Resources

Here are a few other resources and links to help you in your Bible memorization:


What's in the Bible Coupon

The Honest Truth ~ Teaching God’s Word


This post is a part of my 10 Day of Teaching God’s Word series

At this moment I have a mental ‘to do’ list of things to share with you all for the rest of this series. More printables. Additional resources and helps. At the moment though, I am really feeling the need to put that aside.

The honest truth is that I have a household of children needing my attention before I head out of town this weekend for a conference. Children that need to be snuggled with. Cookies to bake and batter to lick off spoons. A soccer ball to kick around with my boys. {There’s most likely a load of laundry that needs tending to as well}.

Then, in just a short week, I will be headed to Africa with Compassion International for over a week. That means, I also have a husband that I need to lavish some attention on ~ since he’ll be alone with said children. He’s going to need all the encouragement I can give him! {smiles}

In short, I need to lead my kids by example, love on my children and live out the Word of God to my family.

And honestly ~ I am ok with that. Because ultimately THAT is what the entire point of this series has been ~ teaching God’s Word and living by example.

Thank you all SO much for following along with the series these past ten days. I truly pray that you all have found some useful resources and helps to use with your families. There will be more to come in the upcoming weeks and months, and {if you haven’t already} feel free to browse through the posts below from the series.

So today {and every day!!!} go live out who God has called you and created you to be ~ a wonderful parent to your kids!

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