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Homeschool Classroom Video Tour

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When I initially shared that we were finishing off an area for our homeschool classroom a year and a half ago, I posted a short video clip of the ‘in progress’ work. Since then I’ve shared pictures of the room, but many of you have asked for a video tour. Sometimes pictures are helpful, but a video can really help give you a little more perspective.

Each video will have short blurbs telling more about the pieces and there will be links at the end of this post as well. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

Would you like a tour? This is the closest that I can give you to a personal visit right now, so grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and spend some time with me. We love our schoolroom and are glad that you are here for a visit.

Come on in!

Homeschool Room Tour {Part 1}


Homeschool Room Tour {Part 2}


Things You See in the Video {in order seen}:

Note: Ikea keeps changing location on their links, but names are provided for the various items we are using.

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Phew!! If you stuck around for it all – let me know if you have any questions!! Leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer you!


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Your school room is so warm and inviting! Thanks so much for the tour… and boy, so I wish I had a Ikea closer than 3 hours away… haha

  2. Oh Wow that is a beautiful school room :-)

  3. BethAnne Strong says

    Great Ikea commercial. Thank you for the tour as we are creating a one room school house in our prior Jacuzzi house/rec room.

  4. Ellen Graves says

    Thanks for the videos–they were great and gave me lots of wonderful ideas! Do you happen to have a link somewhere on your website for the preposition sheet printable you use for Easy Grammar? Thanks!

    • I need to check with Easy Grammar to make sure it’s ok to share them. I only put them together for the 3rd, 5th and 6th grades so far. What grades are you looking for?

    • Ellen Graves says

      If you aren’t able to share them, no worries, but if you are, I’d
      like 3rd and 6th grade. Thanks so much!

  5. Rachel Contreras says

    Wow – I love your room it is beautiful. I am worn out just by hearing you talk about all the different curriculum that you keep up with for your kids . . . and your awesome blog too.

  6. Katie Wilkins says

    Beautiful room! I can see why school would be so enjoyable in such a space. Thank you so much for the many ideas you’ve given me!

  7. Thank you so much for the tour!
    The IKEA table you have in the middle – exactly what I was looking for our small school room/kitchen/dining room!

  8. Heidi Dillon says

    Jolanthe, thank you so much for sharing! Your classroom is amazing! On the 31 bags, do you know which tote you used? I love the idea of them, have a friend from high school that sells and they would work great in our classroom, under the bottom shelf to store extra curriculum.

    • It’s the Organizing Utility Tote and I ordered a set of 6 Large Open Top File Boxes from Amazon as inserts to make them more ‘steady’. You can buy individual ones on Amazon as well, but by the time I would buy 3 or 4…it was cheaper to split it with a friend. :) I have 3 bags and have one of those inserts in each bag. The Container Store also carries the inserts, so if you have one of those near you, check it out there.

    • Heidi Dillon says

      Thank you so much!!! So excited, I ordered three :)

  9. Jennifer @ Milk & Honey Mommy says

    I agree w/Rebecca about having an IKEA nearby. I used to live in an area where there were four IKEAs less than one hour away from me. Now, the nearest one is in another state and many hours away.
    Thank you for sharing your space w/us. It was a pleasure and has motivated me to see what magic I can create in our very much smaller space.

  10. Wow! I’m so jealous! :) Our schoolroom is the room above the garage, and like yours, it has those slanted ceilings. I love how neat and organized yours is though…mine is, well, not as neat and organized! :)
    Here is a link to ours…it looks a little different now as I tend to change things often. http://heathfamily7.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/our-schoolroom-2012-2013/

    Thanks for sharing the videos!

  11. My 5 year old crawled into my bed this morning, where I was just getting started on viewing your first video. He sat there, totally captivated, and after a bit he said, “Is that somebody’s homeschool room?!” He was completely in awe of your room. (Me, too, to be honest!)

    We also use our bonus room, but our walls are much lower. If you push a desk/table against the wall, the slope begins at the tabletop. It doesn’t leave any room for hanging things over the desk. One of these days, we’ll need to make the 2 hour drive to Ikea and purchase some desks/shelving. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  12. Beautiful room! A few days ago, I wondered if you had a planning/teaching spot where you could keep curriculum. I knew you had the classroom, and I was wondering if you were able to just steal away for planning sessions, etc. Do you find it hard to stay in the classroom when you also have to prepare dinner, blog, etc? These people keep expecting to eat at the table where we do most of our stuff! :)

    • The classroom is definitely the quietest place in the house which is nice when I do want to ‘steal away’ for some time. Unfortunately, that means that I also can’t hear anything that’s going on in the house, so I try to limit those times to when my hubby is home and can keep an eye out, or when the kids are occupied and happy. :) We can keep the door open to the girls’ room, so I can hear things then, so I do have some time in the afternoons to plan or work if I would like. Otherwise, I just work downstairs in the main part of the house. One of the hard things is when I leave the school room, I tend to forget things that I’ve left up there to work on.

  13. This was very helpful. Next fall I will begin homeschooling our 5 year old. While I don’t think we need a dedicated space like this yet, we do have the space in our home and by the time all our kids are school age we will. It was helpful to see the different curricula too. Thank you!

  14. Thank you for the wonderful tour. Its always so helpful to see how other families do school :)

    I was wondering if you new the name and brand of the paint color on your walls. I love it.

  15. Loved the tour! Looking forward to hearing more about the Compassion binder.

  16. Katrina T says

    I think you are my homeschool hero now… Amazing set-up. Now we need a video of your classroom in action! I would love to see a snippet of your homeschool day. :)

  17. Kelly Dennis-Lee says

    Where did you get the colored work folders for each of the children?

  18. I loved getting a lot of great ideas from that tour, thanks for sharing! About the Norden table in the centre of the room… You can get castor wheels for it from ikea, pop em on, and u can wheel the table around when needed! ( I love ikea, keeps my homeschool running smoothly.

  19. Thank you for sharing the video! You have a wonderful school room! I was wondering where do you keep your computer? I’m finding that when one of my kids is doing computer work the others get very distracted. Maybe I should get some headphones…

    • Definitely use headphones! :) we have a bag next to one of our kids desks that we can store the laptop in, but it usually travels around the house with us.

  20. Do you happen to know the size of the room? We are fixing to build a home and I love this size!! Thanks,

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