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HUGE Giveaway Bundle from Home Science Tools – ends 11/25/19

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This past week, Home Science Tools has been so incredibly gracious in sharing several giveaways with my readers as well as a FREE ebook: 21 Winter Science Experiments (be sure to download it!). Today we’re wrapping up the giveaways with one HUGE bundle of goodness! 

Science and fun experiments are definitely something we love in our home. More recently we have been ordering our lab supplies from Home Science Tools, but their company offers so much more than just lab materials!

These giveaways will hopefully put some science-related tools in your hands with the goal of making science even more enjoyable! Our family has been using Home Science Tools as our go-to for lab supplies, but there are many other fun science kits and materials kids will love!

Today’s giveaway features EIGHT products and all are briefly described a bit below, but I’d encourage you to visit the Home Science Tools website and check out their science gift guide as you begin your second semester planning and holiday shopping.


Inside the Home Science Tools Bundle

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find inside this amazing giveaway from Home Science Tools. A link to each item is included if you’d like to click over and learn more. All together this bundle giveaway contains over $250 in fun projects and kits.

  • The Master Detective Toolkit (ages 8+) provides all the tools needed to start solving crimes right out of the box, including barrier tape, fingerprint dust, and evidence specimen canisters.The full-color manual explains how to analyze the gathered evidence along with some fun facts.

  • Learn about the science of soaps and body scrubs – and have fun while doing it while using the Spa Science Kit!Children can make their own face masks, fizzing bath balm, salt and sugar rubs, and more using the included lavender oil, peppermint oil, glycerin soap, sea salt, and other ingredients.

  • Grow dazzling crystals and conduct 15 experiments with the crystal growing science kit ($39.95). Discover the various properties of four different types of chemical crystals: potassium alum, sodium sulfate, sodium acetate, and plaster made from gypsum crystals.

  • How fun would it be to make your own gummies? With the MakeYour Own Gummies Kit, kids can learn about chemistry and thermal reversibility.
  • Learn about chemiluminescence and the quantum leap with the Cool Blue Light Kit  as you make a cool blue light appear in the dark and complete 6 other illuminating chemistry experiments. (Ages 9+)

  • Working on a human body unit? Be sure to check out the SomeBody Game ($28.95). Children will enjoy learning the major organs, muscles, and bones of their bodies and how these parts fit and work together as they play this game. Ages 6-10, 2-4 players. 

  • Have fun learning about the properties of magnetism with the Magic Penny Magnet Kit ($24.95). Perform 32 amazing magnetic experiments with the two powerful bar magnets and 24 British pennies in this kit. 

Download the 21 Winter Science Experiments Ebook

Home Science Tools is offering my readers a FREE ebook: 21 Winter Science Experiments, which includes some great projects to work on in the upcoming months, including DIY Hand Warmers, Poinsettia PH Paper, and so many others! Download it HERE


Enter the Giveaway!

Ready to enter? All you need to do is follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway is open to those with a US mailing address only. Giveaway ends on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 11:59pm.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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There are a few additional giveaways you don’t want to miss! Click on the graphics below to enter the other daily giveaways from Home Science Tools!


Day 4 Giveaway – ends 11/21/19

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Judith Martinez says

    I think my kids would love the make your own chocolate kit.

  2. Desteni Watson says

    The most popular in my house would probably be The crystal kit! my boys love crystals!

  3. Brenda Johnson says

    My son is excited about science. I am on a limited budget so this giveaway would be amazing.

  4. They all look cool, but probably OWI 4-in-1 Transforming Solar Robot is the best for us!

  5. My boys would love the solar robot.

  6. The most popular in my house would be the naturalist backpack

  7. We’re studying chemistry this year, so one of the chemistry kits would be great :)

  8. Any of the programming or medical kits would peak my son’s interest. My practical side is also thinking the chemistry kits or telescopes would be awesome too! I’m too much of a science nerd to choose just one.

  9. My youngest would love the naturalist backpack kit. She is loving learning about the woodlands right now.

  10. My teens would probably like the telescope or science experiment ones the best.

  11. The make your own gummies kit would be the biggest hit in our home!

  12. Shalah Zamirah says

    I think all M of them will be great!

  13. These all look so fun! The nature one is right up our alley.

  14. The penny one looks fun.

  15. Nicole Zavala says

    Candy chemistry would be a big hit in my house as well as any of the medical kits like venipuncture.

  16. So much fun and learning!! I had a few of these on my list already!

  17. Tammy Strickler says

    I think all of them would be awesome in our house since we just started home schooling and need science experiment stuff but the make your own gummies would be a huge hit
    with my 7 year old

  18. There are so many great science tools. Every time I keep going back to the naturalist backpack as my favorite.

  19. Christine Smith says

    This is such a wonderful company and my boys would love it if I were to win a prize! They would love any of the kits shown!

  20. MY girl would love this she is all about anything science since she was about 2 years old.

  21. I’d really like the microscope. The kids are a great age to appreciate a tool like that.

  22. My son would love the “mixed by me Thinking Putty” kit. He was just asking for thinking putty last night!

  23. Caroline Hackney says

    The links all seem to go to the gift guide and I can’t figure out how to download the ebook with the experiments. Can you help please?

  24. Ginny Barrett says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter the give away and for the amazing ebook of experiments.

  25. Sarah Goodman says

    I just love the backpack kit but I think everything in this bundle would be enjoyed in this house.

  26. ALL. My son loves science.

  27. Kathy Barker says

    My grandkids will love the backpack and the magic penny.

  28. This whole bundle is great !

  29. I think they all would be fun but the spa kit will be most popular with my girls.

  30. In our house it would be a toss up between the Naturalist’s Backyard Backpack Kit and the Master Detective Toolkit … hmmm so hard to choose

  31. The Naturalist Backyard Backpack Kit looks like it would be great!

  32. My 7yo son would really love to have the Crystal growing kit as he just bought one for himself (different brand) that didn’t even work!

  33. I think our favorites might be between the detective kit and the gummy kit. Although…they all look fun!

  34. The Magic Penny with the magnets would be the favorite. :)

  35. My kiddos would love the crystal growing kit!

  36. My 6 yr old loves anything science related, she would be really excited about that gem growing kit!

    Also, I’m having trouble finding the free e-book with winter science experiments, is it still available? Thanks!

  37. Rafael&Kim Rodriguez says

    CANDY CHEMISTRY would be a big hit @ our house :D

  38. Michael Woods says

    My son would love The Builder

  39. Ivelisse Woods says

    The Smithsonian Electronic Crystal Growing would be perfect for our daughter

  40. I can’t find anywhere to download the ebook. All the links take me to the gift guide and on that page there isn’t any mention of the ebook.

    As for what my kids would like, forensic science kits!

  41. Detective toolkit would thrill my two boys!

  42. It’s hard to say! So many great choices. One son would love anything magnetic related. The other would probably do a back flip for a microscope.

  43. Dolores Miranda says

    The microscope is so fun!My daughter would love that.

  44. Make your own gummies.. The kids are always getting into gummy or slimy things..but, in all reality, they all would be used constantly.

  45. My boys would love everything in the bundle, but I think they would especially love the backpack kit and the magic penny magnetic kit!

  46. Trisha Musgrave says

    My girls would love the crystal kit!

  47. My daughter would love all of these kits, but especially Spa Science!

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