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Audiobooks We’re Enjoying (July 2015)

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The back and forth to swim practice or long road trips have meant extended listening time the last few weeks. We’ve managed to wrap up several great audiobooks and would love to share them with you all, especially if you have some time to fill!

With Lee in Virginia

with lee in virginia

With Lee in Virginia another audio adventure from Heirloom Audio (we’ve previously enjoyed Under Drake’s Flag and In Freedom’s Cause from them). With Lee in Virginia didn’t disappoint at all! They feature several familiar ‘faces and voices’ of Sean Astin and Kirk Cameron. The storytelling is wonderful and all of our kids (ages 8 through 14) enjoyed listening to it, as did the adults. Great for learning a little more Civil War era history and also a well-produced audiobook.

Recommended ages: 6 and up


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket audiobook series

Last month I shared about the audiobook series we are hooked on. That hasn’t changed at all. We are *this* close to finishing up the last book in the Lemony Snicket series, appropriately titled “The End” and are less than 2 hours from completing the series. Phew!

Some answers are finally appearing, but we definitely can’t wait to see what is ‘revealed’ in the next little bit. The kids have enjoyed this enough that when we found the books for just a few dollars apiece at a book sale, they asked if we could get all of them. I’m definitely all for something that they want to sit down and read again!

This last month we’ve listened to:

A Cry From Egypt

cry from egypt audiobook

Another audiobook that has been traveling around town is A Cry from Egypt (written by a homeschool student). Raising Real Men put together a radio theatre version of the story. If you have listened to any of the Jonathan Park adventures, this is along the same lines, but set in ancient Egypt and depicts the life of an Israelite slave. Find out more here.


What are YOU reading or listening together right now?



Previously Read (or Listened to) Together

Here are a few other books that we’ve read together and blogged about. Click over to see our thoughts on them!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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