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Making God’s Word Come Alive ~ Teaching God’s Word

Makign Scripture Come Alive

This post is a part of my 10 Day of Teaching God’s Word series

So many of the sermons and passages from the Bible that I remember are those that have given me a visual tie-in or mental image that sticks in my brain. Recently one of our pastors was talking about a passage in Hebrews that warns us not to ‘drift’. He gave an example of him swimming in the ocean and body surfing when he was younger and not realizing that he had drifted quite a ways from where his family was sitting on the beach. That example is now stuck in my brain and gives me help remembering a passage about something important.


Can you think of an illustration or hands-on activity that you’ve seen that helped your children remember a point? Maybe it was making lentil stew when reading about the story of Jacob and Esau or gluing cotton balls on a sheep when talking about how God is our Shepherd.

Jesus used illustrations all the time when he was preaching to others in order to help them apply and understand better what he was trying to share with them. When we use hands-on activities to help our children experience God’s Word, we are helping them understand important Bible truths AND having fun at the same time!

The Hands-On Bible for Kids

Hands On Bible


Do you have a hard time coming up with creative ideas and want a little help? One of my ‘go-to’ resources is the Hands-On Bible and My First Hands-On Bible. Both have been a FABULOUS resource for me and are ones that our kids love as well. The Hands-On Bible is filled with ‘do-it’ lessons and activities that help kids apply the stories in the Bible, including follow-up questions to activities {get a peek inside the book here}.

When the girls were younger, we did an object lesson for Psalm 23 ~ The Good Shepherd. The girls had to direct each other through an obstacle course while one was blindfolded.


The Hands-On Bible also includes Bible hero biographies, 52 Key Verse Activities {so you can learn one verse a week for a year!}, ‘Jesus Connections’ that help kids understand how the ENTIRE Bible is focused on Jesus, fun facts, crafts, snack ideas and more.


My First Hands-On Bible is intended for younger {preschool children}. In the stories, there are little ‘handprints’ that give little suggestions of things to do at different points when reading. In the picture above you see a handprint  in the sidebar which gives the following suggestion: “Pretend you’re a snake. Can you move around without using your arms and legs?”

Additional Ideas for Making God’s Word Come Alive

  • Use story props such as puppets or popsicle stick puppets
  • Don’t be afraid to use facial expressions when telling stories {my kids think it’s hilarious!!}
  • Dress up and act out a story that you are reading. Put on a play together!
  • Use flannel boards to tell a story
  • Illustrate a Bible verse
  • Cook!! Are you reading about something like lentil stew? Find a recipe and cook a meal together.

Those are a few things that have been a help to our family in Teaching God’s Word. Do you have a favorite resource for hands-on Bible activities to share? What hands-on lesson has helped your kids learn something? Leave a comment today and let us all know!

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