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A Long Swim Meet and Some Quiet Time – Homeschool and Life Happenings

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So while we have been doing schoolwork at home, it’s been one of those “laying low” weeks overall. The kids started out with a long weekend swim meet. 

For all of the kids it was an encouraging meet since they dropped times in almost all of their events. The facility they competed at is crazy. Rick took the three youngest to the meet and I stayed home with Laurianna since we had some things to do here. 

Unfortunately Rick started feeling sick (not sure if it was the flu or not), but he has still been really run down and coughing like a champ. Zachary and Kaleb both started in with coughing (and lots of sleeping) this week as well, so overall it’s been a lay-low sort of week and hang out doing work on the couch or sprawled in a bean bag. 

One of the FUN things that came out of the meet – Zachary qualified for nationals in several of his events, so now we have to make the decision on having him travel to that meet (in Florida) in the next bit. 

With a few of the kids gone, Laurianna and I were able to spend some time together since she had a light work schedule. The two of us love sushi, so we took a lunch trip to an all you can eat sushi place. My personal favorite are the ones that are deep fried. So good! 

Laurianna has been working on mid-terms this week at the community college. One stinky thing is she has been feeling really drained again lately (thankfully just before spring break), so hopefully this next week will give her a little time to relax and unwind. Her classes have been going great so far. She was really encouraged last week to have the highest score on her lab test in human anatomy (and as a mom, I was thrilled!). She has been working so hard!

Kaleb had some fun this week too in our group co-op. My friend Cindy is working with a group of boys his age and they have been using a few of the activities from the How to Do Science Experiments book. The first one they worked on was water attraction and trying to pull a drop of water with a toothpick along a maze on waxed paper. 

They also learned about cohesion of water molecules by dropping pennies into a cup almost filled with water. The short of it: cohesion allows the water level in the cup to rise a bit above the edge of the top of the cup, making a bit of a dome and “bulging” before it spills. 

Midweek Laurianna and I had a little fun together as part of a commercial shoot locally. We have a friend that works for an advertising company, so the two of us were “students” in a class. Don’t I look attentive – ha! 

And these two girls – love seeing them together and the fact that they have the chance to do several of their high school classes together. We are almost ready to work on dissections in our biology class, but they have learned much together on studying, time budgeting, and life in general (and that makes my heart happy). 

Other than that, we’ve been learning about Pompeii (which someone got us sidetracked and learning about Mt. St. Helens and that eruption), reading together, and well…learning. :)

That’s about it for this week with us – how was your week? 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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