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Raising Rock Stars Curriculum ~ Teaching God’s Word

  This post is a part of my 10 Day of Teaching God’s Word series

One of the ladies that I am blessed to call a friend is Carisa from 1+1+1=1. She put together two fabulous programs based on Scripture to use with preschool and kindergarten children called Raising Rock Stars.


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What is the Raising Rock Stars Program?

Raising Rock Stars is a preschool and kindergarten foundational program based on God’s Word. Using the book My ABC Bible Verses as a starting point, Carisa created Raising Rock Stars: Preschool, a 26 week program that includes 26 printable units, an editable lesson plan sheet, 4 review units, assessment guides, popsicle stick props and letter tracing cards ~ all focused on Bible verses from A to Z!! {View a sample lesson here}.

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When Carisa’s son moved onto the next grade, she extended the preschool program by adding Raising Rock Stars: Kindergarten. This level includes Bible verse tracers, sight words, sentence order {related to the verses}, vocabulary work, phonics, following directions and more.

In addition to the preschool and kindergarten programs, she also created PowerPoint shows that go along with each lesson, giving you a little extra fun to go along with the lesson. Carisa also posts weekly sharing how they are using the program in their school time, so you can get extra ‘helps’. Here’s a peek at one of the Powerpoint shows:


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