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FREE Seeds of Praise CD download from Seeds Family Worship

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Please note – this free download expired at Thanksgiving of 2013.

Seeds of Praise FREE CD Download



Through Thanksgiving, Seeds Family Worship is offering something for you all to be thankful for – the entire Seeds of Praise CD as an mp3 download. Our family has been so immensely blessed by all of their music – and I am so excited to be able to share this with you!

Why does our family love Seeds? Each song is pure Scripture – meaning you are learning the word of God with each song. Here’s a list of the NIV verses included on the Seeds of Praise album:

1. Better than Life ( Psalm 63:1-4 )
2. Praise the Lord ( Psalm 148:1-5 )
3. Amen ( Revelations 7:10 & 12 )
4. Shout ( Psalm 100:1-3 )
5. The Rock Eternal ( Isaiah 26:3-4 )
6. The Mouth ( Matthew 12:34 )
7. Sing to Him ( 1 Chronicles 16:9-10 )
8. Mighty to Save ( Zephaniah 3:17 )
9. Sing for Joy ( Psalm 95:1-4 )
10. His Love Endures ( Psalm 136:1-6 & 26 )
11. Undivided Heart ( Psalm 86:11-13 )
12. Be Still ( Psalm 46:10 )



This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Vanessa Roam says

    We love these Cds. We listen to them often. We have the whole set and each album came with an extra CD to share with a friend! What a blessing!

    • They really are some of our favorites here too! Our daughter pulled them all out the other day and highlighted all the verses in her Bible that she has learned through listening to them – I LOVE that!

  2. this is so great! Our family also loves “The Rizers” (short for the memorizers.) they sing pure scripture as well and I actually enjoy listening to it, too!:) Thanks for sharing this offer!!

  3. I tried the link, but the price need to be 9.99 or more now.

  4. Good Day, I have just begun searching for some bible study cirriculum for my preschooler and I to get active with, at home, after school. Like a homeschool after school bible activity. My 4 year old has just started the Sunday School Program at our local church. However, she is ever asking to learn more during the weekdays! i am a SSAHM ( that’s Single, sahm) 7 have a very teeny budget for resources at home. I was wondering because this link is no longer available for less than $10, if maybe there are any that currently are for us to download and enjoy as a family? Many Many blessed thanks to you for the work you do and the products you do provide at low to no cost to families. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, or un appreciated. Thank you again, Jeanine ;D Canadian Mom of 2

    • I know they occasionally have sales – if you use the code HOMESCHOOLCREATIONS you can take 20% off any single cd order. Keep in mind that each cd is actually two, so you can split the cost with a friend. They are definitely worth it!

  5. I tried to download the CD for free but it would not accept $0 said it was $9.99

    • At the time of posting, the CD was free, but that was six years ago, so things may have changed since then. Sorry! They are well worth the purchase though and if you have Spotify or Apple Music, be sure to see if you can listen to them there. :)

  6. The link to music site went to a counseling/fitness/nutritionist site FYI.

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