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3 KEVA Building Challenges – #STEM for Kids

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Keva Building Challenges from Homeschool Creations

We’ve been trying some different things with our co-op building class over the last few weeks. We started out with several weeks of Instant Challenges, and while the kids love those, a few of them are having trouble thinking 3 dimensionally. In an effort to work on that, we pulled out our KEVA Planks (thankfully the church we hold our co-op at has an amazing stash of them!) and got to work.

Challenge #1: Build the tallest structure using only a 1” block as the base.

Keva building challenge_6306

The premise for this was very simple. Each group received a stash of 30 1” wooden blocks to use in their structure, but could only use ONE block as the bases for the building. They were given ten minutes to build the best one.

Keva building challenge_6293

We broke up into four groups and the kids started working. They had a fairly unlimited pile of KEVA blocks and the challenge wasn’t just to build something tall, they needed to be sure their structure wouldn’t tip over. A few figured out that building on the carpet was a bit more uneven, so platforms were constructed using KEVA planks as well.

Keva building challenge_6304

There were groans and yelling as different groups took the lead – only to have their structure teeter precariously and tip over.

Keva building challenge_6296

The building because fast and furious as kids started jumping up and comparing heights of structures (it was hilarious).

Keva building challenge_6303

Two teams were neck and neck until one was brave enough to carefully stand another KEVA plank on top of their team structure – and it held! (Barely, mind you, but it held!)




Challenge #2: Build a structure that has an overhang without support.

Keva building challenge_6312

For this challenge, the kids had free reign on how many KEVA planks they used and each child could choose to work on a team or individually. There were a few that decided to go it alone, but most worked together. Each group or individual had a few minutes to discuss and 10 minutes to build. At the end of our time, we went around the room comparing structures and making suggestions on how it could have been improved (or what a great job they did!).

Keva building challenge_6317

Others had a solid core, but had difficulty getting their structures to extend out further without support.

Keva building challenge_6332

And others just went for a cool design and had fun building up as well as extending out.

Keva building challenge_6311

This one had a great start, but ended up collapsing on the neighboring structure and demolishing both (that would be my kid).

Keva building challenge_6330

A few of the kids built out from a central core and found a way to balance and support the planks so they extended quite a ways out without needing a support from underneath.

Challenge #3: Two challenges from the KEVA Brain Builders

Each week we have also been working on two challenges from the KEVA Brain Builders set. Essentially it is a set of 30 puzzle cards where one side shows a two-dimensional drawing of a structure from different angles and the flip side shows a completed structure. The kids are given a card and 3 minutes to build the structure.

Keva building challenge_6337

The challenges are quick and make the kids work hard to beat their friends (and a little friendly competition is fun), especially since they don’t know what the completed structure is supposed to look like. There are three different levels of difficulty, so each week we have been working our way through the levels to build confidence and speed. These KEVA Brain Builders cards have been another fun addition to the class, especially for those that need a little confidence building in the 3D area.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Cassie Osborne says

    We just love Keva planks at our house!

  2. So much fun! I think I will do some of these challenges at home with Sammy!! I wonder why the church has so many Keva planks?!?! Sorry couldn’t resist! ;-)

  3. Those Keva planks look like so much fun! Something to add to the future wishlist.

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