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The Joys of Tally Marks and Freeze Dried Ice Cream

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Preschool CornerLooking at our school year calendar, I can hardly believe so much time has already flown by – and so little time is actually left in the year!! We are almost halfway through March now and {should we actually follow the rest of our school year plan} are set to finish up mid-May.

But this week we realized we will be changing our schedule a little bit in May to have some fun as a family. We have been saving up little by little over the past two years to take a trip to Disney, and this week we made the final plans for our trip. The girls helped me put together a paper chain to countdown the days until we leave, and we hung it up in the schoolroom to rip off one day at a time.

Disney paper chain countdown

The kids may be a little excited!! I am now scouring the internet for ideas on ways to make Disney not only fun, but also a big ol’ educational field trip. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment!! We are planning to camp most of the time and very much looking forward to it!

Halfway Through Reading!!

All About Reading story

One of the big excitements this week was Kaleb officially being halfway through his All About Reading Level 1 program. A little incentive for him in making it halfway was a special treat – Astronaut Ice Cream {i.e. freeze dried ice cream}. We made a mark to show where he needed to be to get the treat, and don’t you know he was reminding me and ready to get to that point to try it?

Astronaut Ice Cream

The verdict? It was good – but one of the kids in the house has decided it isn’t enough to become an astronaut over. {grins}

More Math Fun

As much as Kaleb didn’t initially enjoy learning about tally marks a bit ago, the past week has seen a huge turnaround in his understanding of how tally marks work in counting {woot!}. The St. Patrick’s Day Math games have been fun to practice with too.

tally marks in Crayola Dry Erase board

This week we slid the tally sheet into our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center, which made it so much easier to tote around the room. I’m also thinking it will come in very handy if/when we are traveling since it is very sturdy – and for the many other printables we use!

skip counting by 2's and 1's

Kaleb practiced skip counting by 2’s – both even and odd numbers. First he sorted them by even and odd numbers, I mixed them up a bit, and then he put them in order counting by 2’s.

Lego Learning

I completely forgot to add this to the post originally {oops!!}. Kaleb was so excited to share the merry-go-round that he made with our Simple Machine Legos set set and wanted me to videotape him. Here’s a quick video of him explaining the different gears and such that he put together.

The Joys of Homemschooling

reading with a sibling

One of the things that I definitely love about having all of the kids together is watching our kids work together and help each other out. While I was working with Zachary this week, Laurianna sat in the window seat with Kaleb and helped him read one of his Bob Books. It’s seeing a moment like this between the kids that just makes all those blech moments drift away.

Did you have a ‘moment’ this week that made you pause and count your blessings?

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  1. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    If I had to choose my most favourite reason to homeschool, it would have to be the relationships that are being built, day in and day out. So special to watch, and so wonderful to be part of!

  2. Get a Touring Plans subscription for Disney…very helpful in knowing which park to visit on which day and how long the wait times are while you are there. We just went last Friday and on Monday, it was very helpful.

  3. I love, love, love watching my kids work and play together. Definitely one of the best parts of being home together!

    Thanks for hosting us all again! (And I remembered to put the recommended ages in my link this time! Haha.)

  4. AnnMarie Kolb says

    Have you guys looked into Letterboxing? I took my family with me on a work trip to Orlando. We letterbox and found some on the Disney Properties. Check it out. Have fun!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting – Alice

  6. We are the nerds who could spend every day at Epcot!! Seriously, before we went on our last trip I did a mini unit for each of the countries represented in world showcase. Make sure you do the kidcot stations because there are Cast members who are actually from the country being represented There and they will write your kids’ name in that language! there’s so much great stuff at Epcot! spaceship Earth is awesome as far as learning about the ways we communicate from writing on cave walls to the Internet era, Seriously I could go on and on and on so if you want me to feel free to email me or whatever!!!

  7. I really must hand it to you homeschool parents. I so love the concept and wish I could have done it, but I just spent a week helping my daughter with her 3 kids as she gave birth to her 4th and the kids were home for a snow day. I said to myself. “I just don’t know how these homeschool moms do it, they never get a break”.
    I understand its wonderful watching the relationships but, isn’t it hard not getting that break that most moms who send to school get?

    • There are days that it can be hard, but we really do enjoy it. :) I truly enjoy teaching my children and having them at home. There are times that I get breaks – and really, when it comes down to it, we have our kids with us for such a short time – and I hope to enjoy it with them! :)

      Congratulations on a new grandbaby!! I am sure you were a HUGE blessing to your daughter this past week. My mom and dad moved closer to us after our fourth was born and I am so thankful they are nearby now!! I missed having them close for the first five years.

  8. We need to talk! We live 5 miles from the Magic Kingdom and “do school” in the parks all the time!! Check two sites I’m a part of for more ideas – http://www.homeschoolingetc.com/ and http://worldforlearning.com/

    We even have a group for families who homeschool at Disney!!

  9. Tiffany Hauser says

    Check out Disney Education….there are Soooooo many ways to make Disney educational! There are a TON of web sights too, just google “homeschooling Disney style” and see what comes up. Cheers!

  10. fabulous – thanks Susan!!

  11. Tim and Sammy came over to watch the video! I think we might just have to buy some of these for next school year! How fun!

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