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President Fact Files – Free Printable

This year to go along with our U.S/ History studies, the boys and I have been learning about the United States presidents. With it also being an election year, it has been fun to take a look back at the different presidents as well and talk about their terms in office and impact they made on our country. 

To help the boys keep their hands busy during our reading time, I put together some simple President Fact Files for them to color and complete as we talk about each president. Each fact sheet is a half sheet and black and white (to help save on ink costs). All 45 U.S. Presidents are shown, and there is a blank half-sheet included so your kids can make their own as well – let them pretend they are president! 

Each page has room to record the following information: 

  • President’s name
  • Birth date
  • Death date
  • Order served as president
  • Term of office
  • Political party
  • Vice-president(s)
  • First lady
  • Fun fact

We’ve been using the below books to help us fill in the information blanks on each president: 

Download the President Fact Files

Your family is more than welcome to download the 23 page President Fact Files as well – and we hope they are a help to you!


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