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September 2018 Planning Pages – FREE Printable

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We’re two weeks into our school year and finally I’m feeling like I can breathe a little bit. Not everything was done and in “ready” mode when we started, but we eased in and kept moving. 

There are projects and updates that need to be both completed and started around the house. After eight years of living in a house with four kids, the wear is starting to show. 

Trim needs to be touched up and repainted. Walls have dings that need to be patched and then be repainted. Our laundry room is getting an overhaul and finally some cabinets. No huge projects, but little things that require some time and patience. 

For some reason I felt painting the schoolroom in the midst of trying to reorganize everything was a good idea. During that process, I managed to pull off some of the drywall thanks to some adhesive wall maps we had – so we had to add a little time to the overall project. 

I’m hoping to go with a pale blue color and lighten up the overall area. I have loved the green color but am ready for a little change. 

Meanwhile, swim practices start up the day after Labor Day and McKenna’s musical is now practicing twice a week since she has a lead. The calendar is quickly filling up and we still want to squeeze in some camping time before it gets too cold. 

If you’d like to lay out your upcoming month along with me, I have a free download of my September 2018 Personal Planner Pages – try them out this month and see how they work for you.  If you like them, grab the 2019/2020 Yearly Planner and get a jump on planning the next few months. 

A Peek Inside My Planner

If you’d like to take a look at how I’ve set up my yearly planner, I’ve explained it more in this post here, as well as given links to my favorite pens (the convenience of pencils, but erasable ink!).

Take a video tour here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0XDM7yu9BA&t=31s


September 2018 Personal Planner Pages

You can download the September 2018 Personal Planner Pages by clicking the green download button below. There are 12 pages included as a part of the download: the month at a glance and then weekly planning pages as well and also starts into October. 

By the way, if you like using pen, but are prone to making mistakes (like me), GO BUY YOURSELF A SET OF THESE PENS (referral link). They are not only pretty, but they are erasable! And don’t ask how many sets I have, ok? 

Download button

Please note: the left facing page for the weekly layout is a little different in the free monthly download. Lots of great planning space, but the full planner includes a few different options for that page – just a little bonus for those who purchase the 2019/2020 Yearly Planner.

Don’t miss my student planner and weekly homeschool planner – available as well!


Purchase the Yearly Planner


Love the planner layout and want to start planning out the rest of your year now? 

Purchase the 2019/2020 Yearly Planner for $4.99!

The calendar includes month-at-a-glance pages and dated weekly pages through December 2020. There is also a link to bonus pages and additional covers for the planner.

Be sure to check out our undated student planner and weekly homeschool planner (with editable pages) now available as well!


Don’t Miss The Daily To-Do List

Daily to do list free printable

My Daily To-Do List is pretty basic, but hopefully it will work for you too. There is an area to make a list of things to accomplish, household goals, appointment, meals for the day, and even a space to record exercise and water intake. Each page in the document is identical so you can print them off, cut the page in half, and have two lists. If you print them front to back, you’ll have four to-do lists and save a little paper.

Hope you all have a wonderful month!! I’d love to hear your plans!


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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