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Art Chalk Pastels ~ Subject Spotlight

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Subject Spotlight at Homeschool Creations

A few weeks ago I shared some links with you from HodgePodge for free chalk pastel tutorials. Because we’ve been learning about birds during our science time with Nancy Larson Science 2, it seemed fitting to try out the chickadee chalk pastel tutorial.

bird pastel

We’ve been busy watching the many birds at our feeder and we gathered all of our supplies. Although I didn’t go top of the line with all of our supplies {ahem ~ to see how consistent a certain momma is with art!}, I was really pleased with what we did use.

Supplies We Used

~ 9×12 Sketch pad

~ Chalk pastel set {we found a set with 48 colors}

~ baby wipes or damp paper towels

After pulling up a few additional pictures of chickadees to look at, we followed the instructions in the Chickadee Chalk Pastel Tutorial. I helped the younger two with a rough sketch of the bird’s body, but Laurianna was intent on doing hers a bit different than the rest of us.

Birds pastels-2

The others began picking their colors and the rest of us dove in and started coloring our creations. Making a mess of our fingers {and forgetting that once the chalk is on our fingertips it will leave marks elsewhere….}.


When all was said and done, we had five pastel masterpieces that everyone was very proud of {even I had fun with it!}.

Chickadee Pastels

Laurianna spent a long time after we were all through detailing hers to get it ‘just so’. Notice how her chickadee is facing the opposite direction that all of our birds are facing?

Birds pastels-9

There were only a few moments of frustration with one of the younger kids as we learned more about how to use the pastels, but otherwise the lesson was a HUGE hit and the kids are already asking when we can do another one! I’d say it was a success and one that needs to be repeated.

Don’t miss the other free chalk pastel tutorials from Tricia at HodgePodge. After a few more pastel lessons, we may even venture into her free acrylic paint tutorials as well.


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. These turned out great!! Kaleb did a great job!  Yours is really good too ;-) 

  2. Your children did a fabulous job – I can tell they sure enjoyed the chickadees! I think pastels are such fun – you can (just like Laurianna did) make your pastel your very own – adding details, shading and other little things to make it how you ‘see’ it. Thanks for sharing Jolanthe. Makes me happy!

    • Kaleb keeps asking (seriously every day since) when we are going to do another bird. He wants to do the cardinals outside! :)

    • Do it! We just pulled out ours and did a robin (tagged you on instagram) for our nature study. Just me and one other – following a field guide. Made us really study the feathers and the bird’s little eye. I made my bird’s red breast too big so I just went over part of it with the gray of the feathers. I go on…

  3. We have really been loving the chalk pastels tutorials at Hodgepodge, too. Yours turned out really nice. They would be a great addition to a nature journal or lovely framed and hung on the wall.

  4. I can tell they really liked this lesson, great job!

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