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July Pocket Chart Calendar Pieces – Freebie Printable

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July pocket chart calendar pieces from homeschoolcreations.net

Ready for some free calendar pieces for the month of July? Maybe you aren’t doing ‘school’ during the summer months, but these are a fun way to keep the math learning going in a simple way.

The July pocket chart calendar pieces have three different colored number cards and pictures. Use the different colored number cards to try different pattern sequences: an ABC pattern, ABAB pattern, AABB pattern and other patterns you can make up together. Here’s an example of different patterns using the cards from a past set to give you a few ideas.

pattern example The set includes a calendar header for the month of July as well. Time to get your pocket charts and laminators ready and start printing the June pocket chart calendar pieces. {Psst —> Here are some cheaper laminating pouches we use and LOVE!}.

July header


Additional Calendar Helps

Here are a few additional printables and helps for you all, including the pocket chart that we use, laminating tips, and additional printables you may like:

Yearly pocket chart calendar numbers from Homeschool Creations copy Pocket chart holiday and special occasion cards



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  1. Katherine Grote says

    We’ve just decided to take the plunge and start home schooling. I can’t tell you what a blessing your site is to someone like me! Thank you for all the information you share here! :D

  2. ThreePlusUs says

    Is there a link to the August printables somewhere? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

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