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ABC Bible Verse Flashcard Printables ~ Teaching God’s Word

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ABC Bible verse flashcards - 26 verses to hide God's word in your child's heart - Homeschool Creations


It’s not only the preschoolers in this house that enjoy having printables, and although these were put together for our youngest, everyone is working on memorizing a verse for each letter of the alphabet.

I remember learning ABC Bible verses a long {long} time ago ~ and they have stuck in my brain for so many years, so I KNOW that it is a fabulous way to learn and I put together some FREE ABC Bible Verse printables especially for my email subscribers – yay!!



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The ABC Bible verse flashcards each print off at 2” x 3”, about the size of a deck of cards. We printed our cards off onto cardstock, laminated them to make them more sturdy, hole-punched them and then put them on a jump ring. {Note: This is how we laminate more inexpensively}.

ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

Using the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

When we are working on verses together, there is a lot of repetition. If we are introducing a new verse I will repeat it a few times for the kids and then we break it up into bite-sized segments to learn. We practice the verse several times throughout the day to get it in our heads and if it’s one of the Seeds Family Worship songs ~ we are sure to play the song to learn it as well.

We continue repeating the verse daily until the kids can recite it on their own with little to no prompting. Depending on how your child learns, hang up only one verse at a time and add new verses to the ring when one is memorized. With the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards it is great to review the ones that have already been learned together.

And ~ in case your family has a few additional verses to add to the mix, there are colored blank cards that you can type into if you would like to create additional verse cards for your child. The area where the verse is typed is editable, since it is a common font {Century Gothic}.

Have your child write the letter of the alphabet in the top area to personalize it! {Please note: I cannot change the verses to KJV because the letters will not match with the verses. You can use the blank page of cards to create your own personalized set.} Hope you all will enjoy the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards.

Download the ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

This is a FREE download for email subscribers – and it is really easy to subscribe by simply clicking HEREor by entering your email in the box at the bottom of this post. 

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After you subscribe by email, you will receive a confirmation. Once you confirm your subscription, you will be redirected to a page with a link, password, and directions to get your FREEBIE!! You can always email me if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help you out. 

Hope this helps you out and feel free to ask any questions below!


Looking for a Wall-Sized Version?

Would you like a larger version to hang on your walls at home? Check out the ABC Bible Verse Posters and download a copy as well! Bible Verse Posters



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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these! Just downloaded them!

  2. Manda Colburn says

    I appreciate that there are NIV resources available out there.  I was a little disappointed when Seeds switched to ESV.

  3. Jude agbayani says

    love this! thanks for sharing ;-)

  4. Love these cards!  My daughter is starting to learn letters, and I bet she will love them too!  I noticed though that a couple of the references are not correct.  F and L stood out to me as I was just glancing through.  Just wanted you to know.

  5. what idea!  I love this for homeschooling, but I am also researching children and worship and this would be a great thing to put into the worship learning bag! 

  6. wow, these are great!!  many thanks!

  7. Tracey M. says

    Jolanthe, Thank you so much for this resource.  My family and I just got home after attending the Mid-South homeschool conference in TN (our first conference) and we look forward to using these cards with the scripture memory system described on the Simply Charlotte Mason blog found at http://simplycharlottemason.com/timesavers/memorysys/.  I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.  These cards are already downloaded and as soon as my family leaves in a couple weeks we will begin using them.  You are awesome!  I REALLY appreciate it. 
    Tracey M at Tot Play: A Learning Journey

  8. Danielle Scribner says

    These are awesome thanks!  Is there a way once we download them to edit the NIV versions ourselves to KJV, if that is what our family uses?  If not, I will print off your blank ones.  I appreciate the hard work you put into making these.  We plan on memorizing all this summer before my son starts kindergarten.  We want to equip him with the Full Armor of God before he goes to school.  :)  

  9. These are PERFECT!!  Thank you for sharing:)

  10. Yvonne Reynolds says

    Thank you for sharing these! I pinned this on my Compassion board. These would be great to send to our Compassion kids.

  11. Can these be changed to KJV ? That is all we use:). Such a great idea!

    • If i change them to KJV, many of the letters do not match up. :) you can use the last page and create your own with the page that can be typed in. :)

    • If I change them to KJV, many of the verses will not match the letters. There is a sheet at the end that you can use to type in your own version if you prefer. :)

  12. Vickey England says

    I tried to download the ABC Bible Verse flashcards and it said the file was damaged :(

  13. This is SO AWESOME!! THANKS SO MUCH!! Going to use this often! So excited!

  14. thank you so much! These are going to be great to have and use!

  15. Thanks! We love Seeds Family Worship!

  16. Just printed these to glue to colorful paper and make a banner for our playroom- thanks!!

  17. Thank you for these – I’m a KJV kind of gal, but we use NIV with the kids as well. These will be a fun treat to add to our studies.

  18. Thanks. I love them. I am developing lessons on motivating kids to read and comprehend the Bible. Looking forward to your series. I was unable to pin these with your pin it buttons or adding the link? No pics came up? Weird.

  19. Amy Stults says

    Thank you for such a beautiful set of cards! Even though I should be in bed, I am going to print these out now and laminate them in the morning. Bless you for the laminating deal too!!

  20. Great share, this is really useful. Downloading…

  21. Jsilva250 says

    Awesome site

  22. Love these!! We are going to start working on this!  Sammy is terrible at memorizing but I like the idea of working on the same one until he has it down pat!

  23. Hi there,
    First, thank you for your hard work and amazing printables!  We have used many in our home of 3 boys!  This may be a problem with my computer, but the pdf’s begin to download and then a black screen appears and that’s it.  Would you have any advice about this?  Thanks so much!  BTW, I have a Mac, if that’s makes any difference.  I’ve downloaded loads of other pdf’s with no problem .  Thanks and Blessings to you!

  24. Thank you so much for these wonderful cards!  They are great!!

  25. Carla Marvin says

    This is fabulous! I made our set of cards today and I am loving them! My son (he will be 4 in July) thinks they are great, too.  I know that we will have a lot of fun and many special moments together as we use them.  Thank you so much!

  26. Sherry53brown says

    Great.  I have downloaded these and plan to give each one of my grandchildren one as well as all of the kids in my Sunday School class.  Thank you.

  27. I printed out these ABC bible verses and laminated them. They look great! On the blank cards, I put a smiley sticker and I also wrote the names of the colors on them for my 3 year old. Thanks for the handy bible verse idea! :)



  30. Bferreira says

    It’s not working for me, is this printable still up and running?

    • It is still working. You may want to try using a different browser (like IE if you use firefox). The file is opening ok for me.

  31. Where do I find the “jump rings” that hold the cards together? Love these! I already have them printed and laminated :)

  32. I tried to send an email, but the contact button was not working. I’ve been using these cards with my son, and he loves them! Thanks for sharing these! I work at a preschool for my church, and I was wondering if I could use these in that setting if I give the parents the link to your site.

  33. These are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  34. Veronica says

    These are amazing! Thank you for putting this out there. I am blessed by this.

  35. Christie L. says

    These are wonderful, and I hope to use these with my kindergartener son this year! Do you happen to have 8 1/2 x 11 size for a morning board/calendar time display each week? Would love to use these verses as part of my Bible class for him! Thanks for sharing all your work. God bless!

  36. I am unable to download these :-( Will check back in a few weeks to try again.

  37. I am so excited to use these for my kids!!! I am also going to print off a copy to give to my young niece for Christmas this year as part of her gift. The most important thing we can pass on to our children in this world is God’s precious Word and an undying love for Christ! Thanks so much for putting the work into this and making it available to all of us :)

  38. What a fantastic idea :)

  39. We love these! Thank you so VERY much for offering such a great collection! As we are using these, we are also using the Seeds song that correlates (we have all 7 CDs)- and we are really learning the verses! I was wondering if you could tell me which letters/verses DON’T have a Seeds song that correlates. There are some tracks that don’t publish the verse reference in the title, and while I listen to them all regularly, I can’t always match them up (letter B for instance) easily and I don’t want to miss the song that matches.

    Thank you for all you do! We benefit from it regularly!

    • ooo – I’d have to go through them and figure it out. I didn’t make a list of them all, I’m sorry! I went through each of the albums on my own to figure it out. :)

  40. Thank you so much!

  41. Laksmi Flores says

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to teach this to my kids :)

  42. Your site is an AMAZING BLESSING!! I was recently hired as the director of nursery/preschool ministries at our church and have been getting oodles of ideas and downloads from your site. THANK YOU!!

  43. jennifer says

    Thanks for sharing these! We are using them to place under someone’s place mat each night at dinner and read aloud. They’re adorable and perfect! I love that they are positive promises and encouraging verses that the whole family can use. Great reminders! Thanks again!

  44. Myrian salinas says

    Estimada Jolanthe muchas gracias por compartir tus creación desde Chile te envió mis cariños y bendiciones
    Myrian Salinas

  45. HappyAndBlessedHome says

    I just created a morning board and are using these as a part of it. Thanks for sharing these! I put a link to this page on my blog.


  46. I just found your blog and I love love love this!! I’m going to have to share this with my friends. I made a scripture teaching tool to use at home with my kids…. http://themommyteacher.com/personalized-scripture-cards/ But, the teacher that I am loves the ABC’s of Scripture so I am definitely want to use this!

  47. These are beautifully done, Jolanthe! I checked the one reference you have in the KJV (for the letter X) and it is actually in the NIV. So from what I see, all of them are NIV, which is GREAT for me. Do you have a trick for how to type into the blank boxes? In my experience, PDFs don’t let me edit the file.

    • They should be editable as long as you are opening the file using Adobe Reader and not another program (like Mac Viewer) first. If you have already opened them in another program, just download a new copy and open it using Adobe instead. :)

  48. thank you for your website!! what a huge help this is going to be. i have found so many helpful downloads and resources and ideas. thank you so much!! let the fun begin:)

  49. Thank you very much

  50. it wont let me download… i want these

    • Hmmm – Kamil. I just clicked on the link and it opened it up for me and then you should be able to save it to your desktop. Feel free to email me directly and I can send you the file.

  51. Where do you get the jump rings or what size are these?

  52. Michelle Wescott says

    I love this printable and the verses you chose! Especially your creative choice for X!! I’m so intrigued by this and want to start this with my 3-year-old, but I am also curious about the value of having children memorize bible verses. I didn’t as a child, so I don’t know what the goal is? Do I pair it with a discussion of the meaning of the verse, or is memorization the only goal? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

    • We do talk about the verses and what they mean. I can honestly tell you that the verses that I learned as a child are ones that still come to memory in different situations that I am going through. One of our favorite resources with our kids are the Seeds Family Worship cds as well for memorizing and many of the verses on these cards go along with the verses on those cds. There have been nights when I have woken up in the middle of the night anxious about a situation and had a verse or song of a verse repeat in my mind, “He will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You.” – or some other verse that is appropriate. Those things that we’ve learned stick with us! :)
      A book that I would highly recommend is the Well-Versed Family – the new version just released yesterday: http://amzn.to/1QJ1dG8

    • Michelle Wescott says

      Thank you so much! I agree that in times of trial a verse will come to me and settle my soul. I just didn’t know if that is what happens for our children if they just memorize it. The ones that come to me and comfort me are in my mind through years of hearing them and reading them. I thought it was probably the same, but since I didn’t memorize any as a child, I wasn’t sure. :) Thanks so much for the clarification. I’m excited to start this with my little girl. And thanks for the book recommendation!

  53. What age group would this project be good for I teach sunday school and have different age groups starting at age 7 to age 11

    • I think any age is great to teach and work on verses! :) The verse cards would be handy to help remember and work on them throughout the week.

  54. Do you think these are ok for 3-4 year olds? I am looking for a Bible verses craft, and I thought this would be great to make. I would like to see what others thonk

    • We used them with our youngest – and worked through at his pace. I definitely recommend the Seeds Family Worship CDs too that go along!!

  55. i tried to subscribe so I could receive the abc scripture card however I do not believe my subscription request went through. are these cards still available?

  56. Karl Joara says

    Thoughtful suggestions – Incidentally if people are requiring a PK Visa Application Form , my family edited a fillable version here https://goo.gl/o3Em6f

  57. Hazel Blackman says

    Awesome work I’ll enjoy using them to teach my children thank you

  58. Erin Van der Peet says

    I’m trying to get the ABC Bible cards but it isn’t working. Help!!!

  59. I can;t download it. help please

  60. This is awesome

  61. ABC flash cards of the bible

  62. Lorena Penner says

    ABC flash cards of bible verses

  63. May God bless you, ABC flashcards of Bible Verses

  64. Good information.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  65. This is awesome. Thank you so much!

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