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Almost seven years ago, in 2009, we were facing tears and much drama when it came to math time. One of our daughters knew her facts and could compute facts in her head with little problem, but when it came time for her to figure the answers and write them down on paper, it became a very long and drawn out process. She would second guess herself. Recheck her problems over and over. What should typically take little time, turned into tears and frustration, and led to one girl strongly hating math. 

It was at that point that we put the worksheets aside, turned to some friends for advice, and ordered Teaching Textbooks to try. It was a perfect fit, and we immediately ordered a level for our youngest daughter as well. The changeover was made to the program for all of our kids once they were able to work on the first level of Teaching Textbooks, and we have used it ever since. Truly, it’s a program that I recommend to all of my friends, especially those that dread teaching the upper levels of math. (You know who you are.)

While math was one of my favorite subjects in high school and college (there is something oddly satisfying to me to be able to work out a problem and have a tangible solution to that problem), I will admit my brain has a hard time switching between Algebra 2 and 4th grad math. Call me crazy, but having Teaching Textbooks has been a magnificent relief to my over-stretched brain. For this upcoming school year our kids will range from 5th grade math up through Geometry. The mere thought of that makes my brain hurt – yet happy, since I know we have a solid program in place to teach the kids. 

All Levels of Teaching Textbooks are Self-Grading

If you’ve ever had to grade endless papers, especially when you get to the high school level, you will be most thankful for this feature of Teaching Textbooks. (Pre-Calculus will be self-grading as of August 2016). A few years ago we had a non-grading version of Pre-Algebra, and OY! Let’s just say it was a huge headache. It was well worth it for me to upgrade to the self-grading version and take that hassle off my hands, especially when we took into consideration that three other kids would be using the program as well. As a parent, the gradebook is EXTREMELY helpful. For our high schooler, I can print off a copy of the gradebook to include with transcripts. 

The Kids Can Work on Math Independently


A laptop and a set of headphones, along with the program, is all it takes to get started. You don’t really need the headphones, but if you have kids that are distractible (or perhaps a parent who can’t focus – ahem), headphones are a wonderful addition. Each of our children can work on their math lessons independently, from third grade and up. The lessons are typically read/spoken to the children, and once they do the solving of the problem, they know immediately if an answer is correct/incorrect. 

For our children, this immediate feedback has been key for them in moving through lessons quickly – and quickly identifying areas they struggle grasping. Because I can see their grades as soon as the lesson is completed, I can also check to see what problems they may have answered wrong, and help them if needed. 

Continual Review and Second Chances

Each level of Teaching Textbooks includes continual review, so you can be sure your children are mastering an area. In addition, kids are also receive a second chance. There are times when our kids figure up the correct response, but type it in wrong, and other times when they get it entirely wrong. Receiving a second chance allows them a moment to look back over the problem, re-figure, and enter in the correct answer before moving on. 

We Can Use the Program With Multiple Children

With four kids, I want to find curriculum that makes sense for our family monetarily as well. While the upfront cost of the program can seem intimidating, when the cost is broken down between four children, it becomes very manageable. Once a level is purchased, we don’t have to re-buy the program (unless the kids use the workbook). 

Our kids work primarily on the computer, and refer back to the workbook, but do all of their figuring and writing on graph paper, making it a great way to pass the programs on to our younger children. 

Thorough Explanations and Understanding

Last year we let our oldest help choose her curriculum for the year and took her input regarding a few subject areas. She decided to try something other than Teaching Textbooks for Algebra 1. Within the first three months of the switch, she was growing increasingly frustrated, even though I was able to help explain concepts, and also find some video clips for harder concepts. By mid-semester she came and asked if she could switch back to Teaching Textbooks. She decided to go to the very start of the Algebra 1 program and work through each lesson. It wasn’t that one program was easier than the other, but the lesson walk-throughs and explanations of Teaching Textbooks gave her a solid understanding and were not as confusing to her as other programs (let’s face it, Algebra isn’t for everyone). 

The Program Travels Well

Although we do try to plan our vacations not during typical school weeks, there are times when we have doctor’s appointments or the kids are at their grandparents. The only thing they need to bring along is the CD-ROM portion of the level and then pop in a disk to complete their lesson. Now granted the kids may not be entirely thrilled about this part of the program, but it definitely is a benefit for me! 

Parental Override on the Grade book

Parents can also go into individual lessons and see how many problems were completed, marked wrong, and also if the solution to a problem was viewed. For several of our children, this is key. While a perfect score isn’t always possible, we do want to make sure the kids fully understand the concepts being taught (especially since math concepts build upon each other). When I look at the grade book each week, one of the key things I check is if our kids have viewed the solution. Each time they get a problem wrong (and after they have a second chance to answer it), they are given the chance to see the problem solved in front of them, and the ‘teacher’ walks them through the steps. 

As a parent, you can also choose to delete an answer to a problem or have a child redo an entire lesson. For one of our children (who gets frustrated with one or two problems wrong), I will delete the answers and let him go back in and retry it. It’s something little, but it makes a huge difference for him. The key is having him master the concept even though I’m not expecting a perfect score. 

When Your Computer Dies…

Over the last three years we have had TWO laptops bite the dust, one an accidental dropping and the other a complete fail. We were able to pull out the hard drive on both laptops, reinstall the programs onto our new laptop, and transfer the grade books over to the new computer with no problem (incidentally, the folks at Teaching Textbooks are fabulous to talk you down from a proverbial ledge should this ever be an issue for you as well). I’m rather adept at it now, so local friends, I’m happy to help if you need it. 

Not Sure Where to Start? 

Teaching Texbooks offers placement tests for your children so you can get a better idea where to start them off. Click here to take a peek. 


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Lori Means says

    Teaching Textbooks saved us!

  2. Jamie Dayton says

    Thank you

  3. Jamie Pearson says

    I’m so excited about this. I want to add Teaching Textbooks to my curriculum next year and would love a way to get started. I met some moms at a convention and they spoke very highly of this program.

  4. I would love to have Algebra 1 or 2 to use.

  5. I’ve heard of teaching textbooks. We’ve not used them. I’d like to try math 3 with my oldest.

  6. Would love the Pre-Algebra!

  7. Heather Culp says

    We started using Teaching Textbooks this year and all three of my children really enjoy it, even my daughters who were hesitant about math before. I would love to win the next level for next year!

  8. I am excited to use TT this year! It would be a blessing to win the Geometry set, as my daughter is ready to move to that level. Thanks!

    • Oops, I just realized that we would actually need Algebra I, not Geometry. I’m getting ahead of myself, LOL!

  9. Samantha says

    I would love to have my daughter to use something like this to help guide her through algebra!!!

  10. Joanna Taylor says

    Love teaching textbooks! Thank you!

  11. Donyel S says

    I would love to try TT!

  12. This sounds great! I’d love to try this for our 3 kids.

  13. I would need a third grade level. I would look forward to having my daughter work independently!!!

  14. We are just starting with this coming fall! Even more excited now!

  15. We’ve been using TT 3 with my 8 year old. I love the simplicity of using the program and keeping grades. We would love a chance to win Level 4! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  16. TT sounds like a great program – it would be so nice to have it teach and grade my child’s work. What a time saver!

  17. We’re finishing up Math 3- can’t wait to continue on! We love TT!

  18. I am going to switch to Teaching Textbooks this year.

  19. Cheryl Minnick says

    We LOVE Teaching Textbooks! This will be our 5th year using it!

  20. Erin Sipes says

    We’ve used Teaching Textbooks for the last few years and absolutely love it! It makes it so much easier for me and the kids. We need Math 6!

  21. Holly Willis says

    I LOVE that the program teaches and GRADES itself!! We have been doing this program for a few years. This year we will need Algebra 2 and 5th or 6th grade.

  22. Andrea Humble Rake says

    I would be excited about the automatic grading and record keeping!

  23. we use Teaching Textbooks and love it! Will be needing Geometry in the future.

  24. Charlene Chartier says

    Love Teaching Textbooks and looking forward to using Algebra 2 next year!

  25. Misty Fuqua says

    Would love to use this with our homeschool.

  26. Tonya Kearns Esparza says

    We use Saxon math until the kids can start 3rd grade with Teaching Textbooks, and honestly, I don’t know if I could have done homeschool math in the upper grades without it. It’s easier to learn a subject when you can use reading, writing, and listening for input, and as a mom with six kids, it is a timesaver!

  27. Kathryn Young says

    I just started TT5 for my daughter and love it. Now just for get TT3 for my twins. No more headaches!

  28. Kelley Klein says

    Can’t wait to start our second year with TT. We’ll be using TT4.

  29. We love Teaching Textbooks! Hope to win our next set!

  30. TT really helped a child of mine who struggled with Geometry.

  31. Joesette says

    What an awesome give away!! This would definitely be handy for higher math!

  32. I have never used Teaching Textbooks, but I would like to try level 3

  33. Would love to try these with my son.

  34. I have been tempted a number of times to switch to teaching textbooks. I too like math so I like teaching it.. that said my student doesn’t always get the concept the way I explain it.. so having someone else teach it could be really helpful. I am all set for next year but I will need to switch in the next year or two. So I would love teaching textbooks 6.

  35. We would love Teaching Textbooks 6!

  36. Teaching Textbooks works for us! I have learned a lot too :)

  37. Alana Smucker says

    My daughter and I struggled so much with math before I found Teaching Textbooks. Now I’m not sure how I would homeschool without it!

  38. Heather Pyle says

    Love Teaching Textbooks!

  39. Just started using Teaching Textbooks & love it!

  40. susan mongeau says

    I really want this curriculum for our girls! No doubt it would be the perfect solution for our working while home educating family.

  41. Angela Bennett says

    I think my daughter would use third grade. She isn’t a fan of math so I hope she would enjoy teaching textbooks.

  42. Annie Currier says

    I have used Teaching Textbooks for several years. I love the independence it gives my children, and the freedom that it gives me!

  43. Tamara Lewis says

    Currently using it with my son. Such a wonderful curriculum! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Stacy Wiley says

    My son loved TT 3 in 2nd grade!

  45. PhoenixRulz81 says

    I thought they have looked like a great program, i would want to have my daughter do the placement test to see where she is at, we are advanced in some areas but others she might have a gap.

  46. Ellen Tidwell says

    My kids love TT! It has saved us too. No more tears! If I won, I would like Pre-Calc.

  47. I have only heard of teaching textbooks

  48. We love Teaching Textbooks! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  49. We are using Teaching Textbooks right now and my kids love it! The lectures are short and hold their attention. My son gets excited about the bonus rounds. They have learned so much with TT. If we win the giveaway, my daughter is in need of Geometry. Thank you so much.

  50. Teaching Textbooks has helped with my teenager’s desire for independence. It’s helped me with being better able to stay on top of how they’re doing with the automatic grading. We need Algebra 1.

  51. BREANN BROWN says

    We love Teaching Textbooks!

  52. I love the instant feedback that the students receive!

  53. patty palmer says

    I really could use a new math curriculum for my child. Teaching textbooks looks really good.

  54. Stacy Bowers says

    We have used Teaching Textbooks for the past 10 years with our four children. Love it! As my three oldest have graduated high school, I only need the Pre-Algebra this year. Great products!!

  55. Never used it but wanted to for a while now. I have heard great things about this program from friends who use it. We would need Math 4 or Math 5.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  56. Regan Hayes says

    Teaching Textbooks is awesome! My son used to hate doing math – now he doesn’t argue when it’s time to do some!

  57. Am very interested in this curriculum- especially as we approach high school.

  58. We started with TT last year. A definite keeper!

  59. My son loves TT!

  60. Tabatha Fletcher says

    Teaching textbooks is the only math we will ever use! My kids absolutely love it and I love that I don’t have to teach my worst subject! The next level we would need is algebra 1. Thanks!!!

  61. Jenny Arnett Wagoner says

    Just started teaching textbooks with my 7th grader and love it! Now I’m wanting my 5th grader to start tt, it would be so awesome to win the set!! Thanks for the chance!

  62. Laura Robey says

    Teaching textbooks came highly recommended to us by another family who was using it with their teen daughter. Like our two oldest, she was adopted from Ukraine as teenager and was learning English as her third language. Teaching Textbooks both says and highlights the word as it is read aloud, it allows you to replay, it is engaging, it is simple without being babyish, it allows my children to work independently at their own ability level without making a big deal (which is a big deal for self-conscious teens who are working hard to catch up), and most importantly it works!!! Our biological daughter asked to switch to TT halfway through the school year after seeing her olde sisters work on it. I would highly recommend this program to any homeschool family but especially for those with ESL students.

  63. Nicole W. says

    I’ve always been curious about TT for when my kids are in middle school. It would be great to win Algebra 1 or 2. Thanks!

  64. No more math tears from me or my son since we started using TT!! Will never go back to anything else.

  65. This is our first year using TTB. We are so excited. Would love to win next years books.

  66. We have never used this before, but I sure would like to try it. Not fun when you have a child that does not care for math.

  67. Ryan Henry says

    We LOVE Teaching Textbooks. Love the way they walk the students through the lecture!!! It ias hbeen a life saver!

  68. Roxanna Neely says

    We did our first year of homeschooling and used teaching textbooks for math – geometry. It was a great choice and I love how they aligned geometry with the logic part – something my older son’s class did not include in public school. I also really liked the constant going back to previously learned material because my son has dyslexia and short term memory can be a problem. We plan to use it again this fall for alg 2.

  69. Shannon Glenn Hall says

    LOVE Teaching Textbooks. We’ve used 3rd-Geometry!! I would LOVE to win a Pre-Cal set.

  70. Stephanie C. says

    We just made the switch a few months ago and it has made a huge difference.

  71. Kim Trautman says

    Love Teaching Textbooks! We have been using Teaching Textbooks since 6th grade and we just finished Algebra II. I love that they are able to sit down and do their math on their own and I do not have to do the grading. We will be starting Pre-Calculus in the fall and would love to have the new self-grading version.

  72. Rebekah Lind says

    My oldest son is doing math that I knew would be a struggle for me to teach. I just don’t do well at math. This was one of my greatest fears when I started homeschooling. I love TT because it’s almost like having a math teacher in his room with him. :-) He’ll be starting Alg II this year.

  73. This is my 3rd year using TT and we love it! I was able to help my autistic daughter learn more math using this program then the public schools did in the 9 years she attended. With 3 kiddos home schooling now free TT would be a blessing!

  74. Becky Taylor says

    I love Teaching Textbooks because my daughter loves it! Shge struggled with other programs and hated math until we tried Teaching Textbooks. Now she loves math!
    We need level 5.

  75. Amy Caton says

    TT works well with my daughter, who is very visual and doesn’t love math. I’m hoping to get Pre-Algebra this year :)

  76. We are a new homeschool family and have heard/read such wonderful things about Teaching Textbooks. In fact, it is the last purchase we need to get make! We need Math 4 & 6!

  77. Stacey Wallace Herring says

    We just started using TT and so far love it!! I have two dyslexic children and this format seems to work very well for them!

  78. Danielle Zigmont says

    We’ve been using TT since each of my boys started 3rd grade! We are onto Algebra this year with the oldest and LOVE Teaching Textbooks!!

  79. Jenni Hunt says

    We are so glad to have found Teaching Textbooks. We are headed into our 3rd year of using it and have been really happy with it. Next curriculum we’ll need to purchase: Geometry (this momma is so glad she doesn’t have to teach it!)

  80. Kristina Stevens Uptegrove says

    I’m really hoping to use grade 4 with my son this year, I like how the program keeps them moving along :)

  81. Suzanne Sinachack says

    We are planning on adding TT to our lineup this year! We would need Algebra 2. Thanks for the chance!

  82. Sam Lehmann says

    Love TT! Need two,levels this year! Thanks J!

  83. We started TT last year…both my boys enjoy it (3rd & 5th).

  84. Kenda Wathen says

    Teaching Textbooks saved us after a rough year of Math.
    Kenda Cosgrove Wathen

  85. Martha Schaum says

    I have used Teaching Textbooks for 3 years and my children and I love it. I love that it is self grading my children like doing math on the computer and being able to see explanations multiple times if they need to. I need Geometry this year.

  86. Nataliya says

    I really would like to try their geometry for my daughter!

  87. Yay!

  88. Candice Heltz says

    We started using Teaching Textbooks for the same reason with out oldest daughter(5th grade) this year. It is fantastic! She doesn’t cry during math anymore!

  89. zekesmom10 says

    I’d probably get math 4, but I see there’s a handy dandy placement test on the website.

  90. This will be our first year using Teaching Textbooks ~ a friend recommended we try it. :)

  91. Magdellena Miller says

    I love Teaching Textbooks! We used Math 3 and it was a wonder. It would such a blessing to win this and get Math 4 to continue the learning!

  92. Melonie K. says

    Both of my kids use Teaching Textbooks. It’s a lifesaver with my daughter who doesn’t do well with print textbooks. Being video-based is HUGE for her learning style.
    She’s almost done with high school math so the one I need is for my younger student – fifth grade. We switched when my daughter was doing sixth, then started my son with third, so I’m missing a year. :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  93. Joy Rhodes says

    We love Teaching Textbooks!

  94. Maryann Conner says

    Can’t wait to try Teaching Textbooks. We need Pre-Algebra.

  95. Becky Gere says

    My kids do well learning math with TT however I just heard from a fellow homeschool mom that many colleges won’t accept it. My son is starting 9th and will be in Algebra I. Can you give me some insight as to whether or not TT is up-to-date with current standards while not falling into Common Core math?

  96. Jayne Nagy says

    LOVE THIS SYSTEM!! I hate math, dreaded teaching it and this saved me.

  97. We love Teaching Textbooks! I was just going over a few levels of it with a friend this afternoon. I’ll be needing pre-algebra soon!

  98. Love Teaching Textbooks!

  99. I have been looking at TT4 for my youngest. She would love the independence!

  100. Been using TT for years! We need Algebra 1.

  101. Sasha Peterson says

    Last year was our first year using Teaching Textbooks! And for all the reasons you mentioned it changed the way we did math! My son was struggling to understand some basic concepts and I loved the spiral approach that TT uses. This year we are using it with my 3rd grader as well. He is excited to get to do his math on the computer. I love the self grading aspect. I would love to get our math for next year which will be Math 4 or Math 7. Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  102. I’ve heard great things but have never used this curriculum!

  103. Dianne Pfouts says

    I’ve used TT for many years. I would need a Pre-Calculus! Thanks!!

  104. Heather Schuyler says

    I have used 7th grade. I will need algebra 1 and geometry. Thanks

  105. Robin Zundel says

    We would love TT5. My daughter loves the way that teaching textbooks is set up and I love that the grading is done for me!

  106. Heidi Smith says

    I used it last year for 4th grade math. I loved it, my son did not, but he hates math!

  107. Laura Beth Carlson says

    Teaching textbooks saved my homeschool! I was questioning my decision every single day due to math, and now we sail through homeschool. THANK YOU, Teaching Textbooks!!

  108. NicoleTaulman says

    We used TT many years ago with our first homeschooled student, but it wasn’t a good fit for him. Would love to see if Algebra would work for our younger two.

  109. Holly Putnam says

    My son loves Teaching Textbooks. I would love to have the Algebra set for my older son to use.

  110. Jennifer VanHorn says

    We are just starting our homeschool journey! We have heard amazing things about Teaching Textbooks and would love to start our oldest on level 3! This is a great giveaway! If we win, my hope is to be able to continue Teaching Textbooks with all my children!

  111. Amy Heinle says

    Cool, I need to find a new math program because we are nearing the end of ours. This would be fun to try!

  112. We just started Teaching textbooks and my 8th grader is hooked!

  113. couldn’t
    find blog so i am assuming this is it . when i was having a hard time
    finding a math class that would work with my kids rather than frustrate
    and discourage then teaching textbooks was the a great find and my kids
    love it . it would need geometry.

  114. Amy Marshall says

    We Love TT! We will need Algebra I, Math 6 and Math 4 this year!

  115. My boys did well with Life of Fred, but my daughter struggles with it. I’m interested in finding out if TT would be a better fit for her.

  116. Kristi Coday says

    I have thought of trying TT for years, and this year I’m doing it! We’ll be using 7th grade & Algebra 1, so I’d love to win Pre-Algebra. :)

  117. jekuthiel says

    My family loves TT! Would love Algebra2 ;-)

  118. Ihave never used teaching textbooks before but I have heard great things. I would be interested in the grade 7 level. Thank you for this giveaway.

  119. JimmyandStaci Pickens says

    Absolutely love Teaching Textbooks. No tears at math time and everything is explained in a way that is easy to understand.

  120. We are starting Algebra I this fall with Teaching Textbooks. My son has struggles with math and this program has a lot of great feedback. I look forward to using this year and hopefully it will be the answer we have been praying for. :)

  121. Kathryn Walters says

    I have been wanting to try a Teaching Textbooks! Winning this giveaway would push us in that direction! Thank you for the giveaway!

  122. I have never used TT, but I have heard such good things about it! I’ve been wanting to try it out level 3 for my son who used to love math but is now starting to struggle and hate it.

  123. Kimberly Powers says

    Teaching textbooks has made math bearable for my daughter. Going on our second year, need math 6! :)

  124. Frances L says

    We haven’t used TT yet, but many in our homeschooling circle do (and love it). We’re interested in Math 3 or 4.

  125. Would love to use Teaching Textbooks for my 11 yr old!

  126. Dee Dee Sterling says

    I was hoping for a giveaway before I ordered Algebra I for my oldest son but I found out about this one the day or two after I ordered. :) So, I am praying I can win Algebra II for the following year for him! :) Thank you for the giveaway! I have never used TT before and am so looking forward to trying it!

  127. jrhammlett says

    I have not used Teaching Textbooks. I’d use math 3 for my oldest.

  128. RA Trammell says

    This will be my first year using Teaching Textbooks, I am really excited to add them! I am currently enrolled in school too so finances are tight and receiving this gift would be a huge blessing on our family! I have heard so many great things about this program and I look forward to starting it!

  129. We’ve been homeschooling for almost 20 years and always struggled with math until we discovered Teaching Textbooks. This program has made all the difference! The next level we need to invest in is Algebra I.

  130. i would probably start with Math 3, I have never used this curriculum but it looks interesting and fun!

  131. Karenunabridged says

    We haven’t tried TT yet. I’d probably get pre-algebra for my second daughter or Geometry for my oldest.
    Thanks for the chance!

  132. Detria Stowe Moore says

    I’m excited to begin using Teaching Textbooks. We’ve never used them before, in fact we’re new to homeschooling, but the reviews have been glowing and after taking a look at the demo on their site, I’m pretty sure we’re making the right choice with Teaching Textbooks. I plan to definitely use Geometry for my son and either Geometry or Algebra 2 for my daughter.

  133. Deborah Freeman says

    We have not had the opportunity to use Teaching Textbooks yet, We need Algebra so bad, so I don’t have to teach it!!

  134. DailyWoman says

    I have never used it but I have heard great things about it. I would need the Algebra 2.

  135. Tracey M. says

    We have not used Teaching Textbooks. Many of my fellow blogger friends and moms recommend it and give rave reviews for it. I would love to try it with my daughter. I haven’t purchased her Math curriculum yet and we will need a new curriculum to use. We would LOVE to try Math 5 or 6. My daughter took all of the placement tests up through the 6th level. :)

  136. Would love Geometry! :)

  137. So thankful for TT! We’ll be starting our 3rd year of using it, my oldest needs the new Pre-Cal course.

  138. This is our first year using Teaching Textbooks for our daughter that struggles with math. What a lifesaver!! She actually enjoys math now! My hubby wants us to move our son to it for next year as well.

  139. Robin McElrath McCormick says

    I put my third child in Teaching Textbooks after struggling daily with Math for over two years. After seeing her success in the program, I changed over to this curriculum for my other children. This is our 4th year using TT. My oldest will be be beginning Algebra I this year and I would love to win that level :)

  140. Jessica Dansby Graham says

    Love TT! It has taken a weight off my shoulders that I must honesty admit I wasnt carrying very well. Math time has gone from frustration and whining to a race to see who can get to the computer first!

  141. Kristine beers says

    I always find your recommendations so helpful! Thank you!!

  142. I love teaching textbooks!

  143. Love that it grades itself! Thank you for the chance.

  144. Olivia Downs-Lang says

    Used Teaching Textbooks for Algebra 2 during my daughter’s 9th grade year. It was fabulous! Self automated grading and great lesson instruction! I would never choose a different course for her math curriculum after such a wonderful experience. :)

  145. Julia Cosgrove says

    I have not used Teaching Textbooks yet but have heard great things. I would love to have Math 5 for my son.

  146. We switched last year to Teaching Textbooks and it has been very good for us. We will be starting pre-algebra this fall.

  147. I have not, bit Id love to! Id try algebra 1

  148. tracysharpe says

    We were new to Teaching Textbooks last year, and all three of my children loved the self-study aspect of the course. As a teacher, I loved the easy grade tracking and the quality of the material. Would love to win!

  149. Jessica K says

    I could really use Math 4!

  150. JReneeCampbell says

    I have never used anything like this. We would need level 5 for a rising 5th grader.

  151. We have not used Teaching Textbooks yet – but it’s on the future plan once we age out of our current program!

  152. We’ve never used Teaching Textbooks but I’d love to try! I think we’d need 6th grade and I’d like to try it since it is independent.

  153. I love Teaching Textbooks! Thanks for this opportunity!

  154. Jamie H. says

    We recently started using Teaching Textbooks. My son is understanding Algebra a lot better.

  155. Love TT!

  156. Beth Baker says

    We are using it for the first time this year; very excited!

  157. I’ve been wanting to try Teaching Textbooks. I would need level 5.

  158. disqus_A9eGtjq4Y9 says

    I’m very interested in trying Teaching Textbooks. I think Level 5 would be a good fit for my oldest. This is our first year of homeschooling so we are working towards a good start.

  159. I’ve heard such great things about Teaching Textbooks, but we haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

  160. Teaching Textbooks really helps our family. Having to grade multiple kids’ work usually takes up a lot of my time. Would love to win the Algebra 2.

  161. Melissa Gipson says

    Teaching textbooks has been a lifesaver when it comes to teaching our kids high school math. We would love to win either Algebra 2 or the new Pre-Calculus 2.0.

  162. Michelle says

    I have used it before and LOVE the self grading and also that my student can go at their own pace.

  163. Leah Goodwin Farmer says

    Started homeschooling last year and heard so many wonderful things about Teaching Textbooks, it was our first choice for our math program. My daughter breezed through the 3rd grade book and we have already got a good start this year on fourth grade. Math has always been one of her easiest subjects and she has always done very well, so we are trying finish both Level 4 and 5 this year to get her a little more of a challenge. Would love to win Level 5!

  164. Caroline Matteson Werner says

    We love Teaching Textbooks!

  165. Therese B. says

    We love TT! We’ve used it for 3 grades so far. No more tears!

  166. Jules Cannon says

    This will be our first year using Teaching Textbooks. I’m excited for my daughters to use it. Common Core was a nightmare. My older daughter would sit at the table and cry because she didn’t understand it. I’ve viewed every video available on TT site, and I’m really impressed. The lady that does our annual eval recommended Teaching Textbooks to us. I’m actually going to order two sets tonight. I’d love to win The Algebra 1 set.

  167. Andrea Humble Rake says

    Oh my goodness! My oldest is going into fifth and we’d love to have it!

  168. Cathryn J says

    TT was a lifesaver for us when my daughter hit a wall with math. We need TT5! :)

  169. Have never used this, but would love to win Algebra 2.

  170. We’ve used it and would love to try it out again for level 6. Love how independent my kids can be with math.

  171. I am planning to use this curriculum this year! This would be a great way to get it! We plan on getting Math 3.

  172. Melissa Battles says

    Teaching Textbooks is fantastic! My children LOVE it every year. I need Algebra 1.

  173. I’d love a curriculum that is more independently led. It would help a lot!

  174. Would love to get the Pre-Algebra or Algebra program! What a wonderful give-away. Thank you for the opportunity!

  175. Anneke Bird says

    This is exciting, thanks for the opportunity!

  176. So excited about this giveaway! I haven’t yet bought my curriculum this year and we have already planned on switching to teaching textbooks so the timing is great! Thank you!

  177. I would absolutely love to try this series. My son will be needing to start Algebra very soon and I would love for him to get a good strong basis for this. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  178. Crystal McKinley says

    I’ve never used these but my daughter that has dyslexia really liked the sample.

  179. Jennifer Millenaar Farcy says

    We are new to Teaching Textbooks! Would love to have Grade 6 :-) Only can afford for one to have it at the moment, would love to have another child blessed with it

  180. We are trying Teaching Textbooks this year! I will have a baby to feed and a toddler to case so hoping my 3rd grader can be independent during math with this program!

  181. Love their curriculum and we need Algerbra 1!

  182. Jen Spica says

    I am transitioning to Teaching Textbooks this year! I would love to get my hands on 6th Grade.

  183. I have not used Teaching Textbooks before but I am most excited about the fact that it can teach and grade geometry.

  184. Nicole P says

    My daughter has struggled with math for years. We recently discovered Teaching Textbooks and what a difference it has made! My daughter is confidant and making so much progress. She is blowing through Pre-Algebra. We would love to win the Algebra 1 set. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  185. I have been wanting to try TT with my LD dd. I’ve seen grades 4 & 5 up close & it looks more interesting compared to what we’ve been using (not sure how fun math can be but hey, anything helps when you are challenged in the teaching department lol). She would need level 3 :)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  186. M Nichols says

    Would love to win & try grade 3 with our youngest!

  187. We would love the TT Algebra 2!

  188. chrisga6 says

    What a great math curriculum! used it for 2 kids last year.

  189. Shelly Collins says

    Advanced Math is very scary to me! We’ve used earlier levels of TT and loved it!! Would love to win this!

  190. Michele Nitta says

    Thank you for the giveaway! We have been loving Teaching Textbooks!!!

  191. Stacie Lewin says

    I have heard good things about Teaching Textbooks. I would use Math 3.

  192. Kim H in GA says

    Needing 4 & Algebra 1 now! :)

  193. We have not used TT but I have wanted to for quite some time. I would love Algebra 1 or 2

  194. Jaime Laughbaum says

    I would love to have Math 3 for my advanced 6.5 year old. He aced the placement test so now I’m really interested in switching from Horizons.

  195. Suzanne Sinachack says

    We love TT! We would need Algebra 2 for my 10th grader!

  196. Mel Bourn says

    We are looking at this curriculum as math is the bane of our homeschool! This keeps coming on our radar.

  197. Heather Madden says

    I used levels 3-7 with my older kiddo and now I’m starting over again with another child. I loved the program!

  198. Lynn Frustol says

    Hoping to win as this will be the first time using the curriculum!

  199. Rachel Poe says

    I love TT! We have used it with my youngest daughter for three years now, and don’t plan to stop. I need the Algebra set, if I win :). Thanks for the chance!

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