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Our Homeschool (and Life) Happenings via Vlog

The last few vlogs have been a lot of fun to share with you all. :) While I recently shared our middle of the year updates for all of the kids (see links below), here is a peek into the last six weeks or so of life. Feed readers can click here to see the video. 

Here’s the sum-up: 

  • We are on a six week on, one week off schedule – which means a break for us next week. (Happy dance here!!)
  • The weather has been crazy back and forth. Part of me wishes we would go ahead and get a good snow already, but then the warm weather comes and I wonder what I’m thinking. Either way, I wish it would make up it’s mind, because snow one day and 70 degrees the next is CRAZY!
  • Swim team is officially done, so no more back and forth nights with practice. I am much relieved. 
  • We had a new baby join the family (nephew) in January and my mom’s hip surgery went well (eventually). The first few days were really rough, but she is doing much better now – thanks so much for your prayers!
  • The days our oldest is struggling health-wise make me ever-so-grateful we homeschool (much more about this in the video). 
  • Hardest part for me the last 6 weeks has been dealing with diet restrictions and a complete revamping of the ‘familiar’ tried and true recipes/menus we had in place. I’m a creature of habit, so having to re-think everything has been quite a bit of a challenge. I’m also an all or nothing girl, and baby steps have been h.a.r.d. for me to take. Just sayin’. 
  • Incidentally, THIS BOOK is fabulous. Cannot say it enough. 
  • And a dog. A cute dog is sometimes what I need to see and snuggle with. And yes, she needs a haircut. You all were cracking me up on Facebook thinking I posted a picture of a skunk. 😂

That’s about it for us – how are YOU all doing. 


A few links for you: 


3 Things I’m Loving This Week

Just to have a little fun, here’s a little vlog update on the last few weeks and the three things I’m currently in love with. :) 

  1. Meal Planning Master List – I’m creating an alternate master list for Laurianna’s restrictions (as we try to see if a diet change will help with some of her health issues). It’s making it easier for her to have a quick reference list of what she can/can’t grab when she is hungry. I may feel like I’m losing my mind every now and then. 
  2. My Instantpot – oh my word. I’m in love. I was scared to death I’d literally blow up the thing, but I’ve used it every day since last Thursday and love how easy it has been to use. Yes, a learning curve like anything, but so far, everything has worked great, and some things I’ve just guessed on – so YAY!!
  3. This book – having such a hard time putting it down! So far (I’m about half way through) and as it loops between the present and past, tying in the lives of two ladies, it is sucking me in – enough that I’m in bed early to spend some extra time reading and hauling it with me wherever I go in case I can sneak a few pages. (Updated to add: there isn’t any language, but once one of the characters is married there are a few parts you may want to skip over like I did.) 

That’s it for this week. Hope you all are getting back into the groove of school and would love to hear what you all are loving right now too. :) 

The Week That Got Away

Initially I had plans to share a few things this week here, but some fun (and not-so-fun) life moments stepped in and instead I chose to be a part of each moment. 

The fun…


  • a multitude of Christmas parties – I love celebrating with friends, and laughter over a sad and hilarious white elephant gift that just keeps showing up is MUCH TOO FUN (it’s been almost 10 years now for this lovely rabbit).
  • baking and more baking – hello, sugar overload
  • a movie with the kids!! (They couldn’t wait to see the newest Star Wars, of course.)
  • a JOYOUS wedding celebration of two people very dear to our hearts. So many tears of joy, and a great excuse to get dressed up with my hubby! 


The not-so-fun…

  • STOMACH BUGS. Just blech. Fortunately, only 1/2 of the house was hit. While it was short-lived, everyone in the house spent time laying low and it may be the quietest our house has ever been with all six of us awake at the same time. And lucky you all – no pictures for that one. :) 

Around here we are finishing up last minute Christmas shopping (those stockings – whoops), watching endless Christmas movies, cuddling on the couch, and relaxing – and I hope you are as well! 

Other than the Preschool and Kindergarten linkup this Friday, it will quiet around these parts until next Monday. Have an AMAZING Christmas with your families. 

Hugs from our family to yours!

Our Homeschool Happenings (via vlog)

Above you’ll find a little update on what we’ve been up to in both our homeschool and home. Truthfully, a vlog was the easiest thing for me to do today (and besides, it makes me feel like I’m sitting down and actually chatting with you all). Feed readers can click here to see the video

The quick sum-up: 

  • All is well in the homeschool realm and I’ll be sharing a few tweaks/add-ins to our curriculum soon.
  • I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to this book by Sally Clarkson.
  • Starting any type of home project is a downward spiral into finding a billion other projects, like a chain reaction. Doing said projects around the holidays is d.u.m.b. But for some reason, we’re doing one, or five. 
  • We’ve been dealing with some health issues with one of the kids. Watching your kids hurting is hard. Very hard.
  • Taking a long break in December is essential for my sanity. Not sure where my brain was in planning at the start of the year. 
  • My idea of quick is apparently keeping it under 12 minutes. There are no prizes for watching through to the end, other than – well, nothing. :) 

Hope you all are having a great day, and I look forward to hearing how you are doing as well. I’d love for you to leave a comment and chime in with how things are going for your family. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-thanksgiving-from-our-family-to-yoursWe’re taking a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with lots of family – and also Kaleb’s birthday which happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day this year. Good thing the boy loves pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. 

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some Black Friday specials and am planning to finish up the remainder of my shopping from a nice cozy bed if possible. 

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! 

Homeschooling is Like Making Pancakes

Homeschooling is like making pancakes

If you HAD to eat pancakes every day and there was just ONE recipe for making pancakes and you had to follow that recipe without making any variations, there would be potential for a whole lot of problems.

What if the recipe called for milk and your child was allergic to milk? Or eggs? Maybe you wanted a ‘healthier’ pancake, but weren’t able to change it. How would you do it?

Fortunately, there are a multitude of recipes available to make pancakes and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to when it comes to making pancakes. You can add chocolate chips. Or blueberries. Go egg-free. Add some flax seed. Use coconut flour. You can make those pancakes any way you want to.

Homeschooling is like that.

Someone may claim to have the RIGHT way to homeschool. A better way. The perfect way. If only you would follow how they do it, you wouldn’t have any problems at all.

But their way may not mesh with your family or special circumstances in your family.

Maybe they have a wonderfully huge room that they can use for their school time and your family sits huddled around a small dining room table.

Maybe their kids LOVE to do school {or appear too!} and your kids fight you tooth and nail to get any bit of school-time done.

Maybe their kids create amazing dioramas out of 10 toothpicks and 3 marshmallows while your kids would be sticking the marshmallows up their nostrils and your afternoon would be spent in the ER.

You know what?

There isn’t one set way to homeschool. You can’t go out and purchase a set of plans that will work for every single homeschooling family. What works for one family, will most definitely not work for another.


That’s why we homeschool! Because as a mother or a father or a grandparent that homeschools, you ultimately know what works best in your family. Ideas are rampant around the online world, but you don’t need to measure up to how any other family is doing things in their homeschooling time. You need to do what helps your kids learn, what makes learning fun, and find the niche that is perfect for your family.

No guilt for not doing it just like someone else does it.

Revel in the JOY of knowing you have the freedom to make school unique to your family and the opportunity to be there with your kids watching them grow every step of the way.

And maybe go make some pancakes.